How to build coal mine in anno 1404 ? 3 steps

Build Coal Mine in Anno 1404 :

Anno 1404 has some interesting construction options. These construction options will help you to generate more resources. 

To get "Iron" you need coal. 

Iron has a lot of benefits like you can build tools and weapons of it.

Coal is produced either through Charcoal by burning trees or through coal mines. 

If you're in the initial chapters you might not have access to coal mine construction options yet. 

In Chapter 5 you will be able to get coal mine options access. The initial chapters use Charcoal to get coal.

Coal is mined using a "coal mine" and its construction option is available through Noblemen. 

When you will be able to settle Noblemen citizens in your population you will get coal mine options as well as other building constructions.

Coal produce through coal mines is easier and will produce more coal as compared to charcoal burning. So, if you want coal mines, settle and reach Nobel men.

These Noblemen can be achieved by upgrading Patrician's houses". 

If all Patrician's needs are full fill and the tax collection bar is low they will upgrade as long as you have the required items like (tools, glass, etc)


So to build a coal mine in Anno1404 :

1) Upgrade Patrician's houses to Noblemen by fulfilling their needs

2)Construct coal mine near coal deposits

3) Get more supply of coal than charcoal burnings.

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