how to play anno 1404 ?

Beginner's Guide to Play Anno 1404:

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Anno 1404 is a great strategy game. It has many interesting campaign missions which will make you involved with the game’s storyline. 

Personally, when I play, I just lost time track of when I started playing and how many hours I have spent. 

Anno 1404 (history edition) like any other strategy game is a little tricky to understand at first but once you get a hold of ways to win quests you will likely play more and more.



I will tell on how you can play Anno 1404, win quests, and complete missions.


Playing Anno 1404 for first time these are some things, you should know.

  1. Start your game by constructing buildings. ( Peasants, Market buildings, marketplace, etc)
  2. Link your buildings by constructing roads.
  3. Increase your earnings through trade routes between different islands
  4. Solve quest missions to progress further in storylines

Quest finding In Anno 1404:

To progress further into a storyline, you need to finish the given quest. 

You can see quests by pressing F8 key or clicking on bottom right corner "central menu" and then Exclamation mark icon. Here you will find all the active quests that you need to end to progress further

Learn to trade:

When you first start playing Anno 1404 you will get a shipyard and small trade boats to trade between different islands. 

You need to know how you can trade and what are profitable trade items and trade routes. You cannot do trades with every other island and with every ally present on the map. 

You have to check whether the trade is happening or not and boats are buying and selling goods. 

When you start to get a grasp of how ship trades, you can really become interested in the storylines and quest itself.  

The majority of quest missions can be completed through trades.


How to do trades in anno 1404?

In order to become a good trader, first, select the trade route using the F6 key or click on the star shape icon on the right side of the map. 

Then select the warehouse with which you want to start a trade.

Making a trade route:

Select your current warehouse first and then the second warehouse on any other island to make a trade route. 

Notice the numbers on the trade route marked as 1, 2, 3and so on as seen on the trade map against how many trading routes you created. 

The trading ship will move and go to the warehouse according to the numbers assigned as ‘1’ first it will go there then ‘2’ and then ‘3’ and then again back to ‘1’. 

After making a trade route select the items you want to either buy or sell.

Loading and unloading goods:

In order to sell items to make a profit click +sign on the trade select the item you want to sell and how much quantity and then select the 2nd island warehouse, where you want to sell it and click the -ve sign select the same item and select the quantity you want to sell.

Positive marked or green color items will represent those that will load onto the ship and –ve sign or red marked items are those that ship will deliver or unload.

Notice when you keep your curser upon the selling items it will show you the amount per ton and how much profit will you make of it. 

In the end, select the ship by clicking on add ship and select the desired ship through which you need to start the trade. 

You can assign one ship to a single trade route. When you assign that ship to another trade route it will leave the current trade and starts the other route.

Delivering Quest Items:

If you are required to deliver a specific item to complete a quest select any trade boat and make it load the "quest item" from your desired warehouse by selecting the building, then load it on the ship and deliver it to complete a quest. 

After you have delivered, you can resume trade route by clicking on the play button which can be seen by selecting your trade boat. 

Your trade route won't be canceled if you move your boat manually. 

Ways with which I do trading in anno 1404:

I always look for items that will generate more profit. I keep my trade with an island that is near to me and use only those items that will generate maximum profits furthermore 

If I have multiple islands and they need resources I make a trade route covering all those islands, carefully using the trade route numbers so my trade boats can buy and sell items in less time enabling them to move between islands fast.

How to Construct Buildings in Anno 1404 ? 

Construct buildings like peasants' houses, market buildings and then link them through roads if you don't link them then they will not function. 

The most important thing you should keep in consideration is "population". 

Tax collection:

Profitability level that you see at the bottom, keeps it in a +ve state. You cannot rely on trading alone in this game to generate profit you need to keep the population and peasant's house in balance. 

If your population doesn't increase and you didn't build more of the houses, the tax collection will decrease and your profitability rate also becomes low.

Buildings maintenance cost:

Each building has a maintenance cost which you can see, along with other required items when you bring your cursor over the desired building  

So, the more building you built the more maintainable cost will increase So make sure you have a balance of citizen houses with other buildings because tax collection will increase and profitability rate will also increase. 

Moreover, income in anno 1404 that you generate through trade should be considered as additional income.

When you play the first campaign mission you will find a quest of building a rope yard. In order to finish this quest read my post on “ how to Make Ropeyard in Anno 1404?

How to Capture Other Islands in Anno 1404?

Capturing Island method:

You can expand your civilization by constructing a shipyard on newly discovered lands. 

In order to start finding a new place to settle, first select your ship and make it to explore all around the map. 

Once you explored the map you will find new islands and new allies as well as foe. 

Fill your current trading ship with resources like wood and tools and bring it near the discovered island it will show an option to construct a shipyard. 

Build the shipyard to capture the land. One thing to keep in mind is when you built new buildings on this island also build peasant's houses and civilization so you can collect taxes and your budget doesn't go towards negative.

Every island has its own unique resources.

Final: At the end (Time)

There are a lot more interesting mission quests when you progress further. If you want fast progressions then finish the quest quickly and  storyline will move further. 

When I first started playing I use to experiment with all the buildings and their functions and then end quest but I will tell you it will slow down your mission progress. 

Another thing to keep in mind is you can slow or speed the game time by going to "central mean" at the right bottom corner and clicking on the "action archive or F11 key". 

Here you will find a function to increase speed game time.

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