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This blog provides helpful Content about video games (PC/Android games), and different strategies to become a good gamer.

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I am Junaid Waqar the owner and author of the blog playallgamer , also a writer on medium

A hobbyist and gaming enthusiast; love to play different types of games including RPGs, FPS, strategy, Shooters, adventures, and many more. 


I created this blog to share strategies and my knowledge of games, whether played on a console, PC, or android.

As I learn more I will provide better strategies so we can become good gamers.

How I got my interest in games?

It all started at the age of 11 which was around the year 2005 when my father bought me, my first-ever desktop PC. 

At that time computers were very new and we have windows 98 installed but my love for technology only got bigger. 

As time goes on me and my brother were to buy gaming CDs from the shop to play for long hours after school.

For sharing my knowledge about different game strategies this blog has come to the surface.

I love to experiment with various types of games, save money to upgrade the Gaming Rig, also participate in gaming competitions to improve my skills.


My Current gaming PC 

Enjoy my blog go through all the blog posts and look for different categories in the menu bar given above. 

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