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This blog provides helpful Content about video games (PC/Android games) and Gaming solutions to a PC gamer, as I am a gaming enthusiast and love to share strategies about my favorite PC/Android games, how to become good in these games, Providing gaming solutions to a PC gamer through my experience and knowledge.

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Myself Junaid Waqar an MBA graduate who is also a hobbyist and gaming enthusiastic; loves to play different types of games including RPGs, FPS, strategy, Shooters, adventures, and many more. 

To share my knowledge about different gaming strategies this blog has come to the surface helping the gaming community become great again.

I love to experiment with different types of games, save money upgrade the Gaming Rig, also participate in gaming competitions to improve my skills.

This blog will provide information regarding different game strategies, Suggestions to maintain and improve a gaming PC, and a lot more. 


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