How to Make Ropeyard in Anno 1404 ?

Making of  Rope Yard in Anno 1404:

Image taken from game Anno 1404

Anno1404 is an awesome strategy game that you must play. I am passionate about strategy games and from a young age I have played a lot like the Red alert series, Age of empire series as well as games like stronghold but the Anno 1404 series is much more interesting and engaging. 

As the game starts you will face this small obstacle and need some type of hint to get going in this game.



So, in this post, I will show you how you can make a rope yard in Anno1404. 



Ropeyard in Anno 1404:

To make a rope yard you must understand there are different level of citizens in this game, when you are playing story mode or campaign mode you will not be able to access all the citizen and features yet, 

you will learn one by one, and as the story progress you will get access to more options.



For you to make Ropeyard you need to understand the population and need to increase the population of Euphoric citizens



There are different citizens' levels in this game. At this point, you will be able to access only 2 levels.


 1) Peasants

2) Euphoric Citizens



You can see these two types of citizens in the below screenshot :

Image is taken from game Anno1404 by me (edited: blue arrows)

As you see the total population on the left as well as the population divided into two separate columns with 2nd arrow pointing.

So, you will need to upgrade your peasants' citizen to Euphoric citizen for rope yard construction option



To upgrade peasants to Euphoric citizens click on the peasants' citizens house and look that all their needs are satisfied and they are happy plus you need to make sure that your peasants' bar ( Tax load bar ) is at Peasants moving in then after some time.

These peasants houses will upgrade to Euphoric citizen automatically and your population of euphoric citizens will increase which will enable you to get access to the rope yard construction options as well as other options.


Image is taken from game Anno1404 by me (edited: blue arrows)

You can see the peasants' tax load bar is in peasants moving in and all their needs are satisfied they will automatically be upgraded to Euphoric citizens

Image is taken from game Anno1404 by me 

Ropeyard construction:

Once you will be able to get access to the Ropeyard construction option check for the requirements that you will need to build a rope yard all these requirements will be shown once you move your cursor over to the rope yard option in the Euphoric citizen tab from the construction option tab.


Image is taken from game Anno1404 by me (edited: blue arrow)


As you can see in order to build Ropeyard in Anno1404 you will need 700 gold coins 12 wood and 5 tools. 

If any of these requirements is lacking you need to collect them either through trades or finding new islands and exploring more of the ocean for leftover crates or finish some other remaining quest for rewards.



Once you have all of these construction items then you can build a rope yard. After building a rope yard in order for you to produce ropes you will need Hemp, 

You need to plant like green crops as shown in the screenshot and then build a road to Hemp production to the small warehouse and then a road from the small warehouse toward your rope yard 

and you will be able to start producing ropes which that you can deliver to end this quest.


Image is taken from game Anno1404 by me (edited: blue arrows)

 All these green grass-like fields are hemp and you can make them by click on the green grass icon as shown with an arrow.



Bonus (10 knights quest): 


I will also show you how you complete 10 knights quest unwilling volunteers. 

It's very easy all you need to do is to get to the marketplace where there are a lot of citizens than the citizens which are highlighted in blue color just find them and click them and they will automatically start to get to a shipyard and get the 10 knights to quest completed. 

Then move them to your ship and deliver them to falcon stone. 

Image is taken from game Anno1404 by me (edited: blue arrow)

In the end:

Anno 1404 is an exciting game and needs a little more attention to get going. Once you finish 2 or 3 quests and start to understand the game more you will find interest and enjoyment. You will become attached to the game.

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