Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter - Explained

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter Game Guide and Tips:

Galaxy attack alien shooter is a video game that centers on combat. It is about an arcade shooter in the style of Galaga, this is where players take out waves of incoming ships that belong to enemies.

All images in this post are taken from the game "Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter" for educational purpose

Image is taken from game "Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter" by me

This game is available across all app stores and can be used on any eligible device. The game has over one hundred different versions and there is a constant release of new versions now and then.

This game has some unique and very though features which include the multiplayer mode, Upgrades of your guns and lasers, and different challenges in each different level 140 approx. You must have active skills if you want to play well during space battles in this game.

This game also usually features three waves per level, as you destroy aliens on this wave, they will be dropping items that will boost your ship. 

The game is not all that easy but there are tips you can use to be able to better fight the aliens.

Tips and tricks:

The dropped items
Defeated aliens usually drop items that boost your ship and its attack. You should pay attention to these drops because the more of them you grab the more powered up you get. These drops are not a one-time thing, they are constantly falling for as long as you are destroying aliens.

Paying attention:

When you are picking up items in this game you should be careful because not everything you pick is gems. Some of them are hidden traps and attacks that can damage you But if you have played this game for a while you know that you can differentiate between good and bad drops. 

For a tip the items that have little arrows are usually good and can boost you up.

How to Unlock drones in galaxy attack alien shooter?

Drones are there to assist you during different levels, that is if you pick them up when they drop. Sometimes you can buy them using any or all of the three different kinds of currencies available in the game. 

Step 1 :
Go to the upgrade bottom from the main menu


Step 2:

After this go to the Galactic drone tab.

Step 3:

Here you will find your drones with their requirement for you to buy that dron you need the gold coins as well as some extra items with it to unlock

Step 4:

Here is the drone you select in action


Drones are only accessible if they have been unlocked and you can only unlock them one after the other and not randomly. All of these drones are priced differently and they have different features. The more advanced the features on the drone, the higher their price, and the more drones you have to unlock before you get to it. 

For example, for the captain galaxy drone, you will need to unlock all 9 drones that come before this one. You will also need to have unlocked a bomb master which is the ninth drone, 100 drone tickets, 150 000 coins, or legendary tickets.

How to unlock ships in the game?


Playing this game requires you to have a ship that is good enough to combat the aliens on each level. You will be able to acquire different ships as you advance in the game and earn more money.

Pulse Blast and Wisdom Glory:

Ships such as pulse blast and wisdom glory are unlocked from the start, hurricane hawk is available for free on level 2. 
From here on, you can only start unlocking more ships from level ten and you will have to start paying for them.
For example, When you are at level 18 in the game you can purchase a ship named “Phantom” at a cost of 35000 Coins. When you will reach level 25 you can purchase the “sound Breaker “ for a cost of 60000 Coins. If you want a Legendary Ship you can get at level 71 For a cost of 50 Legendary tokens.

Upgrade your ship to win in Level 4 Boss:

When you're playing this game for the first time you will find yourself stuck on level 4 boss. It's hard to beat because it just fire missiles blaster and your ship gets hit. One thing you can do in order to avoid its missiles you need to keep a distance that remains at the bottom and this will save you from getting hit

The most important tip I can give you is when you are not able to beat the boss level 4 You just need to upgrade your ship. 

Pro tip:


One thing you should be considering is the power level icon on the top left side of the screenshot. Increase your energy level to make your ship strong

In order to increase, if it's below 100 then click on that icon and watch the ad this will give you 10 power points. Also, you can increase the level by using diamonds.

In order to upgrade your ship see the steps below:

Step 1:


Go to the main menu and see the upgrade icon at the bottom of the screen like a yellow marked circle in the screenshot.

Step 2:

Then select the ship at the start you will have three ships available in green, blue, and red color.

Step 3:


See at the bottom there is mentioned upgrade and here its mentioned what you need if you look to increase the power level you need 1000 coins marked in the yellow circle in the screenshot and see the arrow at the top on the screenshots it will show you the coins you possess if it's well above 1000 then click on it to upgrade your ship.

For the second upgrade, you need 1000 coins as well as diamonds that you need to collect through your missions.

A tip here is if you upgrade your coin with power level than you will have more damage from your bullet So, I would recommend that you first upgrade power level.
If you upgrade the bullet level the speed of your bullet fire will increase

Step 4:


Repeat the same process on other ships available. In this way, you will upgrade your ships and can defeat the boss levels.

How to win at galaxy attack alien shooter ( In all hard levels)?

When you're playing a really hard level and you are not able to defeat any bosses than this tip will be a certain game-changer

First step :


Go to the play button on start where you normally play the game as seen in arrow in the screenshot

Second Step:

Select the level which you are playing seen in the arrow on the screenshot.

Third Step:

Select the ship button on the bottom left corner mention in a yellow circle.

Fourth Step:

A screen will pop up and on this screen you can select any the ship you need for the level each ship has a cost 
So you need to have an ample amount of gold coins in order to purchase any of the ships. 

Make sure use these heavy ships when the level is quite hard and you will start with the purchase ship.

Fifth Step:
Select the ship you have the gold coin to purchase select any of the ships or you can select the one in the pic.

Sixth Step:

In this case, it has the amount of 2000 coins So I need to have 2000 gold coins in order to purchase this. Keep in mind this is one time once your ships get destroyed you need to again purchase this as you don't have these ships in processions like other green and red ships.

Seventh step:

As you can see when I click on the other ship It has a different cost and more gold coins are required
, Use them wisely and they will give you an advantage in defeating difficult 

Interesting Posts :

    Pros of the game:

    1. It is for free

    All you have to do in order to play this game is download it to your device. There are no extra charges or subscriptions. You can get to any level without having to pay, all you have to do is earn enough coins to unlock some of the features.

    2. It is easy to understand

    The game is easy to understand and is suitable to play for people of all ages. It is not very complicated and it does not take that long to learn how to play it. This makes it relatively easier to figure out strategies on how to avoid attacks and how to improve your attacking strategy. Over time, you will be able to max out the coins on each level.

    3.A lot to explore

    The game has a lot of levels, about 140 of them. all levels have new and different features and massive challenges. This makes the game a lot more fun and makes it possible for gamers to play for hours on end. Each level challenges the gamer in a slightly different way and this constantly requires them to think of new strategies and ways of earning more coins so they can unlock some of their favorite features.

    4.The upgrades

    The game offers various upgrades on ships, drones, and leasers on various levels. This gives the gamers something to constantly work towards because they want to gain that boost that allows them to destroy as many aliens and earn as many coins. Unlocking these upgrades becomes more expensive and challenging to do as the gamer advances in the game. Eventually unlocking them is a great achievement indeed and gives gamers a sense of victory and fulfillment.

    5. The game is revamped

    Unlike most amazing video games, galaxy attack allows gamers to use their mobile phones to play the game and the experience still remains just as good.It also has the most amazing graphics that make the playing experience even more aesthetic.


    For some of the most experienced gamers, the design and the mechanics of the game can be a little too simple. 
    The game is not all that unique, it is similar to a lot of other space shooters in the arcades and even in the App store.

    Engaging Game:
    Galaxy attack is great for people who are into the classic arcade-style of space invasion kinds of games. 
    It is a very simple game that can be challenging and fun at the same time. It has some of the most amazing features that will keep gamers on their fingertips.

    Download Game:

    You can play galaxy attack alien shooter on Google Playstore official link