How to Clean RAM Physically?

RAM stands for random access memory. All programs running on pc uses this component to boot as they need some memory to do so. 


It is responsible for the speed; how fast a program works, and functions.


While gaming, "PC RAM" should be at least 8 GB for a good performance but sometimes having a fast RAM is not enough maintaining it is also a task to be done.


RAM is placed within motherboard slots and gets dust, carbon accumulated between them. These carbon particles will hinder the work and usually ends up with a "blue screen of death".


To overcome these types of errors and other malfunctions it's best you should know how to clean your precious RAM once in a while.



How to clean RAM without causing any hardware damages


Things needed:

Collecting the things required. RAM should be handled with care as it has sensitive parts and soldering.

  • Find a smooth, clean surface make sure there is no liquid or water poured there. 
  • The surface should not have any roughness, a straight table is best
  • Find a clean rubber; avoid black used rubbers as it can cause damage
  • You can use an alcohol swab; found in a first aid box, or available at a general medical store.
  • Find a toothbrush (new) avoid the one you have in your bathroom

Ready the PC for RAM cleaning:


Shut down the computer and make sure you have closed all programs nothing should be working in a background app.


After PC has shut down unplug the main cord so the motherboard which might still be receiving a voltage can properly switch off.


Wait for 1 min to discharge any left static charge on the metal body to prevent shock or damage towards the RAM while taking it out.


Keep off the dust:

While opening pc metal cover; you should expect a lot of dust, keep an air blower close by, open the windows of your room and clean it gently using an air blower


Don't push blower air too hard and avoid the hard disk area because it can produce some errors in the hard drive.


Gently release air and blow the dust off.


Positioning correctly:

Now place the pc horizontally, if you have a vertical tower put it nice and easy on a steady surface. On contrary when dealing with desktop pc, it should not be a worry.


Placing it right will make it easy for the RAM, to be pulled out and plug in otherwise you can damage the surrounding components or wires


Observing the RAM:

Remove the RAM by opening attached clips, don't be too harsh on these for reducing any chance of breaking them.


Now observe the RAM whether it needs cleaning or not.


Look for carbon particles; see if the “Golden connectors” are turning black, and messy chances are carbon has accumulated it.


If you don't see anything unusual sometimes only “RAM slots” needs cleaning or the RAM itself is faulty which might be making you think it needs a dust off.

Start cleaning:




Using a Rubber:

Place RAM on a smooth surface and with a new white clean rubber slowly rub the gold connector’s teeth.


Hands should be gripping RAM properly, place the index finger on top and thumb to the other side . The grip must be strong.


Some people say rub in an up-down fashion to avoid damages but I usually use a rubber in a straight line as it didn’t caused me any issues; you should do what works best.


See if connectors are starting to shine and carbon is peeling off.


Now clean the “RAM gold connector pins” with a toothbrush to remove remaining rubber particles. Be gentle and properly clean; make sure the surface is smooth as new.

Alcohol swabs:

If you don't have rubber or just trying to avoid it. Alcohol swabs are a good alternative to clean "RAM gold contact pins".


You can get these from a nearby medical store.


Alcohol is very good cleaning agent for electronic components and surfaces without damaging any other area. It's a good choice when comes to cleaning such sensitive pc components as RAM.

Utilize Electronic cleaning sprays:


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Other great alternative is you can use a spray to clean electric components one of them is CRC electronic cleaner


This will dry fast and leave you with no harmful residue. It is used in cleaning sockets, plugs, and other sensitive components.


A handy tool to have in your RAM cleaning procedure.

Clean the slots:

Next would be to clean the “RAM slots” using an air blower or a toothbrush. You should be very careful as other components do not get harmed.


Gently use an air-blower over the RAM slots to clean off remaining dust and carbon particles.

Putting back the RAM:


Correct Ram slots:

After cleaning process is done plugging back the RAM nice and easy. It's better to plug it back in the same slot used before.


But if it doesn't function correct change the slot. There are slots colored either black or white.


If you have two RAMs put both in the white-colored or black-colored but make sure both those RAMs should be fixed in the same colored slots to avoid mismatching.


Avoid lose fittings:

Make sure RAM is not loose. Both of the clips are attached properly tightly locked otherwise it can bring problems to the motherboard giving it permanent damage.


Turn on pc:

If RAM is mismatched it will give errors like blinking red light but if everything is correct it will boot without problems.


Press F11 OR F12 OR F10 any of these three keys to enter bios settings.


Start pressing these keys when you first boot and try to find settings where RAM information is given; see all the RAM memory is showing.


Sometimes only one RAM memory is displayed and 2nd one is not detected; if you’re using two memory sticks offcourse. It is better to check beforehand.

Things to avoid while cleaning RAM:

There are some things you should avoid; keep these points in memory as it will help to clean pc ram without causing any headaches.

Even if it is working correctly now it can cause problems in the long run:

  1. Choosing incorrect RAM modules (Avoid).
  2. Don't use anything sticky when cleaning RAM and slots.
  3. Be gentle don't try to fit the ram forcefully if it doesn't fit leave.
  4. Use Clean brush and alcohol sprays.
  5. Watch those tray programs running in the background after starting PC.
  6. Remove any desktop themes background to lower pressure on RAM functions.  
  7. Don’t overdo and avoid being a perfectionist in cleaning RAMs.
  8. Don’t get irritated if it doesn't work, leave and investigate later instead of damaging other parts by going in a Rage.