11 Ways to Get Gems in Dragon City - Quick and Easy

 Ways to Get Gems in Dragon City:


In Dragon City, there are various ways to get gems. I have mentioned 11 ways including Free methods, purchasing gems with real money, reaching levels, or playing mini-games.

Brief Intro about the game:

Dragon City is a fun, interesting, and evolving game. If you love battle games this is a great choice personally I just get involved with quest battle games. 

For newbies, in order to progress and unlock more features, you need “Gems” in this game.

When I am playing I always look for ways to increase gems to unlock more buildings, upgrade food storage, grow my dragons and free some caged dragons. 

With Gems you can do a lot, these are something’s that I prefer. Gems are shown as purple gem numbers on top of the bar. 

You can collect these gems either through real money by purchasing or using free methods by playing.



This is my list of methods on how to get gems in dragon city? Both paid and free methods will be discussed.

First Paid methods and then Free Methods are Explored.


List of Methods to collect gems in Dragon City:

Paid Methods:

1) By buying gem packs with real money.

The easiest way to get gems in dragon city would be to buy gems. 

I know most of you are looking for free methods and that's good. It's all up to you if you want to spend real money or not, later in the post I will discuss how to get gems in dragon city with free methods.

But I am mentioning this because I have personally bought gems with real money to check whether it helps boost the gaming experience. You can see the screenshot below of my bought “Gems chest box “ in dragon city:




Image taken from game "Dragon City" by me

As you can see I got about 180 gems and my experience says if you buy gems you will get a bunch of collections gems through which you can free caged dragons, upgrade buildings and make the gaming experience fast. 

But before you buy, make sure you spend them right Don't spend all over the place. I used these gems to unlock caged dragon, upgrade the hatching building “(Hatchery).”

This helps me to hatch more eggs, increase my dragon portfolios, and grow them to win in battles

Moreover, I used them to repair the golden tower (Midarian Tower) beside my island which increases gold production by 20% So if you want a fast gaming experience or just need quick progress then go for buying gems with real money and spend these gems right.

2) By filling piggy bank, doing different tasks within the game.

You can fill your piggy bank and can get a large number of gems. To fill your piggy bank you need to feed your dragons. 

So, breed dragons, then hatch them, make them a new habitat, and then feed them. Feeding dragons will increase your piggy bank and can get you closer to 100+ gems. 

Then you can pay to open the piggy bank with real money at a great deal offer.

3) By buying “Islands for sale”.

When you buy islands that are just on the left side of your current island. 

There are three islands for sale, you can buy them and you will get 100+ Gems as well as free space to grow your building, dragon portfolio, feeding grounds, habitats, etc.


Free Methods to Increase Gems:

Now let’s look at free methods through which you increase gems in dragon city

** Quest Mastery:

As a novice dragon keeper, focus on completing the myriad of quests available in the game. These tasks range from the simple, like feeding your dragons, to more complex activities such as winning battles or hatching specific dragon breeds. The quest rewards often include gems, providing a steady influx for your growing dragon utopia. Prioritize these quests and watch your gem count rise as you accomplish each task.

**Dragon League Tournaments:

Engage in the excitement of Dragon City by participating in Dragon League Tournaments. These tournaments not only offer a chance to test your dragon-battling prowess but also provide substantial gem rewards based on your performance. Aim to climb the tournament ranks, and you'll find yourself reaping the benefits in the form of precious gems. It's an exhilarating way for beginners to both learn the ropes and bolster their gem reserves.

**Gem-Filled Social Bonds:

Forge alliances within the Dragon City community to unlock social rewards. By connecting your game to social media or adding friends in the game, you open the door to gifting opportunities. Friends can send you gifts, and sometimes these gifts include gems. It's a symbiotic relationship – the more active and engaged you are with your social circle, the more likely you are to receive valuable gifts that boost your gem count.

**Dragon Cinema :

For an easy and entertaining way to earn gems, turn your attention to the Dragon Cinema. This feature allows you to watch short video ads in exchange for gems. It's a quick and beginner-friendly method that adds up over time. Take advantage of those spare moments to watch an ad, and before you know it, you'll have a respectable collection of gems at your disposal.

**Beginner's Bundles and Starter Packs:

Dragon City often introduces special promotions tailored for beginners. Keep an eye out for Starter Packs and Beginner's Bundles that not only provide valuable in-game items but also include a stash of gems. These packs are usually offered at a discounted rate, making them a cost-effective way for newcomers to kickstart their dragon adventure with a solid gem foundation.

**Exclusive Events and Milestones :

Delve into Dragon City's exclusive events and milestones to uncover hidden gem opportunities. These limited-time affairs often feature unique challenges, and achieving certain milestones within them can result in substantial gem rewards. Plan your gameplay around these events, strategize effectively, and watch as your gem count skyrockets in recognition of your dragon-raising prowess.

**The Art of Breeding for Gems :

Beyond breeding dragons for mere enjoyment, leverage the breeding system to your advantage. Certain dragon combinations have a chance to yield gems during the breeding process. Explore breeding guides available in the Dragon City community to discover these gem-producing pairs. By strategically breeding dragons, you not only expand your dragon collection but also create a renewable source of gems that adds a dynamic element to your gameplay.

**Time Management and Daily Goals :

Maximize your gem gains by optimizing your daily play routine. Dragon City often rewards consistent players with daily bonuses, and these can include gems. Log in daily, complete time-sensitive tasks, and adhere to daily goals set by the game. The cumulative effect of these daily rewards can significantly contribute to your gem accumulation, providing a reliable source for ongoing dragon city enhancements.

**League Challenges and PvP Battles:

Step into the competitive realm of Dragon City by focusing on league challenges and player-versus-player (PvP) battles. Ascending through the ranks not only brings glory but also valuable gem rewards. Strengthen your dragon roster, hone your battle strategies, and engage in competitive gameplay to earn gems from league challenges. The thrill of defeating opponents is heightened when you realize the precious gem rewards that await skilled dragon masters.

**Secret Achievements and Easter Eggs:

Unearth the hidden treasures within Dragon City by seeking out secret achievements and easter eggs. Some achievements, not prominently displayed, offer gem rewards for completing specific tasks or challenges. Delve into the game's lore, explore hidden corners, and experiment with unconventional dragon combinations to uncover these hidden gems, both figuratively and literally.

**Mystery Eggs and Breeding Combos:

Dive into the exciting world of mystery eggs and strategic dragon breeding. Certain dragon combinations have a chance to produce rare dragons or even gems directly. Experiment with different pairings and discover the joy of hatching mystery eggs. Not only will you expand your dragon collection, but you might stumble upon a gem-filled surprise during the hatching process.

**Gem-Centric Promotions:

Keep an eye out for special promotions within the game that specifically focus on gems. Dragon City occasionally offers discounted gem packages or bonus gems with certain purchases. Take advantage of these limited-time promotions to acquire gems at a more favorable rate. It's a budget-friendly way for beginners to bolster their gem stash while enjoying additional in-game perks.

**Leveling Up: A Gem Bonus:

As you progress through Dragon City, each level-up brings not only a sense of accomplishment but also a bonus in the form of gems. The higher your level, the more gems you'll receive. Focus on actively playing the game, completing tasks, and participating in events to steadily climb the levels. It's a rewarding journey where every level attained brings you closer to a gem-filled victory.

**In-Game Achievements Unveiled:

Uncover a treasure trove of gems by pursuing in-game achievements. These are special goals or milestones that, once achieved, reward you with gems. From reaching a specific number of dragons in your collection to winning a certain number of battles, achievements provide a roadmap for gem accumulation. Check the achievement list, and as you naturally play the game, you'll find yourself unlocking gems as a bonus for your accomplishments.

**Mastering the Dragon League :

As you grow in Dragon City, consider venturing into the Dragon League. Engaging in league battles not only tests your dragon's strength but also offers generous gem rewards based on your performance. Aim to climb the league ranks by strategically selecting your dragons and mastering battle tactics. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, the Dragon League provides a challenging yet rewarding arena for gem acquisition.

**Daily Goals and Achievements:

Navigate to the "Goals" section in Dragon City to discover a set of daily goals. These objectives are designed to align with your regular gameplay and often offer gem rewards upon completion. Additionally, explore the broader achievement system, which provides gems for hitting various milestones. By consistently meeting daily goals and achieving overall milestones, you'll steadily accumulate gems as a testament to your progress.

**Dragon Card Collections:

Embark on a collecting adventure with Dragon Cards. These cards showcase various dragon breeds, and completing a set by acquiring all the cards in a specific collection grants you a handsome gem reward. Keep an eye on the Dragon Card section, and aim to collect them all to unlock not only unique dragons but also a substantial boost to your gem count.

**Dragon Market Bargains :

Visit the Dragon Market frequently to explore special bargains. Occasionally, the market offers dragons, habitats, or other in-game items at discounted gem prices. Seize these opportunities to make strategic purchases that not only enhance your dragon utopia but also conserve your gem resources for future endeavors.

**VIP Status Benefits:

As you progress in Dragon City, consider the VIP program. Becoming a VIP member provides various benefits, including increased gem production from habitats, additional daily gems, and exclusive access to VIP dragons. While the VIP program may involve a modest initial investment, the long-term advantages can significantly boost your gem accumulation, making it a worthwhile consideration for dedicated dragon masters.

**Dragon Cinema Surprises :

Return to the Dragon Cinema for more surprises. In addition to watching video ads, sometimes the Dragon Cinema offers mystery chests or bonus rewards. Take advantage of these opportunities to not only enjoy short videos but also uncover unexpected gem bonuses, adding an element of excitement to your routine.

You can collect by leveling up XP and claiming the rewards.

The easiest free way to get gems for you is to level up and gain XP 

To get XP you have to do tasks like

  • Feeding your dragons,
  • Breeding and Egg hatching,
  • clearing bushes trees and obstacles you can win great XP,
  • winning quest battles.


Increase food production in dragon city to feed dragons:

For feeding dragons you need to increase the food production in “Food Farm”.Some methods you can use to increase food production is to unlock “Green House” then watch the ad and let it grow food for you.  

Second, you can unlock and go to “Genemancer’s Lab” and with the help of Grid coins, you can open up the chest box and get a large quantity of the food as well as gold coins. 

Third, go to a “big food farm” and regrow all food. When your dragon reaches level 15 you need to upgrade your “Dragon Roost” building to keep growing your dragons.

These are some of the methods that I use to increase food production for my Dragons.

I will recommend focusing your efforts on breeding dragons, hatching, and increasing the number of dragons portfolio. Free some caged dragons to become stronger.

Upgrade Dragon Rooster building:

To keep feeding dragons and gaining XP upgrade dragon rooster building with gold coins.

Quest Battles:

When you have more powerful dragons than you can win in battles. You can do quest battles and win food and XP in reward. With XP level up and win free Gems

Clear bushes trees and obstacles you can win great XP:

Click on the obstacles like trees, stones and clear them. It will take some time to clear which will give you XP rewards you can speed time by spending Gems. 

With this XP you can Level UP and win Gems reward.


Reach level 16 and unlock the “Run Of Clones”mini-game.

To win more gems you can increase your level by gaining XP and reach level 16. 

At this level “Run of clones” mini-game will unlock situated at top of your current Island. In this game, you are given a limited number of flight stamps which you can use to play. 

When your flight stamps run out do some task that is given to get more flight stamps. By participating in this game you will get free Gem rewards, as well as many other rewards.

You can do arena Battles and win gems awards.

To do arena battles first go to battles then choose "Arenas" and then fight your opponents. 

In this way, you will win trophies and can increase your arena rank and claim the rewards. 

You can see the reward by going to the arena tab and clicking on the gift feature at each arena. In this gift, you will get free gems and XP. 

As I have made my way through level one Arena and claim the Gem award.

As you do more battles your Arena Rank will increase and, hence more Gem rewards you can win.

By doing Leagues Battle and winning gems.

You can win "gems" by completing the Gem Bar at leagues battle. 

In which you do a number of battles with another opponent, win and finish the gem bar to win the Gems in reward.

As you win more Leagues Battle. Your Rank will increase and after every 100 battles your number of Gem rewards will also increase at 1 to 100 you will win 3 Gem awards at 100 to 200 you will win 4 gem awards and at 200 to 300 you will win 5 Gem awards and So on.

Pro-tip to win battles in "dragon city":

If you want to win battles I would suggest increase your dragon levels. 

First, save your gold coins then spend them to upgrade the "Dragon Rooster" building in this way, you will be able to grow your dragon's level more. Upgrade your food farms; grow food, find food in “Genemancer’s Lab” and keep your dragons strong. The second tip is to battle smartly, use those dragons that have strong attacks against the opponent, switch dragons, and keep those dragons that have stronger attacking points. You will be able to win battles and can increase League Ranks and Arena Ranks. Gems rewards will increase and you will get more gems.

You can play games every day to claim daily rewards. Streak rewards.

Another free and easiest way to get gems is to play the game every day and in calendar, you can get streak rewards in the form of gems. 

If you play for 2 days straight you will win the reward which is mentioned in the calendar. 

Check your Dragon City calendar for rewards. 

Visit the Dragon TV.

You can visit dragon TV hanging below your island and then watch the ads to fill the bar and win Gems awards.

Complete Tasks at Dragon TV.

At dragon TV you will find the task button and complete task option which will enable you to win Gem awards

By Repairing dragon tower hanging beside 2nd  island.

As I have Repaired the golden tower (Midarian Tower) at my current island this has increased 20 percent of gold production with the help of Golden Dragon Powers. 

You can unlock  "Jeweler's Tower" hanging around the 2nd island. It's locked and needs Dragons to repair. I would recommend breeding and hatching dragon according to their Elements and increase the repair process of "Jewelem's Tower". 

It will enable you to win free Gems.

Final: In the end

I will say that there are free and paid methods to get Gems in Dragon City.

I would recommend completing and winning Battles as the fastest and easiest method to get gems in dragon city. The second would be to level up and the third would be to watch ads on dragon TV.

If you are looking to get an advantage in gaining Gems and make quick progress then use paid methods.


Methods to collect gems in Dragon City:

  1. By buying gem packs with real money.
  2. By filling piggy bank, doing different tasks within the game.
  3. By buying “Islands for sale” (Get both gems and free space)
  4. You can collect by leveling up and claiming the rewards.
  5. By reaching level 16 and unlocking “Run Of Clones”mini-game.
  6. You can do arena Battles and win gems awards.
  7. By doing Leagues Battle and winning gems.
  8. You can play the game every day to claim daily rewards. Streak rewards
  9. By filling dragon TV bar with watching ads
  10. By completing offer task at dragon TV
  11. By repairing dragon towers hanging beside each island.