What to Do When Bored in Minecraft Single Player?

Minecraft is a popular game. According to Statista 141 million players are active on this as of August 2021. 

A game so popular getting bored is a rare event but even the games we love will feel lackluster sometimes. There are some things you can do to keep the game-play exciting and fresh.


List of ideas enabling you to brainstorm various things in the game, keep in mind some of these might not work or can be too difficult to follow.


Let's start:

Try Creative mode:

When you are bored with simple playing Minecraft, enable creative mode by going to "Open to LAN" options enable cheats and start LAN world. There type "t" and "/gamemode creative" 

You will get unlimited resources including flying using F12 key following double jump button or you can just double press the jump button and Minecraft avatar will start flying.


You can have all the aromours , tools and resources and will not die and no mob will attack . Feel free to discover the minecraft world build any thing and experiment with your surroundings.

Regenerate in survival mode:

If you don't like creative mode you can go to surivial mode and type "t" enter command "/effect give @p minecraft:regeneration 100000 50" to regenerate instantly and you can try this health command "/effect give @p minecraft:health_boost 100000 50" to get a health boost in survival mode.

Switch between:

You can also switch between creative and survival mode by just typing command 't" "/gamemode creative" for creative mode and "/gamemode survival" for survival mode and the game will continue like nothing happen but you will have all the resources.

The game becomes too easy:


Playing Minecraft too many times makes the game seems easy. You have evolved as a player that is used to playing at a comfort level. Easily crafting items, defeating mobs, and surviving.

Sometimes altering difficulty settings will make the game more challenging bringing back the thrill once was at a beginner level. 

I often change the difficulty settings from easy to hard just to test how well I can survive at night, gather resources, and craft quicker

Change your mission:

Do something new and creative. Give yourself a timeline; end the game within that setup. 

Survival Maps:

Find and explore new custom maps. Survival maps are the best way to make the game interesting

Download custom Minecraft maps below 

A popular survival map skyblock try it and see how many days can survive and thrive.

It has one block and a chest with resources, each block island will provide more resource and a chance to survive.

There are many custom survival maps giving you a new opportunity to explore and play the game differently.

Go multiplayer:

While giving yourself a challenge to your current gaming level Multiplayer is the best way to make friends.

Go to multiplayer settings join online available servers, create your server or play using "Minecraft Realms".

You can start your map invite friends or wait for players looking a server to join, survive each other or make teams. 

A fun way to trap other Minecraft players in your secret hiding places ambushing them in the dark

Built something extraordinary:

In mine craft you can built almost anything, the only specialty you need are resources to do so.

In the beginner, levels surviving and fighting for basic needs is the main objective but after playing for some time you will be well-establish in a village with your home, markets, weapons, and resources.

From there try to build something really incredible 

There are many things to try but the most I love is :

  • Lighthouse
  • Underground City
  • A large Bridge over ocean
  • Volcano
  • Large Storage
  • Docks
  • Sewers 
  • A luxury Penthouse
  • Titanic
  • Jurassic park
  • Hospitals
  • A large stadium
  • Airfield
  • Make an Amazon forest
  • Martian Base

Use your imagination gather resources and start construction


Try to find mods online where you can battle more people like 4 on 1. It's an awesome way to make a strong weapon, handle more enemies and survive.


Try these mods:

  • Zombie awareness  It makes zombies aware and intelligent.It will be hard to avoid them and they can find you much quicker. A good way to add some thrill to the game.
  • Lost city  will make  you enter an abandoned city with cars, building just like post-apocalyptic scenes
  • Mob Battle enables you to take control of mob attacks and make them your servants

Start streaming:

Making a video stream is a best way to bring back the lost fun especially if people like your comments over the gameplay.

Making a video stream will help you to cope with feelings of playing solo.

A great way to build following and subscribers of players who enjoy watching you crafting objects and building monuments.

This will keep you as a player motivated to play more, gather resources, and try to build new things e.g. a wool market, snowman , monster, etc

Make a difficult path:


Build a custom map and hide something. Try to make as many obstacles as you can and then defeat all those hardships to reach the goal.

You can make forests, zombies, mobs, few resources, far away hiding places anything that will make the game a mystery to solve. 

Make a video stream of how you plan to overcome the obstacles while entertaining your fans/followers in process


Renovate your home, make it more beautiful. Gather the necessary resources and try to build a dream house using the things you gather.

Avoid custom built this way game seems fresh, playable and you can spend a great time finding resources for your new house.


Whenever you overcame a hard task or a challenge is complete celebrate it by hosting a party or firework display.

At night it is best to place to display fireworks in sky enjoying as you play and overcome difficult hardships



Build a mountain similar to Everest with a difficult path between them. Use your creativity and make extreme climbs, base camps, snowmen, and other enemy creatures to make it more exciting.

Here is an Everest Mod you can use:

It's better to fill your mountains with shops, hotels, houses, to experiment with the game.

Surviving :


Build something you love like a restaurant or any scene of a movie. You can recreate an abandoned shipyard, mc Donald's restaurant, or a custom map surviving a stormy night.

Here is a mod to control weather and storms in Minecraft:

Suspend in the air:

Make a huge balloon station and get a balloon ride. These are something you have never experienced in real life. Make those fantasies fulfill within the game.

A balloon ride will help you explore the map quicker, get a vantage point.

You can have it in dark to avoid monsters, mobs, etc. Make a custom map around this concept requiring you a balloon to survive.

Maybe you can say to survive a tsunami you have to climb a mountain top to get the balloon to survive type scenario. 

Learn What more things you can try in Minecraft game

Summarizing :

Things to do in Minecraft when board:

  • Make it difficult
  • Try Creative mode
  • Change your mission
  • Go multiplayer
  • Built something extraordinary
  • Mods
  • Start streaming
  • Make a difficult path
  • Renovating
  • Celebrate
  • Mountains
  • Suspend in the air