What to Do in Minecraft Survival Beginner?


Minecraft is one of the popular games among both ages young and old. It’s quite simple and exciting but sometimes beginner players feel disinterest due to graphics or lack of understanding.

Let me assure you this game is not what you think you can do a lot; like fighting mobs, crafting, treasure hunting, surviving, and building whatever you want from big bridges to islands to your version of Jurassic parks.

You can find "MODs" online that will help you make interesting scenarios, scenes much quicker with a click of a button.


Following are something that beginners can do in Minecraft.




On a first start, you will spawn in unknown territory. Exploring is the only thing you must do. Gather as many resources which include wood, meat, stones, coal, etc.

At first, wood is the only thing that will build tools like an axe, shovel, sword to defend. Keep in mind this will not be as effective as stone or iron craft but can help you survive at night.

Don't try to explore caves or other dark places without anything to defend as there are hidden creatures.

The more you explore you will gather resources and will eventually find a village or if not built yourself a cave to stay a night.

Craft a bed and keep it in your inventory to explore long distances. At night times sleep in the bed to avoid creatures and mob attacks.




This game is not too hard to understand controls are very simple like for moving use keys W, S, A, D. 

For opening and closing inventory in Minecraft use" E " and to drop items use" Q"

You can alter default settings in Minecraft by going to settings options and changing controls according to your needs. 

The one guide you will need is in crafting as you have to learn which item craft what and what type of resource you have to process.


For that visit, Minecraft crafting guide and learn which items create what.


Resources to gather in beginning:

At a beginner level, you can make anything with wood like a crafting table. After gathering enough wood open inventory and use 4 wooden planks in a pattern to make a crafting table.

From there you can make an axe, weapons, and most important a bed. These are basic things you must craft as a beginner player to survive.


Watch out for enemies:


Now you must be careful when dealing with enemies. At night there are mobs, zombies that can easily defeat you. 

You should keep your focus on gathering wood, meat, and as many resources as required to start a craft.

Don't try to fight the monster spiders with wooden swords first make stone weapons and then go out to defeat enemies.

The chances of your survival will increase if you can find a village where you can stay the night inside a home safely or if not build yourself a cave by digging near a nice location.

Creatures, mobs and skeletons cannot enter the houses as long windows, doors are closed.

The first goal should be explore, finding a village to stay, from there you can make inventory strong enough to fight. 

Running from enemies is the only option at the beginner level. Avoid Dark places as these enemy creatures will burn in the day light.



Make a plan of what you wanted to do in the game. After finding yourself home or place to stay, from there you should first make a plan. 


Build strong weapons by gathering iron and gold.

Make workstations for villagers:

You can give jobs to your villagers by building workstations. Make a plan of what you are after. Planning will help you to make game much more interesting as a beginner player


If you are curious what more you can do in Minecraft visit my post: 

Build lights:

Lightings are the best thing you must do to see at night and in dark locations like caves etc. Lights will also keep mobs far away.

From crafting table-use sticks and coal to making lighting sticks. To make a stick you will need 2 wooden planks.

Coal will be found in caves but make sure you have some weapons for defense.

Set a safe spawn point:


Establishing a safe spawn point should be one of your objectives at a beginner level.

You can be killed at any moment during a explore or while gathering resources so a safe spawn point will do you good.

Set a spawn point by crafting a bed using 3 wool and 3 wooden planks. Wool can be gathered by killing sheep.

You can sleep in many beds even if you don't have one you can find someone else’s in a village room.

The last bed in which you sleep will be a respawning point so make sure that it's not in a random place but in a village or near it.



Organize your items to help you find each important object with ease. When you gather more there will be lots of items in your inventory.

A good place is to store it in a chest box with each entity in separate boxes and at a distance from each other so you should have a known place which chest box has what.

One chest box should only for valuables, one for rare items, and one for simple items.

Building a chest box:

8 wooden planks will be required to make a chest box if you place 2 chest boxes close to each other it will evolve enabling you to store more items.

Store Valuable Items (MOST IMPORTANT):

Make sure to keep valuable items in these chest boxes because when killed and Re-spawn, you need to again gather your hard earned items which will be scattered all around the place where you have been killed . So, its better to store them to reduce the chance of misplacing.

Organizing your inventory items is helpful in finding them when needed most.

Destroy useless items:

 As much it’s important to gather items you should have a plan for how to destroy those acquired objects you no longer need.

The best thing to do is to build a fire area to dispose them or throw it off a cliff or in a deep cave. You can also find burning lava and destroy unneeded items by dropping in it.

Don't just put useless items everywhere, destroying them will help you organize better.

Keep expectations low:

Before you start the game make up your mind; you are not expecting too much as the graphics might not do you good in the first expression.

Lack of understanding will make you disinterested in the game-play.

Surviving is also a skill to be learned here. Just keep your focus on achieving goals, other things will become understood as you play more.

At first, it's better to learn the basics crafts then move to advance things like building bridges or castles.


This game is for enjoyment. If you don't love the game what's the point of doing anything.

First learn to survive, craft, and enjoy doing the process. It doesn't matter if you don't like it. Play in intervals and try to understand all the things you can make use of.

Try to explore the Minecraft world and make an interest in the game-play and surrounding NPCs.

Dig with caution:

Most players fall into a pit while digging. If you are playing in multiplayer mode there will be other miners who can trap you, so be careful while digging into a cave or a dark place.

Keep an exit strategy beforehand.

Have wooden planks or dirt blocks to help you climb out and escape from a dark hole. You can also carve your way out by digging into blocks and making a path.

Keep tools, dirt blocks, wooden planks in your inventory while digging.

Villagers will come in handy:


Don't see villagers as fools they have a lot more resources giving you a competitive advantage.

Go to their homes and explore the chest box. You will find a lot of valuables like gems which can be hard to find in Minecraft.

Also, rare items can be found by villagers so make sure you can explore their huts and try to look for objects in the chest box.

Healing items:

Have some healing items with you. In case you escape enemies you should acquire some type of healing to get into a safe zone area.

Apples, meat, and food can heal you make sure to cook them in a burning campfire, but the best is to have some type of healing potions in your inventory.

Use a watermelon with a water bottle/awkward potion to make a healing potion in Minecraft


Make Signals:


Have some Sign in place to help you find nearby safe zones. Place a cut tree some objects or anything that you can use to find your way back home.

I usually built a huge tower with simple stone blocks and a wooden ladder. On top of tower, a campfire is being lit, making it visible from a far distance, helps me to find my way safely back home.

Any type of signal will keep you away from being lost.

You can roam around, explore, gather food without forgetting your way in the map.

Use a water bucket :

Pouring water over mobs can give you time to escape hence increasing your chances for survival. 

To gather water you need a water bucket and a water source.

Find iron then smelt it in a furnace to make iron ingots and use three of these to make a bucket. Find a water source fill the bucket with water this will come in handy in time of need.

I have also heard by using a water bucket, you can save your health from a falling height. This is a very useful item to work towards.

Night time:


Be cautious during the night and don't try to be a pro and start exploring in the dense forest.

Dark can be a source of a disadvantage as you will face multiple enemies and will find it hard to make way.

The best thing to do all your exploring during daylight and when you see darkness coming  find a safe zone or move towards your home, spend the night in a bed, and start exploring in the morning.

One exciting thing is to make your village strong enough and lit up so you can feel safe inside a village at night times.

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Concluding All Points:

Things to do in Minecraft beginner

  • Explore
  • Guides
  • Watch out for enemies
  • Planning
  • Build lighting
  • Set a safe spawn point
  • Organize
  • Keep expectations low
  • Enjoy
  • Dig with caution
  • Villagers will come in handy
  • Healing items
  • Make Signals
  • Use a water bucket
  • Night time