How to Play Hungry Dragon?

Image Take from Game Hungry Dragon 

Intro about the game:

Hungry dragon by Ubisoft, is a great exciting game to have fun with. If you love flying fire-breathing dragons this is all you need. 

It revolves around Dragons eating everything and burning anything that comes in their path

How to play:

‘Hungry dragon’ is a game to feed, survive, complete missions and grow the dragons in order to unlock more locations for exploring and gathering rewards.

To survive long you need to eat as much, conserve your dragon’s energy, and complete objectives. Find golden eggs to unlock stronger dragons and beat more enemies.

There are different missions in the game to gain coins, rewards, and progress further.  You will find eggs, a chest, and word letters to achieve rewards.

Before playing watch an ad to reveal bonus locations.

Be smart, don't rush into things destroying and eating. Somethings can be eaten and for others, you need to upgrade the dragon in size or have to hatch a new stronger dragon.


Bonus tip (Map) :

Bonus tip is to not sprint your way randomly on the map. First, open the map while playing and try to look for hidden letters to complete the puzzle.

Before playing the campaign watch an ad to reveal bonus locations for help.

The more you sprint more you're going to lose energy and become hungry quicker. So, use the sprint ability whenever it is necessary 

Collect diamonds chest and log in every day to get daily bonuses.


Eat farmers and sheep:

To quickly regenerate health you should eat big things in a village. Like humans and sheep, these will revive your strength the most. Eating small birds, creatures, spiders will make you lose energy more than you can gain.

These are just small snacks moreover while eating villagers and destroying their property will give you power for ‘fire-Rush’ ( An ability to destroy everything that comes in the way). 

Use it to beat stronger enemies like huge monsters, dragons, and poisonous spiders

Fighting tips:

Don't mess with large giants as they will quickly deplete your health, in the beginning.

Runaway from them or avoid them and try to find letters, eggs, chest boxes as much as you can to unlock more strong dragons eggs for hatching.

Use a map to find your way in the game which is the only source that can bring you towards valuable items

Dragon up-gradation:


There are many dragons in this game. Each has different sizes and fire breathing abilities. 

The larger your dragon size, more exciting the game be, and will become easier for you to get achievements in the game.

Each dragon has some helpers like other small dragons flying beside them which will assist you throughout the game

Skin changes:

Each dragon has their unique skin with different abilities like the green dragon I am using is resistant to poison attacks.

To see each dragon's skin click the equip option on the bottom left corner and you will find 3 different options one for skin, one for the little helper's dragon, and one for fire breathing ability.


Missions in hungry dragons will keep you busy and focused. Each mission will be unique and bring you closer to your reward.

Collection of coins:

Filling letters and completing missions will help you get a lot of gold coins and through those coins, you will be able to get upgrades to make dragons stronger than before.

Learn to fly Dragons:

Learning to fly dragons is the exciting part of the game. The better you get used to flying the more chances are to escape enemies, swim underwater, and eat a lot.

Controlling dragon flight is a skill you must learn by playing the game every day. Beginners might find it hard to control but with practice, you can get better.

For sprint, you need to double click the screen in the direction you want to sprint while keeping the cursor wheel pressed but keep in mind this will reduce your energy levels much quicker So, be smart and use it only to escape threats


Secret Temple:

There are other mini-games aside from main mission quests like Battle tournaments, secret temples. Make your dragon stronger and play these to earn more rewards. 

Getting Gems fast:

In the end, you will be able to win chest boxes with a lot of gems, coins, eggs, or any other rewards. Play the game every day to get daily bonus rewards along with gems



How to play hungry dragon?

  • Bonus tip (Map)
  • Eat farmers and sheep
  • Fighting tips
  • Dragon up-gradation
  • Skin changes
  • Missions
  • Getting coins
  • Learn to fly Dragons
  • Secret Temple
  • Getting Gems