Why Is Mobile Gaming so Popular ?


You might be wondering why the mobile gaming industry is becoming so popular—it has become bigger than console games and PC gaming.

Mobile Game Popularity:

Well, for starters, almost everyone today has a Smartphone, which allows you to play whenever and wherever and even brag about your campaign victory, your level-ups through social media platforms. Moreover, there are over two billion mobile gamers today, making this venture the most popular and lucrative industry in gaming.”


This article will dig deeper into what the future of mobile gaming looks like


Covering topics:

ü Why this rapid mobile gaming trend is increasing day by day ?

ü Whether the quality of mobile games will improve in future.

ü If mobile gaming is costly than console and PC gaming.

ü The geographical locations that are most popular in mobile gaming.

ü Final Conclusion

Let’s dive right into it.

Ø Why this rapid mobile gaming trend is increasing day by day?



Where there is a good market, there is competition, and competition brings innovation to enhance user experience. The mobile gaming industry isn’t different. The companies in this industry are striving to release better quality and high-end games.

One such company that is making the difference is Riot games. They have introduced Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra- a mobile card game with the same champions as the League of Legends.

Also, the mobile version of League of Legends Wild Rift of LoL underwent thorough testing in June 2020. Rumors have it that Riot is also creating a mobile version of Valorant.

Another huge game for the mobile market is the new Diablo game that will be only for mobile. This goes to show how competing and creativity are going to scale the mobile gaming market.

Well, the PC might be miles ahead when it comes to ESports, but mobiles games are showing tremendous potential in this area. Some mobile games with incredible ESports scenes are PUBG Mobile, Brawl Stars, Clash Royale, and many more.

Another big part of gaming is emulation, and mobile retro gamers have had a lot of games emulated on their phones. With a more powerful Smartphone and a 5G internet, you’ll be able to play even more quality games.


Ø What The Future Of Mobile Gaming Looks Like ? 


Mobile gaming is the future of leisure time. Although this aspect has gone unrecognized for a while now, the innovation shown by small, independent entities in developing mobile games is remarkable.

The console industry on the other hand is run by few large companies, many of which have shown a lack of creativity and innovation for a long time now.

On the contrary mobile gaming industry has small programming teams that come up with classic games on less powerful machines. 

The games produced are popular among masses such as angry birds- the well-thought-out concept that went global. Another perfect example is Rovio, which generates over $ 6m in advertising alone per day.

My experience:

According to my judgments, these mobile gaming app companies are innovated in their gaming style. Real simple and easy-to-understand gameplays have enabled them to sync with the mass population.

Everyone these days in their busy schedule has a mobile even in workplaces. Whenever there is free time we play games like angry birds and some multiplayer games such as call of duty mobile, ludo king, etc.

In pc and consoles, this is not possible. Hence the growth in the mobile gaming industry.

I love small puzzle games which have enabled me to pass quality time whenever I am in a social gathering and getting board either it's a party or a small friend's gathering mobile games have become part of daily life because of their simplicity and accessibility.

Ø Cost Of Mobile Gaming vs. pc and console gaming:

If we compare console and PC gaming to mobile gaming, you can see a lot of differences. To have a good experience with PC gaming, you spend more money, and you might not be able to play all the games out there. 

On the other hand, you can play any game you want on a mobile phone at a small to no charge at all.

Well, you might argue that PC gaming is more versatile and has more functions, but at this time and age, you can nearly do everything with your Smartphone.

Ø Geo-Location That Are Most Popular In Mobile Gaming

As of 2020, it’s estimated that China sits at the top of gaming markets, with a revenue of over $ 40 billion, while the US comes in second, generating over 36 billion in annual revenues. 

While China holds a 35% share of revenue and the US a 20% share, other places where mobile gaming trend is rapidly increasing in popularity include Japan at 11%, South Korea at 5%, the UK at 4% and the rest of the world shares 25% of the revenue.

Ø Final Conclusion:

There are several reasons as to why this is the case, and that includes:

Ease of Use: 

Especially for beginners, console games are more complex in a quest for complex game mechanics, bigger graphics, more options for players. 

On the other hand, mobile games are easy to play using rudimentary controls, making them enjoyable for all players and not just experienced gamers.


Mobile gaming is designed to fit everyone’s schedule. When you need a breather at work, waiting for an appointment in an office, taking a bus home, or while away on vacation, mobile can perfectly fit in modern life.


While a PlayStation 4 game often retails at around $70 in the US, you can get top-quality mobile games for as low as $4. Tablets and mobile devices also have a free version of top games, making it even more cost-efficient.

Social Gaming:

Mobile gaming comes with an amazing social gaming factor. Whether that means playing against your friend, other people online, 

or comparing your scores with them on leader board and on social media platforms, this is one of the key fundamentals to mobile gaming success.


Mobile gaming is a very promising industry for the future. It might not replace the PC and console games, but it’s getting close to it. It’s convenient on your Smartphone, and with the major players joining this market, the future is so promising.