Why Am I Losing Motivation to Play Video Games? 10 Reasons


There are many reasons why people lose motivation to play games either on PC, consoles, or any other type. Sometimes the game is too difficult or takes forever to complete.

Two main aspects affect the individual's motivation to play video games:

1) Knowledge

2) Desire (Player character, game genre, storylines etc ).


If a person has knowledge about the game knows a little bit about a specific storyline and how to make strategies to win, these things can be a contributing factor for motivation but lack of knowledge will cause the opposite.


My experience:

I can tell my personal experience in playing new games since it made me demotivated like when I played specific strategy games naming, " Anno 1404. black and white, Company of heroes, virtual villagers ". 

These were few games that intimidated me at first because I was clueless about how to play and make a connection with the story but when I played more and more 

I just get used to and understand the game better which brought back the interest and now these games are one of my best-recommended ones.


A person who plays a game to fulfill their desires will be more motivated, if he/she can get the best possible outcome.

People have certain expectations from the work they do. Anyone who is doing something is for a certain result but when a person doesn't get that lust it will cause demotivation. 


For example:

If you are tired from work or a 9 to 5 job, feeling down, playing a game, and winning a certain area can make you feel accomplished, this will increase your motivation level as a whole, hence you feel good, 

you play more and more to get those good feelings but on the other hand, if the game is too hard to understand you will not be able to form a connection which will feel worse regarding yourself of why it's hard to understand the game while everyone else does. 

This will cause demotivation in the gaming itself.

Balancing the two:

This means taking away any one of two factors will result in an individual becoming demotivated due to a reward system effect. It also means that each of these factors should be considered to find an individual's ideal balance.

If someone doesn't know, what their favorite gaming genre is and plays a game it will be hard for them to judge any motivational value and therefore won't be motivated. Knowledge must always come first, later motivation can make an appearance.

So, to increase your awareness about why you are losing motivation in games here are my top 10 list to help you recognize the problem 


My Top 10 list to recognize why you are losing motivation in gaming:


1) You're playing with friends who make the game more fun. While a duel with someone can be exciting, it also changes the dynamics of a contest. 

They might say something that has nothing to do with the current task which will cause demotivation, If your friends say this game is too childish, 

you think to yourself maybe I am being a little kid playing bad games this will simply make you lose interest.

2) The salespeople overly market it to you. Sometimes when you see an ad for a game, especially before the release date, the marketing department goes overboard with promotions. When the released end-product doesn't live up to your expectations, frustration ensues.

3) It's unplayable on your computer because of requirements or bug issues. While this is a rare case, it does happen from time to time.

4) The game doesn't have a goal. It's easy to lose motivation if you don't know what your ultimate objective is. Sure, at the beginning you might have some idea, but it becomes less obvious as story progress.

5) Every time you load the game, it asks for a bunch of information. Imagine this If you're loading up a computer game and every time you enter needless information to make choices about individual characters in your team, this is incredibly annoying.

6) There are no choices or freedom of some sort. This is especially true if you're playing a role-play game. You feel like your character should be able to do something but they can't.

7) It's just like every other game in the genre, except with better graphics. This is great for game developers because they save a lot of money but people lose motivation quickly because of repetitions.

8) There's no narrative or story to it. If there isn't a plot, people will lose interest quickly because nothing is pulling them to it.

9) It just got released but is bugged and isn't being patched or finished.

10) It doesn't have any social aspects to it.


What can we do as gamers to increase motivation in gaming?

Image from Flickr by Lyncconf Games under license

This post will outline 8 steps you can take to maintain or regain your gaming motivation.

Goal 1: Understanding what you want to achieve:

Define what it is you want to achieve. Do you want a better rank? Are your friends boring and don't play with you anymore? Do you just miss gaming, but lack the way or means to get back into it?

When you know what your goals are, the next steps become clearer.

Goal 2: Finding a way to achieve your goal

There are numerous ways you can find the information you need to take action. Google is a good start, as it can provide links with various articles and guides for systems such as World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Call of Duty, etc.

Visit game debate and find your favorite games, YouTube is also a good place for probing a decent game.

Goal 3: Accepting what you can and cannot change

You may be able to find resources and details how to regain your motivation, but don’t have the time or energy to use them. This is a realistic situation many of us face on a regular basis. It is important to know what you can't control and work within those limitations.

Goal 4: Remove obstacles

Obstacles can be any number of things that prevent you from achieving your goals. Staying home for long hours is an obstacle for someone who wants to play games with friends but can't find reasons, enough to remain indoors.

Goal 5: Make fun a priority

One of the easiest ways to ensure your gaming enthusiasm doesn't dwindle is to make it an enjoyable your utmost priority.


Goal 6: Remaining open-minded

If you are currently taking a hard line with something that you would like to try because your mind can't let it go, find ways of getting around this mental block.Be open-minded about different type of gaming experiences.

Goal 7: Know your limits

Our time is the most precious resource we possess. Stop what you're doing and make a conscious decision to shift your priorities.

Gaming can also be addictive, and you need to mix up with other enjoyable activities to keep it motivating yet less addictive.

Goal 8:Take a break :

Best approach for retaining interest in games is taking a short break.  Do, some other tasks like watching a great movie or surf Facebook and youtube. 

By doing these, you will find the lost motivation back and will be able to discover some fascinating games that were clouded before because of demotivation.