Single Player vs. Multiplayer



Why do I love single-player games over multiplayer?

I have been wondering for a while now whether single-player story-driven games are better or multiplayer.


"Personally, I love single-player because of the storylines. These games keep me involve and form a mystery that is capable of retaining interest for long."


I am an introvert and don't like to socialize much. In single-player modes, I get to experience my own world, where there are mystifications to solve surrounding a great evolving story. 

This gives me satisfaction and I love to win in something while in multiplayer games there are a lot of chatters and server errors. 

You have to face many losing missions and it just demotivates me. I don't like this type of gaming experience. But everyone has their opinions and we will be discussing both in this post.

Single-player games were quite popular in past but nowadays multiplayer gaming are getting more limelight because of the ongoing mobile game trends. 

Majority of players are playing android games and doing PVP battles as well as socializing with friends. 

Most prominent example is "PUBG mobile". you can tell how many players are battling around and then streaming on twitch for viewership and popularity.


To discuss this further I will be covering these topics:

ü  Most played Stats about Single-player vs Multiplayer

ü  My reaction to Single-player vs multiplayer games

ü  Which you should go for and focus your efforts

Most played Statistics about “Single-player vs. Multiplayer”:


Let's look at some stats around Single player vs multiplayer. We will be looking at how many players are choosing a single-player gaming mode over multiplayer. 

Data From

So, according to source, They have taken data from "Sony" which tells them the  sales of “Grand Theft Auto V and Black Ops 3”  are the record sales because of multiplayer modes included 

but their internal tracking data has shown them offline gaming has more playtime meaning more players are preferring single-player over multiplayer despite having the option of multiplayer modes. 

We can conclude from their data that there are more sales of “multiplayer mode games” but players are choosing offline single-player storylines. 

In a simple sense, Players are buying these games because of the multiplayer mode options but preferring offline single-player mode.

Data From Google trends:

Now let's look at GoogleTrends and compare the search interest of players between "single-player mode vs multiplayer". 

You can see how search intent is more driven towards multiplayer rather than single-player but look at portable multiplayer gaming is more popular: "Nintendo search" is dominating

 By looking at Google trends data we can conclude Multiplayer especially (portable, mobile multiplayer gaming ) is dominant while a single-player game mode is quite low.

We can look at peak of "multiplayer video game " around March 2020 as the Covid pandemic started there So, comparing pre covid and post covid "Multiplayer gaming" have risen in numbers while there is a slight increase in "Single Player games".

Data from Statista:

By observing data June 2021 on "statista" Most played games Counter-Strike, Dota 2, PUBG. This shows multiplayer games popularity against single player.

Data from Wikipedia:

By looking at list available on Wikipedia The top 4 most played games from Jan 2020 to March 2021 are multiplayer games including PUBG, crossfire, etc.

Interpretation of all data:

We can make assumptions based on these stats that multiplayer games are well received while single-player games are less in favor.

My Reaction to single player vs multiplayer games:

It's quite clear now that multiplayer games are popular, but these are just numbers. Yes you can say "numbers never lie" and debate between single-player vs multiplayer has already been decided. 

My opinion about this whole situation is quite different. Don't get me wrong as I have gone towards multiplayer gaming before. 

I have participated in counter-strike competitions as well as played NFS most wanted to compete with my friend, also I have played android PVP battles as well as got a taste of PUBG.

All these games are great but the experience is just not like single-player story-driven games. You can't compare the single-player with multiplayer.


1) Multiplayer games become boring after a while. 

2) no mystery to solve or moving towards a certain goal.

3) Risk of getting an account ban because of any policy violation.

4) Your friends are not ready to play.

5) Hard to find new friends or teams.

6) Issues of poor connections as well as latency and server rooms.


These are just a few reasons why multiplayer gaming might not be a good option. Single-player games keep you involved with stories like its quite different to play with a real person and one with NPC. 

Finishing a mission with an NPC or against it, completes a story and you feel like you have achieved something, you feel satisfied and fulfilled. This type of Drama is lacking in multiplayer game mode.

While playing multiplayer games everyone is trying to win your chances of accomplishing anything are quite rare, unless you have become good at it by failing a lot, playing the same moves and maps over and over again. 

For me, it's just a waste, losing for a long time just demotivates me to play anything.

On the contrary, when you play a single-player you get involved with the story. You find yourself in a different world away from your worries and feel like you are important and being valued at something. 

Most of us in real life face a lot of challenges but to win in something increases confidence. It's just like watching a great movie and getting important lessons out of it.

Multiplayer doesn't have that sure some games do have missions that can be completed through human interactions but these are limited and connection errors can ruin the whole game. So, if you ask me my vote goes to single-player games.

Which you should go for and focus your efforts?


It all depends upon your goal what you want to achieve with the gaming experience.

According to popularity stats Mobile multiplayer gaming is on the rise but these trends and numbers don’t really matter under a gaming umbrella. I mean as a player it’s your choice where you want to go

You need fun time, solve some mystery, and get away from the real world then go for single-player games. These will keep you involve just like a movie or a roller coaster ride.

If your looking to socialize and want to show your gaming skills either driving or shooting then definitely go for multiplayer. In these games, you will compete with other players, and your success depends upon your skills.

Both gaming styles are good there is no need to be feel inferior if you choose single player over multiplayer. 

All of us have different things we like to experience so going single player while your friends are passionate about multiplayer games doesn't make you any less.