6 Exciting Games to Play with Family at Home Without Anything

Games to Play with Siblings Indoors: 


It's a family gathering and raining outside. You are stuck with cousins and siblings indoors. “What to do now?”, “how to have fun?”, these questions can pop to mind

To make your night and life a little bit better I will write some of the great games that I have played with my siblings indoors without needing anything. 

If you have Cards or ludo that's a plus point but if you don't, regardless these games will help you to have fun.


Without any wasted effort let's go towards  "games to play indoor among family members without needing anything".


1) Words Slam:



I have played this a lot. It's quite a popular game but if you don't know how to play I will tell you the rules? 


There is no definite way to play everyone manages to make their own precept.


You can make two groups for more people or if there are three, you can still play.


The general rule is you have to sing a song or a verse of any kind whether it is from a piece of music, a poem, famous sayings anything. The alphabet to which the sentence finishes the other group has to think of music, poem, or quote starting with that same alphabet. 

How to play:

The way I play is taking my 6 siblings and making two groups of 3 people each. Now games start with me. Let's say I sang a popular poem for the sake of example 


"Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

All the king's horses and all the king's men

Couldn't put Humpty together again"


The poem ends with the alphabet "n" this means 2nd group has to sing something that starts with the letter "n". The person could be anyone from the 2nd group. For example, 2nd group begins a famous quote :



No man is poor who has a Godly mother.

― Abraham Lincoln



This way the game goes on and on, one main thing to consider is the music, poem, or quote should be famous and not anything that the majority are unaware of

Don't use any google or other cheating methods. The group that gives up first is the losing team. You can keep rewards to make the game fun and interesting.


2) Truth or Lie:



Now this game is really simple but interesting. 

You think it's like "Truth or Dare" but not, kind of different. So, as the name says you need to tell whether your other sibling is telling the truth or a lie. 


How to play :

With 6 siblings the game starts with one person that person will stand aside and says something about him, herself, anything whether it could be an event, a tragedy that happened to him or something personal. So, everyone else will have to think it's a Truth or a Lie. 

Rules are you can ask 5 questions to the communicator to guess it's true or not. 


You can check the body language of the person, facial expressions to guess what other person is telling, "right or wrong".


This game can make you aware of how much you know of your family. Keep the game about something personal or any experience through which he or she is gone but few siblings knows about. 

It can make the bond stronger or get intense. Either way, a fun game to play and I like it better than truth or dare.


3) Guess What! :



This game is similar to "truth and lies" instead of figuring the statement you need to guess what the other person is thinking. 


It can test your intellectual skills how much your IQ is. To impress someone within your family try this game.


How to play:

Rules are same, you can change the rules according to your needs. 

One person will think of something whether it could be a place, a personality, an event, anything which is famous and quite known or it can be something personal. 

The point is you have "10 questions window" that you can use to guess what it is that he or she has thought. 


You can ask                    "Is it a personality ?"

he or she answers                "Yes"

You ask                       " a famous personality"

he or she answers                "Yes"

You can ask                  "Within family or outside"

he or she answers              " inside"

You can ask                " father or mother"

he or she answers               "mother"


and the game ended you guessed it right.


You need to keep your question to the point and don't waste the opportunity. Only ask those questions that can reveal guessing more. You can make the game difficult or easy it's up to you.


One thing to keep in mind is the question should not be complicated but simple and the person can only answer in "YES" , "NO" or only a one-word answer. 

“One-word answer” rule can be revoked if it reveals answer in the beginning or too early in game its upto the thinker to keep the other person guessing.


This way spoiler will not be leaked and your guessing power will be tested, similar to "truth and lie" but much deeper. 

I keep 10 question window because anything more will make the gaming experience boring. It will keep your time, fun and exciting.


4) Play Clues :


This game is really exciting as both groups of siblings formed earlier will have to do their work to win . 

You can already tell by the name the game is simple but my rules makes it interesting.


How I play:

This game is better to be played in a group consisting of 2 members each or more. 

The two teams will be formed, first team will write the clues hide them and second will figure the clues.


To make this game interesting keep it personal. Like hide something expensive from the other team members either it could be a wallet, car keys , licenses, ID anything and the giver should be each member of the other team. Place everything together in a box and hide it. 


Then write few clues which means the clues should be less in quantity. The more clues you write it will become boring for you as well as for the guesser. 

I usually keep the clues to a 5 limit anything more is useless. 


Make these clues complicated to understand and keep clues below 5 . If he or she gives up return their belongings and you win. 


Don’t make this game anything dangerous hide clues in easy to find places don’t become greedy to win instead make the clues complicated, not put them in difficult-to-reach places. 

Each clues should be in simple easy to find locations but keep the finder confused by the riddle that you will write inside the clue.


The other rule is you can use all your house as a gamplay meaning you can use any room or your roof to hide clues don’t make this game similar to “Panic Room” rather there is open ground for you so use your entire house but first make sure wherever you put the clues that place should be safe and easy to reach by anyone.


5) Chair Games :


This is another very common and popular game to play indoors with siblings. You can do anything with this game. Make your own rules to get fun and excitement.


How to Play:

The way I play is simple through music chair play start the music and suddenly stops, those who is left standing in last will be eliminated. 


The other way to play a chair game is to take two chairs and place them opposite each other. 

It's a popular game among couples. Give one couple the chair and make them sit opposite to each other. 

Then ask them questions about themselves or their lives like: "which is better, who keeps the house clean, who makes the most in the family, who is honest", and see what both partners give answers to, whether they will take their side or their partner's side.


As both chairs will be opposite so couple cannot see the answers but the audience can and it will be funny as well as entertaining.


6) Simon Says :


A very common and popular game among friends, family, and siblings. I don't need to elaborate on this game. You can make your own rules and can experiment with how you like to play

How to play:

The way I play starts Simple Simon says this or that then make it complicated and fast the one who gets eliminated will have to sing a song or do something to make this game a little bit exciting. 

Nevertheless, a great game to play indoor and you should address it too as it deserves a very old popular game among siblings.

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