Playing Sonic Dash Tips and Strategies

Sonic Dash Strategies to win

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Sonic dash is a great arcade game. It has history and nostalgia behind it. There are lots of memories from my childhood playing Sonic, and Sega games. This particular game focuses on running and dodging obstacles. 

You need to collect gold rings and achieve the given target which includes rescuing animals like birds and seals etc. In order to achieve destroy crabs to free these animals and grab rings to make up-gradation to your character and house.

How to beat “Egg man” in Sonic Dash?

In order to overcome egg man, you need to stay focus and remove any distractions that can alter your game, save your Gold rings. 

Doge the obstacles that “Egg man” forces upon you, get to super jump there you will be able to attack egg man but you should be ready when you get that option. 

Tap at the right time to attack, try to stay relax and ready.

How to reach boss level in Sonic Dash?

When your character is running on the dash reach the super high jump at the end and notice the signs above the high jump, where there is a strange dark image or evil face jump through that to reach the boss level. You can also choose other paths. 

The path through which you jump will determine the locations.

Pro-tip to win in sonic dash:

I will share the pro tip that has helped me to get more out of the game. When Dash starts your main focus should be to get as many gold rings as you can. 

Try to fill your dash meter. Dash meter will enable you to break most of the obstacles and progress further on the track. 

Try to upgrade the dash meter early on and enable it where there are lots of obstacles and difficulty to pass through.

Sonic dash blue gems:

Sonic dash blue gems can be collected through finishing tasks that is assigned in Dash like jumping and rolling and rescuing animals etc. After that you can get to main menu and click on gift icon to collect rewards. 

You can try your luck by spinning wheel to get rewards including “blue gems”

How to get free red star rings in Sonic Dash

To get free red start rings you can build your home from main menu. Upgrade to level up gain XP and “Red Star Ring” rewards. Upgrade your character and get free red Star rings rewards.

How to upgrade your character in Sonic Dash?

To upgrade your character you should collect as many gold rings as you can these will be able to upgrade your character. You can also buy other characters through real money like classic Sonic, Metal Sonic, etc.

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