Battlefield 3 Input Not Supported - Resolved

Battlefield 3 Input Not Supported Resolved:


Battlefield is a great shooter game. All of its series are worth playtime. I am a great fan of third-person as well as FP shooters type games. While installing or playing "Battlefield 3 " you might have encountered this specific problem. 

I will mention some solutions that can help resolve this issue

When you start playing Battlefield 3 you can encounter the problem of screen resolution and get an error of “Input not supported”  In this post, I will tell what I did that helped me and can also solve your screen problems.


This method will work in windows 10 As I am using windows 10:

  1. First, go to my computer open it and go to Documents
  2. There you will see the folder of Battlefield 3 open it
  3. Go to the settings folder and open file save_profile with notepad (Open with notepad)
  4. Find this entry “GstRender.FullscreenEnabled 1”  and edited to “GstRender.FullscreenEnabled 0”
  5. Save the notepad file

After following these steps play your game. You will be able to run a game without full-screen mode.At this point, if you like to play like this you can or if you want a full-screen experience 

Go to game settings change the screen resolution to the desired resolution of your Monitor screen or your windows resolution. If its 800.x600 or if it is 1024x768 or 1440x900 . You can change it from game settings then enable full-screen mode and save settings.

In this way, you will be able to Run Battlefield 3 in full screen mode resolving “Input not supported”  error.

Other Methods to solve” input not supported error in BattleField 3”:

If this method doesn't work then you can try the following to resolve Battlefield 3 "Input not supported” problem:

You can update your graphics card driver by going to my computer properties and then to the device manager. There you will go to display option and either delete the current driver or simply update the driver.

Sometimes by updating the graphics driver will solve the issue. If nothing works then you can simply play the game without full-screen mode.

You can check your monitor or LCD setting and auto-config, this will be able to resolve any remaining issues. You can also change the display settings of Windows 10.

Resolved Bug Issue in Battlefield 3 last Mission "Stopping the Train":

There is a bug issue in battlefield 3 last mission "Stopping the train" There you might encounter a bug where your character has to through the enemy out of a window and then you have to jump off your train to another side. 

Your character will die despite you jumping off the train.

In order to overcome this bug issue or error all you need to do is to press Jump in my case, it's the "Space" bar repeatedly If this doesn't help then you can press jump key that you have set in controls as well as space bar together fast and repeatedly. 

In this way, you will proceed further in the storyline.