Chat GPT – Is It Worth the Hype ?


Chat GPT has been the talk of the town mainly because of its human-like text responses. Many publishers are surprised by the AI way of producing great content or at least helping to gather useful information.

It has made people and internet influencers to take a notice on the A.I's ability to understand and produce quality content


Whether chat GPT is the next big thing or not but it certainly helps us to understand the influencer's and publishers' intent in A. I use.


Challenges with ChatGPT:


Some major challenges on using chat GPT  or any other chat bot for that matter.


  • Plagiarism content
  • Misunderstanding of the context


Plagiarized content:

Plagiarized content is one of the major issues in these AI chatbots. If there is no human interference bots most probably generate content that is similar in context with less or no originality.


Keep in mind I say the word originality means as text might differ keeping it out of sight of most plagiarism-detecting software but it's the context that matters.


Response from chat GPT itself:


“No, OpenAI's GPT-3 language model, which powers ChatGPT, does not produce plagiarized content. The model is trained on a diverse range of text from the internet and generates responses based on patterns it has learned from this data. 


However, it is important to note that the model is not capable of understanding the context or originality of the information it is using to generate responses. 


As a result, the model can generate responses that are similar or identical to existing text, which could be considered plagiarism. 


It is the responsibility of users to ensure that the content generated by the model is original and not used in an unethical or illegal manner.”



Misunderstanding of the context:

Chat GPT produces human-like text but doesn't get the true context. Only humans can decide whether the written piece has the right and true information.


Chat GPT is a good use but artificial intelligence always relay on pre-produced content as a starting phase when a human produces a content it is to be researched and something new is added to already present information.




Think of a computer it works on the command given to it by an outside real human being without any extra command nothing will work on this machine.


Similar chat bots relay on already present information regardless it is true or not sometime be a source of spreading false information so in the end its up to a human to decide whether the information is authentic enough to spread.



Some of the past Artificial Intelligence which was a hype:

  1. Google Glass
  2. The Segway Hoverboard
  3.  QR codes for widespread adoption
  4. Apple Newton


Google Glass:


The product was launched in 2013 but was discontinued in 2015 due to privacy concerns and limited consumer adoption.


Google Glass was a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display that was developed by Google. 

It was designed to be a hands-free device that allowed users to take pictures, make phone calls, send messages, and access the internet, among other things, using voice commands and a touchpad.


The Segway Hoverboard

The product was introduced in 2015 and gained brief popularity as a personal transportation device, 

but its high price and limited functionality compared to traditional hoverboards led to its decline in popularity.


QR codes for widespread adoption:

QR codes were intended to have widespread adoption as a means of digitizing traditional media and simplifying access to information. 


However, the widespread adoption of QR codes failed due to a variety of factors, including privacy and security concerns, lack of standardization, and difficulties in promoting widespread use and understanding of the technology


Apple Newton

It was one of the first devices to feature handwriting recognition technology and was marketed as a tool 

for organizing personal information and as a platform for third-party developers. 

Despite its innovative features and early market entry, the Newton struggled with several technical and operational issues, 

including poor handwriting recognition and a high price point, and was ultimately discontinued in 1998


Chat-bots in the past which failed

  1. Clippy
  2. The Facebook M virtual assistant
  3. The Microsoft Tay AI chatbot




An AI chatbot developed by Microsoft was integrated into the Microsoft Office suite in the 1990s. 

Clippy was intended to provide users with helpful tips and suggestions, 

but it was widely criticized for its intrusive behavior and annoying pop-up messages, leading to its eventual removal from Microsoft Office.



The Facebook M virtual assistant

A virtual assistant developed by Facebook was intended to assist users in completing tasks and finding information. 

The Facebook M virtual assistant was discontinued in 2018 due to low usage and limited adoption


The Microsoft Tay AI chatbot:

A chatbot developed by Microsoft in 2016 was designed to converse with users on social media platforms. 

The Tay AI chatbot quickly became the target of online trolls who used it to 

generate racist, sexist, and otherwise offensive content, leading to its rapid shutdown by Microsoft.



Why chat GPT won't replace google?

Chat GPT produces AI answers meaning it uses its algorithm which is programmed while google search brings websites and answers written by real human beings


There is a difference between producing human-like responses and actual human-writing content.

My question is will you be looking for an answer an A. I told you more authentic than a blog post written by a real qualified human being.

A human is able to bring more authenticity to a question as compared to a chatbot in which people don't know the truthfulness of the response.


It's evident that chat GPT is a direct competition of google but I don't think it can replace it based on the fact that Google is such a large company with youtube as a side arm. 


Real Example  :


When looking for an answer to "how to make a solar panel? "on chat GPT we get the answer


Chat GPT version:

“Building a solar panel requires technical knowledge and specialized equipment. Here are the general steps to build a solar panel:

  1. Gather materials: You will need solar cells, a battery, wiring, a charge controller, an inverter, and a casing to protect the panel.
  2. Prepare solar cells: Solar cells need to be soldered together to form a larger panel. This is best done by a professional.
  3. Connect the wiring: Connect the solar cells in series and then connect the wiring to the charge controller and battery.
  4. Add the casing: Put the panel in a casing to protect it from the elements.
  5. Test the panel: Test the panel to ensure it's producing electricity and charging the battery.

Note: This is a simplified explanation, and there are many other important details to consider when building a solar panel, such as choosing the right components and making sure the panel is safe and efficient. If you're not familiar with electrical work, it's recommended to seek help from a professional.”



But if you write the same query question on google searches you will get an answer that will give you detailed step-by-step instructions with a plan


In short, satisfying query and giving a problem-solving answer.


Pros of chat GPT:


Removing Writer's Block: 

it is a good way of removing writer's block. Any content writer knows how hard it's to keep coming up with creative ideas. Chat GPT helps to bring new ideas to keep making new content. 

Quick Answers:

By using chat GPT you will get pinpoint answers rather than surfing on google website after website and reading tons of articles. In chat GPT you enter a question and get a direct satisfying answer.

Fun way:

 It's a fun way of getting information just like you are chatting with a friend and experiencing human interaction.

Chat bots that became a success:

Siri :

Siri is a successful AI assistant developed by Apple Inc. It is widely used on Apple's iOS, iPadOS, and macOS operating systems and has become a popular feature among Apple device users. 

Siri uses voice commands to perform tasks, answer questions, and provide information, making it a convenient tool for users to interact with their devices.



Is chat GPT next big thing?

I would say that it's a very innovative technology able to produce human-like text. Based on its current usage and the company's ability to make updates it has a bright future.


If the company keeps on making improvements or any other big tech company buys the product it can be a huge big thing in today's information age.


Chat GPT is a great A. I and you should keep it in your toolbox but make no mistake internet is an evolving creature and there will be others like this. 

If it avoids mistakes made by A.I technology in past it can certainly make its way to the future but we can’t say whether it will get failed like clippy and google glass or makes it to big leagues like SIRI and others.