How to Play Any Game on a Low-End Pc?

Image on Flickr by Bruno Cordioli under License

Playing games on a low-end pc needs you to make compromises.

It should not be a Status matter if you don't possess a Zeus gaming rig and have a burning desire to play games according to your wants. Even I own a budget PC and enjoy most of my favorite games just like any other payer on a high-end device.

The following methods will help you to play most games on a low-end pc:


Compromise on graphics quality:

As you know gaming requires a lot of heavy graphics just look at the likes of Sky Rim, Witcher 3, just cause 4, FarCry 5 . These games demand you to have a good graphics card installed.

But some games like call of duty, tomb raider, GTA 5, Fortnite, and more can be played on a decent gaming pc with a low-end graphics card.

You need to lower your settings and have to compromise on the gaming experience. 

  • Shut off shadow quality
  • lower distance view
  • lower texture quality 
  • Motion blur off
  • vertical sync off
  • and most importantly keep the resolution to 800x600

For a ultra-low graphics gaming experience in GTAV:

Go to GTAV mods and download Super Ultra-low settings mod keeping your game on ultra-low settings.

Graphics settings to optimize:

If you want to automatically set low graphics move towards your graphic software like Nvidia Gforce experience and optimize the best settings from there.


You can use software to lower graphics available at ragnotechpowered. It automatically set lower graphics settings helping to play most games.


Play browser games:

The second thing you can do is go towards browser games. These work on a server and don't require you to have high-end graphics or pc.

In the early days of the internet browsers, games were very famous but as high-end gaming pc and mobile apps came these become less and less popular.


Still, in offices and outdoor, browser games are being played and enjoyed


One thing to be careful of is privacy issues you should read their policy to know which information you're giving them. 



These are some places you can enjoy browser games without compromising privacy safety issues.

Play virtual:

If you’re not interested in playing browser games there is always an option to play virtual through a streaming service. 


This service will allow you to overcome technological barriers and play most games otherwise requiring you to buy a separate high-end gaming pc or a PlayStation. 


Keep in mind these streaming virtual games might require a subscription fee. Below are the best places for streaming games without requiring a download or a high-end gaming rig.



Lag-free high-speed internet required:

To play games on a low-end pc, you are required to have fast internet connections.


As we have mentioned Stream Games are a good way to play virtual, but still requires you to have fast downloading for a lower Lag and a great gaming experience.


You should spend some money on a good quality connection.


Set priority from Windows task manager:

This technique will allow you to enhance your streaming game experience. In order to set a priority open your windows task manager, go to services options and set a priority for Browser (Under use) as high.


This way it will make sure that windows are giving top speed to the browser allowing you to have a smooth virtual gaming experience.

Ram Memory:

Ram is very important for gaming. Even a low-end gaming pc will need you to install quality RAM.


8GB minimum RAM is required for a best experience.


Other tweaks you can do Is turn off desktop background or change it to black color to keep functioning of RAM as effective as possible. 


It will lower the workload on the hardware and prevent PC from freezes and unexpected crashes.

Choose storylines over graphics:

In my opinion, the storyline is the most important aspect of gaming instead of graphics.


The Early days of gaming, we all had a taste of games like commandos, true crime, age of empire which lack graphics but have a compelling storyline.


You can also try hidden object games as these are mostly low specs and have a very interesting story. 



It's better to compromise on graphics rather than storylines. If the storyline is good what more you can expect from the gaming world.


Benchmark Games:

Visit Gamedebate make an account there and enter your pc hardware details


This is to have a better idea of which hardware needs an upgrade in order to play the desired games and if the AI shows you can’t run it's better to avoid it. 


While on the site you can also search for games by year.


Try to find better storyline games around that year where your low-end gaming pc was manufactured. 



Keep hard disk memory low, especially the one with windows installed for a good gaming experience.


Update your graphics software and make sure you are using the most updated version.

Go to disk manager and see if your graphics software is fully updated sometime outdated data drivers can prevent you from good gaming.


Update windows:

It's best to keep your windows updated. Windows requires manual updating make sure you're using a better version so the gaming experience is not affected.

Summarizing Everything:

Methods to play games on a low-end pc.

  • Compromise on graphics quality 
  • Play browser games
  • Play virtual
  • Ram Memory
  • Choose storylines over graphics
  • Do a gaming Benchmark
  • Update