How to Become a pro at Any Video Gaming?


Becoming an expert in anything requires a bit of luck. Anyone who is a pro is smatter than most gamers.

Pro players are respected more, paid more, and be able to make a living out of video games but keep in mind these people sometimes become vulnerable with losses too.


We have listed some methods that can help in becoming a real pro at any video game.

Reality check:

When you have a desire to become a pro you should be damn serious about it. This is a dream that appears effortless but is full of twists and turns. 

It can take years of practice and failure to reach a level of professionalism.

Every player in video games and real-life remains consistent to reach the heights no other human can get to. Have a reality check; ‘where you are and where you want to be’.

If you are honest with yourself make an estimation of how prolonged hours of practice will take your skills to reach an expert level. Only you can make that judgment; no one else can do that for you.

Be truthful and make up the mind Do you want pro-level gaming or Are you just looking to improve video gaming skills above-average level for personal satisfaction.


What is a pro player to you? Do you think that a person who earns a lot of cash at video games is a pro gamer or who wins every other tournament?

According to a journal published in the International Journal of Man-Machine Studies  Two things distinguish noobs from pros:


  • Pros Have more in-depth knowledge about their domain
  • Are better in implementing that knowledge to achieve an outcome

By using this insight to become a pro you should have a better understanding of the games you play.

If you, let’s say play counterstrike you should have a better knowledge of weapons and how well they are able to perform in a particular situation. What are all the hiding places and vantage points best for you using a sniper?

The more knowledge you have about the map, player, strengths, weaknesses, weapon’s information you will perform better than most who don't give any attention to details.


Define a clear objective.

In video games, there are lots of things to achieve so you should focus on one thing only e.g if your goal is to win a particular tournament then focus all your efforts on winning that tournament.

Instead of going all over the place and thinking a pro player should be able to win ALL is not a good attitude.

If you achieve the particular goal, you are a pro and should consider yourself as a Pro. Don't measure your expertise in terms of wins and loses

Even Warren buffet wins only 20% time while 80 percent incur losses but is stills considered as the greatest investor. In those 20 percent, he wins large as compared to 80 percent lost.

Pros lose a lot but are smart enough to win where they should win and lose where it didn't matter in a greater perspective.


After deciding the outcome,  focus on improving just one skill that can help you achieve that outcome.

If your precise impact is to win a call of duty tournament focus on shooting better.

Learning only one skill will become an edge you can use to win games. Every other player will be able to say you are the best shooter.

Being a pro is all about team management the better you can make contributions and fill the weak gaps more chance for your team to win.

Take away is to start focusing on becoming good at just one thing; practice, study and watch other pro shooters to become better at it.

Learn from other pro players:

It is a simple tip but ignored by most gamers. In order to become a pro gamer, you should learn what other experts are doing.

When I was losing in NFS most wanted multiplayer racing, I went to YouTube to watch game-plays of other pro-NFS players.

Observe how well they drift, control speeding in twists and turns. This made me motivated, impressed, and corrects some of the mistakes I was doing.

You should watch game plays as often as possible to up your game and make notes where you lack and those pro gamers are good at. Fill that skill gap through practice will bring you closer to becoming a pro gamer.


Go to gaming forums like Reddit and others and follow the discussion of some of the skills and strategies you can use.

Sometimes you might stumble upon things that can bring you an edge in becoming a pro gaming player.

Use good gaming hardware:

This could become a difference-maker at winning or losing in competitions. Gaming on a low latency server will become a disadvantage.

Most pro gamers use high internet connections moreover they have high-end gaming rigs to give them a smooth experience.

If you want to become a pro then acquire a gaming machine that will make you a pro.

As gaming is also based upon the hardware and server speed, you should give this importance as well and not just skills alone

Go towards multiplayer:

Multiplayer gaming allows testing skills more than single-player gaming. You can watch how well you play with a real human as compared to NPCs or bots and improve from there.

When I started playing there was a huge difference between single-player and multiplayer level gaming.

In a single-player everything is predetermined and characters act on how they are programmed (NPCs)

While in multiplayer human interference will be a different gaming experience presenting more learning opportunities.

It’s better you should shift gaming from the single-player towards multiplayer to excel and become a pro.

Attitude change:

You should make a pro attitude. Pro gamers have strong confidence in their body language.

They have built the attitude towards gaming like a pro player by practicing over and over again same skills, maps, and strategies.

If you believe you are a pro gamer, you can become a pro gamer.

“Our beliefs determine how we experience the world.”

― Glennon Doyle

 "power of belief " can be learned from the greatest comeback in the Superbowl game new England patriots against Atlanta Falcons.

The never-give-up attitude of Tom Brady helps the patriots to win a losing gaming 34-28 making it the greatest comeback of history.

You should have the same belief strength to make yourself a pro video gamer.

Recap points:

Becoming a pro at any video gaming:

  • Reality check
  • Perspective
  • Boundaries
  • Choosing
  • Learn from other pro players
  • Use good gaming hardware
  • Go towards multiplayer
  • Attitude change