How to Ask Someone to Play Video Games with You?


Playing video games in a single-player mode is good but sometimes you need someone to test your skills with. 

Games at a multiplayer level helps you gain confidence, skills, new strategies, players for a team, and competing within tournaments on a road towards becoming a pro player.


Asking someone is like a mystery; You don't know what they will say and how they react. Rejection might bring you back where you left off. 


This post will list methods on how to best approach someone and ask them to play a video game with the least chance of rejection.



The following list will help in getting those gamer friends:


Giving a reason:


Reasoning is the best way to approach someone for anything even to play video games. Everyone is busy with their lives and time is a commodity, making modern society a hard place to get attention.

In a distracted world getting other people's engagement is an uphill work as most of them make choices of who is worthy of their time.

Research says:

Giving a strong “Reason” will help in the judgment of who is worthy and who is not, as it is an important part of decision making. 

A journal named "Decision-Making Processes in Social Contexts" says that when benefits are increased risk-taking decreases and behaves correlated with each other meaning when ‘reward/a reason’ is given people tend to look at the present offer less threatening and risky, helping you to get that attention.

Reason to give:

One of the reasons you might give can be a "reward in the game end" .

Whenever I wanted to play NFS (most wanted) with my online friend I usually put up a reward like a Restaurant party or some money at the end, if he can beat me of course.

It enabled me to get an opportunity to challenge myself and keeps me thinking “Are my skills that good or not? “

You can use the exact strategy for getting someone to play videogames

If they win you have to give up something but those that are impressed with your gaming will be interested in playing again and making you a gamer friend for long

It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, but choosing to lose either intentional or unintentional; might do good in this situation. 

Bringing the best show to impress others is a good choice to get them on a friendship ride.


Show your power or victories:


Challenge them and see how well they respond. Whenever you're in a gamer group; tell them what you achieved and how many levels you overcame in a particular game.


Like the time when I challenged my best friend for a duel in an NFS car race. I told him how well I drive and be able to escape cops, win races effortlessly.


He was contested and wanted to defeat me, especially my ego which compelled him to play and show his power over the game as the best pro player.


Use Ego as a bait to lure other players in playing and I assure you they will be excited and thrilled to become the one who can crush that strong ego of yours considering it as a victory.

Find out daily players:


Asking someone for a duel is one thing but approaching correct audience is another part of the equation.


Meeting right individuals are essential in team building, making gamer friends while reducing a risk of rejection.


Go to steam stats and find out where most players are and which games are being played. There you can find players that are frequent gamers and ask them to join the team.


The more gamers there is, more chance you will get of being accepted but keep in mind pro players might want to hang out with a bulky audience.


A beginner player should approach a lighter group with someone from the medium to novice experience making you feel welcome without having to guess if your presence might not be valued.

Play the winner or loser:


This is another best approach as to play a winner or a loser. If all the gamers are busy in an ongoing game wait and observe.


During my time when arcade games were famous, I use to sit on the sidelines and wait for my turn. 


Most gamers were playing arcade using a token, as you all know.


I often placed a token near the token collector, so whenever the ongoing game ends the one who lost have to give up their turn and go back in line.


You can use the same technique here, when there is good gaming going on wait and see which is a pro player and which is a noob. 


Best is to challenge the noob for a duel, keeping ranks up while bringing you closer to other gamers' attention as they will likely open up for a battle.

Learn to start a conversation:

Opposing ideas:

You can start a conversation with your gamer friends by using dialogues like gaming is bad and a complete waste of time. These negative remarks can provoke a few resulting in a debate on “why gaming is the best thing going on”.


Be careful using this approach remain polite and calm. Not upsetting other gamers up to a point where they think of you as a jerk.


Just start a casual conversation; like “you read somewhere as gaming is bad for health” and this that. it's a good starter and attention grabber.


When it’s all over tell them about the duel you want and why you are also a fan of gaming agreeing with everything they say.


It will open up doors for a new friendship.


Spoiler alerts:

Be cautious of spoilers while having a gaming conversation, sometimes you might speak too much about the game ruining it for others.


Ask them beforehand if they had played the particular video game before discussing it.

Become a fan:

Try to find a pro gamer and approach them like you are a fan of their gaming skills.


By giving compliments, other people will be interested in having a conversation and you can invite them to play.


Friendly personalities are welcoming, make sure you approach them with the same friendly attitude by becoming their top fan and showing them why you like them.


They will be happy to play with you and make you a gamer friend.


Recapping all points:

Asking someone to play video games with you:

  • Giving someone a reason
  • Show your power or victories
  • Find out daily players 
  • Play the winner or loser
  • Learn to start a conversation
  • Become a fan