How to build a Budget Pc? My Cheap Gaming Rig

My Budget Gaming Pc

Creating a budget PC is a good thing as it shows your interest in gaming and openness to learn.

I myself own a budget gaming pc that satisfies all my needs, But before getting into cheap gaming you must estimate how much money you have and are willing to spend on your rig.

Budget PC might not be able to satisfy all the high-end game needs. It's a sour pill you have to swallow; compromise on a few games.

Below is the budget gaming PC I use. You can learn from it and see what works best for you and can use the same hardware; assembling your own machine.

My budget Pc Price: (Excluding keyboard, mouse and Display LCD/LED)

Gaming Items

Price ( Can vary due to inflation)



Intel core i5 processor 3470 ( 3rd generation)


8GB G.skill Ripjaws DDR3


Seagate BarraCuda hard disk 1TB


Graphics card Nvidia 1030 G force



Total: $248.21

To see all the games I played on this low-end budget gaming rig visit:


Intel Core i5 processor 3470:


It works well with games like GTA 5, assassin creeds, call of duty, Just cause, tomb raider, and more. Modern games might not work but are still worth considering.

8GB RAM G.skill:

my-pc pic
My 8GB G.Skill RAM Installed

8GB DDR3 RAM which is consider as low-end gaming RAM as Modern memory sticks come with DDR4 /DDR5 compatibility. This works quite well with a corei5 motherboard and i5 3470 processor.

Speed is fast and enough to run most of your favorite games like far cry 2,3,4 but not 5 on medium to high settings.

1TB Seagate BarraCuda SATA harddisk:

My 1TB Hard Disk

I will say this is a worthy hard disk when comes to memory space .All low-end to medium games require a lot of empty Hard drive Space even GTA 5 and others.

High disk space is required for you to have a smooth gaming experience. 1TB is more than enough to meet your gaming needs. 

Do consider this as I am using this hard disk for 2 years and I can say it works well. Make sure to handle it with care and avoid using an air blower to clean off the dust as it might corrupt the drive. 

Other than that it works well with all my gaming requirements.

Graphics card Nvidia G-force GT 1030 :


This is a good card if your looking for cheap gaming as it does not require any additional power supply to work. 

Graphics hardware is an essential part of gaming and also an expensive component. Most high-end cards need you to add a strong power supply to function properly, but this card doesn't need any additional supply other than the default power within your PC.

My cheap Graphics Card

Can run GTA5 on high graphics settings, call of duty high to medium, just cause 1,2 high to medium, FarCry 2, 3,4, primal on high to medium settings 

To see the list of gaming I Have played on this card visit: 


For keyboard, I use a multimedia Dell standard keyboard not the one with lighting as it is expensive. 

The benefit of this one is of volume option and you can adjust it within gaming without going to settings all the time.


For mouse I use a gaming mouse A4tech F10 model . The biggest benefit of this model is DPI settings as it offers 600-1600 DPI options on cheap price as compared to other mouse model offering 8000 CPI.

It comes into types wireless and a wire . I use the one with a wire as gaming is done without interruptions its good for a budget pc and worth considering.


You can use A4TECH HS-30i.I have used it; comfortable to wear for long hours of gaming and manufactured by a reliable company with a good reputation. Reasonable price


You can use an LED or an lcd but LCD is cheaper than led’s right now I use Acer lcd it comes at a reasonable price worth considering.

Which one is better custom-built gaming pc or company-ready?


Custom-built benefits:

With my experience of gaming rigs and using them for years, I can say you should go for a custom-built one. While proceeding towards an already company assembled gaming pc you have no idea which components are genuine and which ones are re-used.


Low tech users:

For low-tech individuals, you should go with a complete company-built pc as you don’t need to get your head around each and every item. It will be easier for you to just buy a complete already assembled PC from a reliable company.


Chances of scam:

Unless the company gives a warranty card of all the hardware used in the gaming PC, sometimes having less knowledge could get you scammed, keeping your knowledge on point when going for a custom or a ready gaming pc might do you good. In a custom-built, you get a warranty card for each item, making it scam-free as compared to a company-built pc. Most of the companies don’t take responsibility or might not give a parts warranty.


Compatibility issues:

Where one hardware is new and the other one is used or doesn't go well along with the compatibility of a machine it is better to choose a custom-built.



In a custom-built, you have the freedom to buy each item separately and assemble them from a computer technician or by yourself. This keeps everything brand new and reduces chances of getting faulty too soon


Saving money

When you have the freedom of which items to buy new and which ones a pre-owned, keep your budget in a saving mode. Spending money on important pc hardware first and less on irrelevant things is a smart money choice. I have done the same with my budget PC, everything is working well, and will recommend you do the same  But it's all up to you to choose.

Things to keep in mind:


Be clear:

When building your custom budget gaming pc you should be clear about which games you want to play because these machines might not be that powerful. 

It can't play all the modern: sky rim, witcher, horizon dawn type games.

So, having a clear outcome can make you love your new budget pc instead of seeing it as a waste of money.


You don't have to buy every 'item new'. Some things can be purchased Pre-Used like a motherboard can be a 'used bought' if it hasn't been exposed to a lot of working users. 

In short set a priority and budget your money for important things which are RAM, graphics card, hard disk. It will be easier to afford all things required.


Long live the king:

Your main goal for this cheap budget built is it should be able to last long. Set your goals and keep your money in a saving mode. Buy every item from a good company. 

Otherwise, the hardware will keep on crashing, and the purpose of a budget pc will become pointless.

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