Ways to play NBA live mobile

Image is taken from the game NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

Ways to Play and Win NBA Live Mobile Android Game:

The successful way to win in NBA live mobile game is to play smartly, upgrade the OVR of your player, and practice. 


There are many ways to become better and beat all the levels. The more you play the more you can grasp the nature of the game and moves.


Tips and tricks I use:


I use various tips some of them will be shared here but if you can find better methods do try:


Before you start playing make sure your internet connection is proper as the game will not work in offline mode. So, keep your connection smooth and account synced either through Facebook or google play


1) Practice blocks :


Practice blocks are the best way you can take a game in your control and prevent the other team from a scoring basket.


Tips I use to blocks:


I find the best way you can make blocks is when the player of opposing teams enters the Three-point Arc there you select from defense to block . Repeatedly swipe up from the defense shield icon option upwards block.

Most players of the opposite team try to score a three-point basket and this is the place where a majority of passes and throws are possible and chances for you to block and take the ball in your hand. 

Be sure that there is a chance of scoring basket and you failing to block but the probability will be in your favor.

So, during the ball in other teams you do defense and try to stop as much as possible but when it enters Three-point arc do repeated swipe up from defense icon most likely there will be successful blocks especially near baskets.

2) Increase Player OVRs:


This one is quite obvious you must increase your player's OVRs so they can perform better. Just relying on practice block and shooting is not enough, players must be tough.


I have written a whole post on:  how you can get better players in NBA live mobile?


The best things you can do is try to play campaigns and do daily tasks enabling you to get more items and OVRs players. You can either do trade-ups, buy from stores, and complete campaigns missions.

3) Play campaigns: 


Campaigns play will help you get more packs. The way I do is to play more campaigns than seasons game this will help in practices as well as getting pro packs and items. All these will contribute to getting Higher OVRs and items for trade-ups.


Acquire special abilities:

In the future, you can get players with special abilities. With this ability, you can perfect block and shoot making your team most strong. 

Do check players bio for special abilities and how you can use them

4) Scoring techniques:

To become better at this game, the most efficient way you can do is make more dunking scores than 3 points basket.


The way I score baskets:

At first, It makes sense to do more 3 points baskets but doing dunks can make you score more as there are fewer chances of being blocked. 

Just make sure when the ball is on your hand while the opposing team is defending a pass to the player while it is near the court. 


By avoiding 3 points there are more chances you can build pressure early on and especially when your team is still in training and at lower OVRs. 

Image taken from game NBA live mobile basketball By me

One more tip I can give when passing a ball near basketball lines, your player should be far so you can grab the ball right away and sprint towards the basket doing dunks scoring a basket.

5) Selection of teams:


This one is also important that you select your team properly make sure you have selected max over so higher OVRs players are not left on the bench.


Go to my team and max over players moreover, you should go to trade-ups and do a trade of lower OVR players for higher OVRs making your bench players stronger if there are more weak bench players left.

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