Why Old Video Games Are Better?

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Retro Games Better than Modern Gaming Explained:

Old or retro games are better than modern high-end games because we make them better through our memories of them.


Nostalgia plays a very important role in making old games better. According to Maureen Ritchey,a cognitive neuroscientist Studied the effect of time on memory fadedness and according to them memory is remembered long enough because we want to remember it.


We know that old games lack graphics and storylines. Just look at contra, Super popular Mario games, Snow Bros, Pacman, Sega games, Streetfighter, Tekken games 

All these lacks graphics and don't have compelling storylines as compared to modern GTA, maxpayne, call of duty, and others but we make them look good in our memory because our brain forgets the color, graphics 

but focused on the circumstance we were in as a player playing the game as described here in a study


Why are older video games more fun?



The simple answer is, it seems like these games are fun because as we have explained things in our memory are very different from a real event. 

Next, I can say now most social media influencers, as well as YouTubers who do not seem like they are hardcore gamers, tend to make content around these old popular games for views. 

Such as Kosmic having a million views on old games. ASMR videos getting a nostalgic effect using old games having more than 3 million views. 

On Facebook, people are using Super Mario as ads to get attention and views. 

I am not having a discussion that they are doing something right or wrong but making content such that it seems like these games are way more fun than today's FarCry, assassins creed series. 

I mean think about it there is no comparison between Contra and call of duty It's just hilarious of comparing them

Ultimately there is also an effect of simplicity because these games were quite simple and low budget look at Super Mario in 1985 advertise at $25 everyone can afford to go to an arcade house and play it was a universal thing, further at that time these games were quite new and fresh. 

This era was going from 2d to 3d so due to newness people have not experienced or seen before, these games became popular .

Besides, these Games were simple and played everywhere around the world in every age group more and more people have experienced it as compared to GTA V, Farcry 3, Horizon zero dawn, Witcher 3 

these games required good graphics cards and someone with tech knowledge and Gaming passion will be able to spend money on a gaming PC or a console in order to play them. 


Why do video games get boring as you get older?

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As a PC gamer, I think because of socializing factor. Video games in our times tend to have those socializing aspects which we become less involved with as we get older

Now I am not talking about multiplayer modes in modern games but physical interactions and socializing have become less as we age and as technology improves.

Gamers just won't have the same passion for gaming as we were younger going to an arcade with friends and playing on consoles with 1player and 2p joysticks having those physical interactions with friends and family. 

Exchanging video games CDs and talking to friends about a new upcoming game in the market. Asking for the best video game store advice and trying cheaper ways to grasp some of the popular games. 

Those physical interactions and time spent make that age most memorable and fun in terms of gaming

We now think gaming is something for the newer generation and for a certain group as we get older due to family/financial responsibilities playing games seems to look like a burden

I have written these two posts on how to balance your life around games feel free to read them it will give you some insights helps balance the two.

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Why are there no good video games anymore?

This is because you're not looking for them in right locations. 

There are plenty of great games available today but technology and gaming landscape have changed a lot. As we have mentioned earlier, old games tend to look great in our memory but the reality is quite different.

Today you can find great story-lines games, just need to spend some budget on a quality “Gaming Rig” and you are good to go. Bring awareness to modern games through surfing forums, blogs like this one. 

I have created this blog specifically to help you get awareness on modern-style games.

I have written a full post on how to search for quality games and where you need to look for great memorable games.

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How to enjoy playing video games by yourself


Enjoy yourself by playing multiplayer mode games like GTAv online or PUBG-mobile or make a console-style gaming PC.

If you want to know about console-style gaming PC. Read my post on:

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If multiplayer games don't excite you there are plenty of single-player storylines games available NPC in those games will keep you in and your side companions' characters will make you feel accompanied. 

Some PC games that makes me feel welcomed are:

  • Firewatch
  • Draugen
  • Max Payne series
  • Bio shock infinite
  • Just cause

These are some games you could try.

Join forums:

Another great way to enjoy gaming alone is to join a gaming forum I would recommend going to Gamedebate and steam community is a great way to get opinions on current gaming you are playing and find out what other gamers have thoughts about it

Try reach Achievements:

One more thing I can tell is trying to reach achievements in games. The more you achieve them you feel accomplished and your Steam profile will become strong enabling you to get a socializing factor in games.

Exciting Games :