How to Get Better Players in Nba Live Mobile?

Ways to Get Good Players NBA LIVE Mobile Game:

Image taken from game NBA LIVE mobile 

To get good players in NBA live mobile is to play campaigns missions. The more you progress within the campaign levels, the more you will gain Items and Packs that lead to  80+ OVR players. 


There are some more ways you can acquire better players:


Make sure you max over your player in case some 75+OVR players are left on the bench. Go to my team and max over your team players.


Below are some ways that I use. If you can find better ways do give them a try.


1) Complete daily objectives :


You need to complete your daily objectives to gain more items and packs. Through these, you will progress further and gain 80+OVR players. Daily objectives help you easily navigate what you need to do in the game and, you will feel accomplished for the day.


Easy start:

Daily objectives include complete training, joining sets, and making teams strong. There are different events within the daily tasks, you don't need to know how to get more points, stamina, or OVR players.

For a complete beginner, this is the place to start. When I first started it was hard to get a hold of the game but finding daily objectives and finishing tasks for 2 and 3 days straight helps me get an idea of the game.


I will suggest if you just start to visit the objectives section on the main menu and do these tasks at least a couple of times before experimenting with your skills and different options of the game.


2) Don't neglect campaigns:

By completing the daily tasks will lead you to finish the campaign's missions. These missions will be easy in the beginning but become challenging as you start to complete the training packs.


These campaigns missions will enable you to get more XP, items, and pro packs which will lead to higher OVR players. Either through trade-up items or gaining 80+OVR players.

Finishing a campaign:

When you finish one of the Volumes given, you will end up with a higher OVR player at the end of volume chain, making your team strong as well as increasing your player performances.

Through these higher OVR players, you will notice game is easier to play, shooting and defense within the game will become smooth.

Mistake I did:

At first, I didn't pay too much attention to the campaign rather went straight to Seasons to test my skills but failed, 

So my best suggestion is to complete campaigns, you can get better players enabling you to block and shoot balls from a distance scoring 3 points basket.

3) NBA training:

Go to a Limited-time event and play NBA training camp. Complete the chain of challenges and win a good player at the end 

This is another way to acquire 70+ OVR players.

4) Buy 80+OVR players through the store:


Next would be if you want a fast experience and gain a competitive advantage like in any in-game purchase you can avail yourself the option of buying High OVRs players through the store with real cash money.


I will say that I didn't buy any yet but it's a great option to grab precious packs, items boosters, etc. 

This will help you gain the 80 and 90 OVR players much quicker and early on but my recommendations would be to play campaigns and some seasons first before you think about buying with real money.

This way you will know game better and can make the decisions what type of player to go for either defense, shooter, or dunker.

Buy through game coins and NBA cash for Free :

As you play campaigns, season matches You will acquire items and NBA cash as well as gold coins. These will enable you to purchase packs through which you can have 70+ or 80+ OVR players.  

Buy Jersey with free NBA cash: 

With NBA cash you should get Jersey from the store to get boosters within the game. When playing seasons select Jersey for Home and Away teams. 

These Jerseys will Improve your player performances within the Season's game including ball shooting boosters, time boosters, and others.

You can also get more items which will help in trade-ups.


5) Acquire items and do trades by visiting sets:


You can have the players trade up by going to the option of "Sets" and trading items or players that you have won through claiming packs when you finish campaigns or any other event games.


These trade-ups will make your team stronger and will help you get the 80+OVR players to add to your teams. One more function is if you have 70 + OVRs players you can trade them with 80+ovrs. 

Go to my team and select the players between 64 and 77 OVRs to check the silver trade-ups.


Make sure you have all the required items and 70 or 60s OVR players before you start the trade. To see the requirements go to sets and see the trade for events like limited time, core, or live today events. 


6) Play live today and other events and win Packs :



You can acquire packs by playing other missions like the season's games, live today, or limited-time events. Before starting any new events you should see the rewards what type of items you can win in packs.

Some events will enable you to win players other XP and other tokens. 


Be selective in the start and win most packs to upgrade your players through sets and trade-ups items.


7) Find help:



If you couldn't find anything there is always an option of help given in the settings for beginners.


If you're a complete beginner you must read the guide given in the help sections. To access the help option go to Settings and there you will find the help as well as game tutorials. 


By completing the tutorials and reading the manual you will have more information about how can you better players, players boosters as well some options you didn't know before options to block , shoot and dunk.

Summarizing Points:

Ways to get good players in NBA live mobile games:

  1. Complete daily objectives 
  2. Progress in campaigns
  3. NBA Training
  4. Buy 80+OVR players through the store
  5. Acquire items and do trades by visiting sets
  6. Play live today and other events and win Packs 
  7. Find help