How to Stop Shaking While Playing Games? 7 steps

My Shaky hands while handling gaming mouse on my old (3yrs) mouse pad

Shaky Hands while playing games. I went through this as I am considered a nervous guy and not just in gaming but also during my normal routine my hands got shaky.

While you're playing sniper elite or any type of shooter games handshaking can make you lose a shot and results in failing missions. 

If you're battling at a multiplayer duel like PUBG, call of duty mobile, any FPS style genre this problem can lead to bad gaming experience.

Control of "Mouse" during sniper shots is a skill you must have.

In this post, I will give you some solutions to shaky hands enabling you to get hold of mouse and keyboard or your android device.


Why shaky hands in first place?

Shaky hands can be for a number of reasons maybe you have anxiety or an anxious person a gaming mission can kick those adrenaline rush which causes you to become shakier in my case I have an anxiety disorder and tend to get nervous. 


You can find a lot of information on the internet about why hands become shaky and there are many articles covering this topic, there are also different types of hand tremors.


But in this post, we are discussing how you can reduce hand tremors during a gaming mission, if you have any health problem you must consult your personal health care.


With that said following are ways which keep my shaky hands during gaming at bay.

1 ) Use a gripping mouse pad:

My wireless Gaming Mouse

The best thing you can do is buy a mouse pad that will reduce the jerky movements. A gripping pad will keep your Aim focus in FPS gaming.

As you see in the pic I am using a mouse pad at least 3 years old, forgot the name but found some great reviews for “Gaming Mousepad for Esports” it's not the same but a great help You can buy it here

Affiliate Disclosure:

This part contains an affiliate link which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we recommended Full disclosure here.

It is known for increasing stability.


One thing I must tell is mousepads tend to increase in friction at damp climates or when there is too much humidity particularly during rainy seasons this will cause more friction disabling the mouse to work properly 


If that happens, remove the mouse pad and place a wooden clipboard beneath it bringing back the smoothness.


2) Make mouse sensitivity low:



Changing mouse sensitivity helps. During gaming go to settings and change the sensitivity option.

Settings I use on my PC :

Go to control panel then "Hardware and Sound" and click on the Mouse option

There go to pointer options and set limit as seen in the image Notice I checkmark the Enhance pointer precision for best results.

Settings I use in games :

When you first install any type of FPS game change mouse sensitivity to a limit where you feel comfortable. There are different gamers saying keep mouse settings to a minimum low levels.

But I will say, set your mouse settings up to a level with which you feel comfortable because people use different "Mouse's models" and are on different surfaces, by setting too low decreases the gaming Experience.


Try this mouse sensitivity calculator to find optimal responsiveness settings


Enjoying a game is more important than becoming obsessed with Mouse settings.

My Personal Story:

When I was competing in a counter-strike multiplayer battle at a university gaming competition those players who were losing, instead of admitting their lack of skills were constantly blaming mouse sensitivity and smoothness.

So, I would say don't become too obsessed with the mouse. There are many other ways to reduces shakiness but not every time mouse sensitivity is the cause of you losing a game.

3) Take deep breaths during Aim. 


Most gamers ignore this step as it seems common sense. But people still do it. While aiming in either Farcry, Sniper elite, call of duty missions, or second person games like Tomb Raiders You have to hold the breath of your “ character ”  but you as a person don't need to go in shallow breaths. 


You have to take a deep breath while aiming to remain calm and shaking will reduce itself as your mind relaxes. It really works I have tried and seems to get perfect shots.


4) Release any expectations.

I find myself under stress and pressure when I have a certain outcome to achieve. While playing a multiplayer battle you seem to feel pressured by what your friends are expecting from you.

This expectation in your mind of your friends looking towards you as a savior or leader will make you nervous and your hands start to get sweaty and shaky.

The ultimate thing to do is to just enjoy, don't care about anyone's expectations. You are a human who can lose a game that doesn't make you any less. Focus only on the moment and just do your best. 

If you lose a game doesn't matter life goes on and no one will remember it. There are plenty of chances to win any other multiplayer battle. So, stop stressing or trying too hard to win.

"There are more important things in life than winning or losing a game"     — Lionel Messi 

5) Think funny thoughts :

According to JongEun Yim study "Therapeutic Benefits of Laughter in Mental Health"  Laughing dramatically reduce stress and cause a reversal in stress-releasing hormones

You think of something funny during a game that will reduce the Edge. All the seriousness of the moment will be gone and you will automatically get a relaxed mind. It decreases nervousness and shaky hands.

As you have seen in movies where snipers usually tell jokes to comrades to calm them during battles it also works during gaming, particularly in multiplayer games. 

You can see in twitch or youtube streams how they are laughing and having fun while playing PUBG, it increases battle performance.


6) Make a hot beverage


hot beverage will make you relax and motivated. During gaming, we tend to get bored. This will cause our minds to wander and get into unwanted stress.

A hot drink either warm chocolate milk or fresh tea can calm your nerves and will in turn make you feel quite relaxed during gaming.

With any expectations gone from the game combined with fresh drink, will just look like a walk in the park and you will start finding fun in games rather than jumping into thinking which increases stress and shaky hands.

7) Practice:


Practice will make you best. If you train your mind and body it will respond. Try deep breathing before any tough match, relax and release any expectations of the outcome. 

The more practice you do in a particular game the more you can form a natural response which will result in not feeling nervous.

If you make this a practice and remove resistance, you can overcome shaky hands not only in games but daily real-life challenges. Even if your hands shudder a bit it will not cause you any issues because you're not thinking about any type of reward or outcome.

All the time and energy will be spent doing rather than thinking about weaknesses.

All 7 Steps covered:

Stop Hands Shaking While Aiming in Games:

  1. Use a gripping mouse pad.
  2. Make mouse sensitivity low
  3. Take deep breaths during Aim.
  4. Release any expectations.
  5. Bring funny thoughts.
  6. Make a hot beverage
  7. Practice.