How to Find Good Games? PC and Android


Easy Ways To find great games for PC and Android both:

Choosing a game is one of the most frustrating works especially when you had played a great game and wanted a similar game-play in terms of graphics and storylines. 

If you are an anxious person like me and have a desire to find the best games capable of taking you on a journey never experienced before,  this post is exactly for you.

Finding and playing a great game whether on PC or Andriod is like discovering a golden nugget you never knew existed. Some games are right in front of you but due to their names or title picture, you overlooked them thinking, this is just another waste.

I will be giving tactics on how to find similar games in terms of story, character, or genre. How to find the best pc games and how you can find the best games to play on Andriod.  Let's get started


1) Good similar games

Finding a similar game is sometimes difficult. There are some demands here like in what type you want a similar game. Do, you like the graphics, characters, or storylines. 

We will look into some ways how you can find a similar game like the one you are currently playing or had played

Ways to find great similar games:



1) Go to YouTube and do a similar genre search :

This one is quite simple. You will find lots of great games on YouTube just need to search in terms of the genre like if you're playing a shooter game search for other great shooters games.


Searching for games similar to "call of duty" there are chances you might get similarities but those games would be outdated or too popular such that you had already played them. 

By doing a broad search many new games will unfold giving you a chance to play different games new in the story.


2) Go to steam and search for a similar game type


Steam is a great place to find games. There are many interesting games you can download and play make sure you check their system requirements


If you don't like a game and think you would not find any similar game type go to Steam community and feel free to ask, don't be shy you might find something really interesting. Read the forum and search according to your gaming needs


Go to discovery queue on steam and search games according to genre  


3) Search by year the game was developed:


Some games can be found by filtering through years. If you are unable to find any good games go to google and search on which year it was developed then search according to year.


Great place is Gamedebate allowing you to search according to game year. The downside is you will get all the games developed in that year so best is to do a quick youtube search according to year game


4) Be broad-minded:


It's important that you should be broad-minded. You might not find any other similar game and have to stick with the old. If you have recently finished a game and facing post-game depression not liking any new game or trying newer genres.


read my post on how to get over post-game depression?  


This will help in dealing with emotions that are compelling you to get a similar game mainly while playing a single-player storyline. I faced post-game sadness when I finished "firewatch" and didn't have any similar games.


I will be listing some of the great games I had played, helping you find a bunch of cool games but if you couldn't grasp any of the best, it's better to wait and accept.

Another method you could try is to go to Gamefinder and search for games similar to what you had played before. 


Ways to find similar games:

  1.  Go to youtube and do a similar genre search 
  2. Go to steam and search for a similar game type
  3. Search by year the game was developed
  4. Be broad-minded

2) How to find good games on PC?

Image on Flickr by Tomer Gabel under license

From Youtube gameplays:

One of the best methods I use to find PC games is to do a youtube search. Many gamers are uploading gameplays. 


List of my best PC games I have played so far. let me be clear I don’t like horror genre so don’t expect games like resident evil or Witcher 3 any games like that, some of the games are popular and known but others could be new So, give them a try




I will keep the list updated and fresh, As soon I find new interesting games to play. Updated: FEB 2022



 List of my favorite great PC games:


Strategy games:

  • Rise of nations  
  • Red alert series
  • Company of heroes ( War 1 and war 2)
  • Stronghold ( First Part is the best) 
  • Anno1404 series ( Similar to stronghold game)
  • Age of empire series
  • Commandos 2, 3 
  • Black and white
  • Dino Island
  • Minecraft




  • Call of duty series
  • Medal of honor
  • Splinter cell ( Great stealth missions)
  • Just cause series 
  • IGI series
  • Metal gear solid 
  • Far cry series
  • Delta force series



  • Tomb Raider series( Third-person)
  • Max Payne 1, 2 ,
  • Max Payne 3
  • Sleeping dogs
  • Assassins creed series
  • Harry Potter series ( All parts are great)
  • True crime series
  • GTA series
  • Lego games (Jurassic World )
  • WWE 2k12, 2k16
  • Shrek series
  • Hitman series
  • Prince of Persia series
  • Mafia I 
  • Mafia II


Car games:

  • NFS (Most wanted and underground)
  • Driver San Francisco 
  • Forza Horizon



Other great Storylines games :




Timepass great games:

  • Fish tycon
  • Diner Dash series
  • Turbo pizza
  • Burger shop
  • Landgrabbers  (long game)
  • Pokemon Nintendo version
  • BeyBlade - Let It Rip
  • Metal Slug
  • Relic rescue  (Long game takes lengthy sessions to end)




YouTube gameplays for best games:


I will list some of the YouTube videos that are worth seeing. Learn how you should do a similar type of search to find the game of your desires.



For strategy games watch this:



Check some of high graphics and low-end pc:




Check these games for medium PCs build:



3) How to find good games on android?


Now we will discuss some methods of how you can find great games on android devices. I am a pc gamer but due to a lot of games going multiplayer on mobile I started to find interest in android games. 

My main attention is shooters and popular games. The biggest benefits of these games are mostly long and never-ending especially those that are on multiplayer levels.

Android games are constantly being developed So, it's best to follow the steps below, to determine the best possible game on google play .


Some ways to find best game on android are:


  • Search through desktop google chrome
  • Pick a specific category 
  • Watch gameplays
  • Don't look at downloads but at number of reviews


Search through desktop google chrome:

By searching through desktop google chrome you get more information about the games. It will be a fast option and if you find a great game download at the moment right through the PC.

Pick a specific category 

Google play will suggest some of the popular games as well as favorites So, instead of roaming around pick yourself a specific category and stick to it. By picking 1 or 2 specific categories you can easily navigate through games instead of getting confused.

Watch gameplays

Before downloading watch the gameplay given on the app and then go to reviews to check the credibility of a game. Some games do look good in ads but they have so many in-game purchases which will make you lose interest.

Don't look at downloads but at number of reviews

Many games have lots of downloads but fewer reviews and some have a lots of reviews and fewer downloads instead of looking at "download number" to determine the quality look for number of reviews and read them afterward. 

If the number of reviews is lower skip those games, they are either not popular or people didn't find them too appealing.

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