How to Balance Job Life with Games ? 7 Ways


You are in a life’s phase where you’re thinking about a career. Jobs are hard due to which most people think it's arduous to manage them but I assure you this is not the case.

As a gamer, you need some ways to manage your job and gaming.

Jobs are not that difficult to control because of a fixed time schedule in terms of shift hours. Either you have a day shift or a night duty. 

Employees that are doing 9 to 5 can easily manage their time but if you are busy in 2 jobs or moreover working at weekends then it could become troublesome.

Regardless of your situation, this post will help in maintaining a balance between job and gaming. Let's start

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Ways to keep a balance “job and gaming”:


1) Don't discuss gaming with everyone.

Why it's important that you keep your gaming desires to yourself and with few colleagues as possible because not everyone has the same passion as you.


 I have been playing games since age 11. Played a lot of FPS like call of duty, FarCry series, and Early rising games like commandos, true crime, house of the dead, metal slug some sega, and other popular strategy games.


I am saying this because of my experience as a  supply chain manager and working in the banking corporate sector for about 2 years. 


All I can say through my personal experience is when you try to discuss gaming with all, not everyone will take your passion seriously and it will create self doubt feelings, like games being a time wastage activity and finding less desire to play when you return home. 


So, it's better to discuss your favorite games either single or multiplayer with those that have experience.


2) Avoid multiplayer gaming during lunch breaks.


I have seen a lot of my colleagues play games like android FPS “ Call of duty mobile or PUBG”, angry birds , skudoo and many others during lunch hours. 

I believe this is not a good idea because you will immerse yourself in the game so much that it will be difficult for you to regain focus again during work. 


If you ask me I try to avoid all games during this hour because it's a time to relax instead of forcing in games. The peaceful way is to just rest a little bit during break hours.


Talk with somebody or if you don't have anyone go to Facebook, Twitter or youtube. 


When you are off from your assigned shift play as much you want. There won't be any distractions preventing gaming.


3) Assigned a specific time for gaming after work.


This one is really important, you should assigned a time limit to games after work especially if it's a Monday or middle of the week.


This will help because when you’re at home you couldn't perceive time as if you were at work. It's a little "Einstein Time theory" 

but I am coming from my own experience. Time will rush so fast you will not know when it will be midnight and again sleep time for next hard day shift.


It will make you do less So, to avoid this I manage a “reminder alarm” on my phone mostly When I am playing strategy games. 

This informs me if 2hr or 1 hr have passed So, I should stop playing and resume my other activates either its online freelancing or any other task which interests me most.


Take some free time for your family who has waited a whole day, just to get your attention. Gaming has its time but, this is a great way to keep your passion protected without damaging work-life balance.


4) Manage weekdays and weekends separately.


By creating a separate schedule will make you feel, you’re not missing on games due to shift hours or work interfering with your gaming desires moreover you can give some free time to your loved ones.


This means keep your gaming restricted during weekdays and releasing it during weekends because of more leisure time. Even if you are working on Sat most jobs are half-day and people are free on Sundays.


Dedicate whole Sat to gaming alone and on Sunday spend some time with a family gathering to form a balance between the two.


You can say my friends are free on weekends or on a specific day why limit gaming then. All I can say is if you want to maintain a balance you need some discipline. Every goal requires discipline and prioritization. 

So, gaming has its place and the job has its importance. 


When it's time to work then only work but after work, you have other responsibilities you can't do just games all day. People around you need you So, try to manage through discipline and scheduling. 


5) Diversify


Keeping weekdays and weekend schedules separate, diversify your gaming style. Don't just stick to one type of game.


I can appraise a story about one of my co-workers who only play "GTA 5 online" when he came from work. He often invited me to join as I was either tired or just involved with my game naming" Black and white" at that time. 


All I am saying is to change your taste. As you know “strategy games” will drain your time like there is no tomorrow.


Knowing this, the easiest way to manage balance is to play some FPS or hidden objects games during weekdays and strategy games on weekends. 


Change of taste will keep gaming motivation alive moreover you can effectively manage time.

6) Single-tasking


Most people don't like the concept of single-tasking may be due to society’s programming or their own opinion but when it comes to forming a balance in games, jobs, and life as a whole it works like a wonder.


I am talking about single-tasking in terms of Keep your mobile devices on "airplane mode" avoid social media and for that 3 hrs during work focus only the desk . 


Similarly when playing games with friends don’t waste time in discussing how your day was or other unnecessary chit chat at a multiplayer just complete missions and establish team unity. 


Discipline yourself in single-tasking. This will keep the burden off and avoid any burnout from trying to build a balanced gaming life.


7) Savings


What I meant by that is, if you focus your efforts on building your salary up to the point where you can buy new hardware for your gaming PC, you will naturally feel driven to your job as well as gaming.


To discipline yourself, you can say if you save X amount of money you can afford a new Graphics, ram, or a new gaming PC.


This will motivate you to work hard. Your co-workers and family will feel good that you're planning to buy new things for a hobby as long as it is extra cash excluding other important home expenses.


It will look good to others that you're taking some time building a passion around your wants which can sometimes inspire other gaming fans in workplace to do the same.


You will learn what current devices are trending and some new game series. It will keep you up to date with the gaming industry rather than becoming a work alcoholic.


Passion and purpose will return to your job because you're now working towards a healthy desire rather than trying to force everything in your life balance.

Summing up:

7 Ways to Balance Job Life with Games:

  1. Don't discuss gaming with everyone.
  2. Avoid multiplayer gaming during lunch breaks.
  3. Assigned a specific time for gaming after work.
  4. Manage weekdays and weekends separately.
  5. Diversify
  6. Single-tasking
  7. Savings