Can You Get Rich Playing Video Games?


Monetizing your video-gaming hobby is one of the fun and easiest ways of making money online today.

"In today's world, it is certainly possible to get rich playing video games. However, contrary to the common belief that it's going to be quick and straightforward, making money playing games takes hard work."

Video games are great moneymakers, and the industry is projected to top valuations of $300 billion by 2025. So, yes you can make money if you know what to do and position yourself in the video game world.


How much money can you earn from a video game?

The money you make from video games depends on the time you put in, your luck, and your gaming experience. 

Typically, top-earners can earn anywhere from a couple thousand to $15,000 per hour, while pro gamers make an average could make a total of as much as $500,000 a year.

Keep in mind that not everyone is capable of making money not only in terms of video games but in any source. 

You should have the skills to create value for your audience. If you can bring something valuable to a gaming niche its possible to earn serious income.

We will discuss some ways how much gamers do earn and some ways to make money playing games


What are some highest-paid gamers?


Many who go down the route of making money playing video games give up after a few years (or months) because the hard work aspect often kills the fun of the game. 

Instead of continuing to do what they love, they get frustrated and end up hating what they once loved. However, people who have endurance and determination have made a fortune playing video games.

Here are some of the highest-paid gamers in the world:


Tyler Blevins or Ninja started his career as a pro esports gamer and eventually switched to Fortnite. With an earning of over $17 million, his YouTube channel is one of the most subscriber-to. Besides, he has approximately 16 million Twitch followers.


Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, alias PewDiePiehas his earnings estimated at $14.5 million. He has over 12 million subscribers,

and his YouTube videos have more than 22 billion total views. Typically, he earns more than $5000,000 per month from ad revenue on these videos.

Preston (Preston Arsement)

Preston has earned his $14.5 million fortune showing off hacks to earn in-game currency and diamonds in Minecraft. Since the start of his career, 

he has remained consistent with Minecraft content that targets hardcore crafters and the general audience.


Jacksepticeye  is a seasoned Ireland's most popular YouTuber with over 23.2 million subscribers. With an earning of over $11 million, he uploads videos on a plethora of games. In 2018, 

his success earned him a place to start a clothing brand with Mark "Markiplier" Fischbach, a fellow YouTube gamer.


How to make money playing video games?

You can earn money playing games on your PC or phone in the following ways:

Educate newbies to game:

As I said you need to create value. It's possible if you are claiming to be a badass gamer you can educate some newbie gamers for the hardware or gaming equipment they need to fulfill the gaming desires.


If you can teach people what are some of the best gaming gear or technology, how they can find these and some mistakes people face when choosing PCs or consoles, you can make some money from that knowledge.


Build info product around and sell through YouTube by making a channel and just bring awareness to the gaming world.


The best approach is to take authority over any gaming forum and try helping gamers solving their issues

Stream your game sessions on Twitch

Twitch is a monetization model where you can broadcast your gaming sessions. You can make money through sponsorships and ad revenue. 

Many players on the platform earn $10,000 to $40,000 annually, with top gamers earning a combined income of over $20 million.

Get paid to test games

Video games undergo various development phases before they're released. 

For instance, just before completion, developers seek independent people to play these games to test them. 

Play-testers check over everything the developer needs you to look at. That can include what is good or bad, what works and what doesn't, and detecting bugs.

Become a professional gamer

Pro gamers compete worldwide and win millions at events sponsored by the International Dota 2 championship, Intel Extreme Masters, and the Major League Gaming circuit. 

These platforms have designed arenas across the country to host and stream live pro gaming events. 

To start, pick a game you're good at playing, and then participate in eSports games to build your reputation.

Offer gameplay tutorials

You can make money by producing tutorials on how to play your favorite game. For example, have a streaming site or YouTube channel and earn money every time someone clicks on it. You can also gain income from ads displayed on your videos.

Farm and sell accounts

You can create an account and go up the game ranks. Then, after attaining a particular stage, you can sell your account to other gamers who don't have time to level up their characters.

The Takeaway:

In the past, there've cropped numerous opportunities for monetizing your gaming hobby. All you need is to choose the right platform and game, work hard, and remain committed, and you can get rich playing video games.

Make a plan and stick to it for one year as consistency is the key to winning. If you haven't earned $100 from gaming yet first achieve that then make yourself a goal of $200,$300, and so on.

Achieve smaller goals first by climbing up the ladder, you will eventually become wealthy not just in playing games but in life too. Other gamers have done it so it's certainly possible for you to attain it.

It has an uptrend So, considering it as a great source of income in the future won't be a bad idea

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