Can a Pc Gamer Become a Console Gamer?


Of course, they can why wouldn't be I mean there isn't any law that abides it. The more important thing to consider is "Is it worth becoming a console gamer" we have discussed various points to make it clear.

Should you make a switch from PC to Console gaming?

According to my personal experience in playing PC games and some taste of console games on my cousin’s Playstation 4:

"I can say PC gaming is quite better than console in terms of cost, multitasking, ease of playing (FPS, Strategy games) and up-gradation while console is only game-focused."

In a gaming PC, you have better character control through keyboard and mouse while some games including strategy games in consoles are hard to manage due to one controller.

If your whole life you have been on a gaming PC, console controllers will be hard to handle vice versa for a console player handling games through a mouse will be difficult.

Personal story:

My cousin used to give me his Playstation4 joystick and had me play "God of war, Resident Evil, Dragon Ballz ", at that time I didn’t have a clue where is X button Y, P were located, some controller options are located on top.

My cousin's Playstation 4

He was doing multiplayer battles without even looking and I can't even figure out where X, P, Y, located, while the screen is showing press this and that.

Playstation4 joystick


This was a bad gaming experience for me as a PC gamer

Also, consoles are mostly placed in a common room environment where everyone can watch or play with you while PC gaming is more personal and private.

Is pc gaming ending?

This one is quite debatable are gaming pc ending? Will PC games be finished in 2,3,4 years? To find out let's check what the world thinks.


First, let's search on Google trends. Gaming PC vs Consoles.


In a worldwide trend, results are significantly clear see here


Gaming PC is heavily dominated in searches while consoles are nowhere seen. From 2004 to 2011 there was a fight between the two but from 2013 till today Gaming Pc has clearly won the battle. 


It seems like the Covid pandemic has a positive result on Gaming PC searches rather than consoles.


People are looking to buy cheap PC or PC equipment rather than ps4 consoles making it crystal clear what people's intentions are.


A video explaining PC vs Console:

Cost comparison of gaming pc and console gaming?

Let's look at cost comparisons between a console and a gaming PC:


Before we get into comparison we should be aware, gaming pc are highly customizable so amount can easily be budgeted. 


Those who have a cheap budget can go for a low-end pc and they can find plenty of famous games like the Assaisan creed series, far cry 2, GTA San Andreas, and a number of great hidden object games to play and enjoy.


Whereas a console player is bound. PlayStation 2 gamers have to buy PlayStation 3 and 4 for more interesting games and the availability of these can become an issue. 


There are online stores available for console gaming but it becomes a status symbol you're on PS2 while your friend is on PS5 playing a lot of popular trending games like Demon’s Souls remake, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and more.


Sony allows PC and PS4 players to play games without download but like I said you have to be a PS4 player. 


The question now becomes the cost of different PlayStation series and compare it with a gaming PC. PS1 $299  PS2 $299 PS3 $499 PS4$399 PS5 $499


A lot of budget PC can be built-in around $500 or under $500. A reasonable gaming PC lies between $500 to $ 1000 Data source


You can observe when you're on console, customization is limited in order to upgrade you need to spend decent money to go from PS3 TO PS5. This applies to those who had PS3 and went for PS5 like my cousin but now he is on PS4 saving money for PS5.


Gaming PC is customizable: Ram can be increased, graphics can be made compatible, memory can be change.


Individual things will cost less instead of throwing PS3 and buying a brand new PS5 spending more money $998 total. A quality gaming PC can be built in this amount that can play a variety of satisfying games and is also useful for other tasks outside gaming for years to come because of windows multitasking quality.



Now talk about games. Games on a gaming PC can be downloaded from good sources and sometimes free of cost for personal entertainment mostly Single-player or strategy games whereas on consoles you need to spend money on games either online streaming or buying from steam and other play stores. This is an additional expense.


These observations alone can help you answer why pc gaming is cost-effective than console. 


Now It's up to you, either go for a PC or console. PC gaming is my specialty but if you like consoles no hard feelings there.


How can a PC gamer become a console gamer?

If you really want to switch from PC gaming to console gaming consider a console-style gaming PC

Console style gaming pc :

For those who are confused between console and Gaming PC, you can make a “Console style gaming PC”.


You might ask what is a Console style gaming pc? 


"According to my research and observation, a console gaming pc is the one in which your pc can give you a console-like experience."


This is essential if you have been playing on a PC for many years and now want to move toward a gaming console. This is the best option.


Affiliate Disclosure:

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To build a console gaming pc you have the following options:


Next, you can do is make a console-like environment. Make your own hybrid PC by connecting it to a  smart LCD and play games or moreover buy yourself a controller stick and plug it in as in consoles.


You have to look for a gaming pc that can give you an equivalent performance to a console whether it's a PS4 or PS5, XBOX in terms of FPS, graphic card, memory, and game choices. 


In short:

Make a living room gaming PC. 

Place it in a living room attach it with a smart LCD through HDMI. Buy controller stick use Steam and Sony streaming gaming library to play and now you got yourself a Console-style gaming PC.

Exciting Games to play :

Is pc gaming actually better?

Now let's look into if PC gaming is actually better than consoles.These videos are explaining difference in “the frame rate, graphics” between consoles and a gaming PC


Frame rate and other test comparison PC vs Consoles:


Graphics comparison PC vs Consoles:

While we have discussed it in many different ways, my personal opinion is towards Gaming PC even playing on my budget PC I find it better than consoles.