How to Protect Gaming Chair from Cat?


If you love cats like me, you would know how great they are as Pets. A cat can be your companion for life; affectionate, adorable, loving, and faithful, they make for a great company. 

Sometimes curious, naughty, or wild, they are mostly, docile and low maintenance and do not require constant monitoring or looking after, therefore making them a popular choice to have.

As a pet lover and a video gaming enthusiast, this is a choice you need to make. Where there are cats, claw marks will exist. A gaming chair is supposed to be a  comfortable place to immerse yourself in, get absorbed in a self-created world and relax. 

You may have invested quite an amount in bringing the perfect seating but the most adorable animal you love has ruined it for you, Now what?

Money is wasted and you can't do anything about it But wait there is a solution to every problem and if it makes your life a little better, let’s start digging...

Why is my cat destroying my gaming chair?


You are facing problem of your cat making a fragmented mess out of the gaming chair. 

Have you ever wondered why your cat would be particularly tempted to attack your chair or any other piece of furniture for that matter? Some theories are:


Curious nature:

Cats by nature are curious and territorial. If you have acquired a gaming chair in recent past, chances are your cat is clawing at it out of curiosity, just checking it out and scratching at it in the process. 

After all, they do have sharp claws; got to use them somewhere. 

While your cat is mostly tame and obedient and just loves to play around, let’s not forget that it belongs to the family of ferocious lions and tigers who are inherently wild by nature and has sharp teeth and claws


Preditor instinct:

Although it is mostly domesticated and wild side rarely comes out, on rare occasions they do tend to get aggressive. 

Therefore, you may have found yourself at the receiving end of some pretty grave scratches through their claws; your furniture and particularly your gaming chair being no exception to the clawing. 


Unkempt claws:

Their claws are pretty sharp and can ruin a perfectly good piece of furniture. 

If the cat is unkempt and its claws haven’t been tended to in a while, it will try to get rid of the old claws and try to scratch at things for the purpose. 

All this may very well result in you ending up with a chair that has been scratched at the arms or limbs, the fabric is torn or covered in scratches, or simply just cat hair was strewn all over the chair, resulting in a pretty scuffed up and ruined gaming chair.

How can I protect my gaming chair from my cat?


Well, simply asking your cat not to ruin your chair may not be it, nor would probably locking it out of the gaming room help. 

If you have a pet cat you would know that cats usually have no concept of boundaries and tend to roam all around the place.

So how can you prevent your chair from being ruined? This daunting task may seem unattainable but a few simple tricks, can prevent the damage from being carried out.

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Make an informed purchase decision:

If you have not bought a gaming chair yet and thinking of buying one, as an owner of a pet cat, you are already wary of the fact that whatever you buy, the cute animal would use it almost as much as you do.

Therefore before buying your chair do consider the type of fabric its seat is covered in,

Since the seat fabric is probably the first thing your cat will explore and the torn fabric of the seat cover and back is also the most prominent and visible flaw of the chair.

Do not go for a cloth fabric or PU leather because they can easily be torn. 

Instead, buy a chair with a more sturdy fabric like microfiber that may withstand the damaging clawing.

Train your cat:

I myself have observed if you constantly train your cat to stay away from the chair. It will listen and obey. Just you have to be a little harsh. I know it's difficult but it will pay in the long run.

After all, it's your pet, and disciplining is one of the responsibility that comes with it. 

Imagine If you take that cat to a friend's house and he is unaware of the fact that the cat you brought is busy tearing up your friend's gaming chair it can bring them a financial loss, as well hurt your reputation, so training a cat will be a better option.

Get an anti-scratch spray or make it yourself:

The joys of the informed era! You can get an anti-scratch spray from the market or online to keep your cat away from the chair. You may be wondering how this works.

Well since cats have a very strong sense of smell, the anti-scratch spray capitalizes on that and gives out an odor that drives them away. 

You can use this on all your furniture items or equipment you want to protect from your cat’s claws.

You may also want to use the spray on a daily basis till the time your cat is conditioned enough to stay away from your chair.

Moreover, believe it or not, a little lemon juice mixed with water goes a long way in keeping your cat at a distance from your furniture. It is like a homemade anti-scratch spray that you can easily make instantly to keep your pet away.

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Trim its claws: 

As we mentioned earlier, often cats need to get rid of their old claws by trying to scratch at things. As a pet owner, it is your obligation to ensure it is well-kept and its hygiene and priming are being tended to.

While it is important for their wellbeing, it is also important for the sake of protection of your furniture that you trim their claws on a regular basis.

Also, in order to cater to the urge to scratching, get them a "scratching pole"

They are easily available in the market and many cat owners have one in their homes as it comes off as a pretty handy means to prevent your cat from scratching at other things.

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Protect your chair with covers:

lastly, consider getting a protective cover for your chair. You can find good transparent plastic covers in the market that will help you in protecting your chair from any potential damage.

Since you can get a transparent cover, it will not hide the aesthetic appeal of your gaming chair.

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All of the above-mentioned ways are potentially effective; you can try any one of these to see what works for you and helps you keep your beloved cat from damaging your treasured gaming chair.