How to Balance University Life with Game? 9 Ways


University life and gaming both are important. This is a time when you’re at the peak of E-gaming, because of social gatherings where your friends have the same passion as you.

With mobile games, on-trend multiplayer battles are most played. Many android games are performed at a multiplayer level with friends and family.

Now there is a problem with university study and games. Trust me I have completed my post-graduation and it's hard. To pass at a good GPA you need long study hours So, how you can balance the two.

Life becomes busy and is difficult to keep a focus on studies when your friends are calling for an online mission on PC, consoles, and mobile devices.


Let us look into some solutions that will balance university life and gaming:


1) Make prioritization:

I know this is easier said than done. University is more important than gaming as your financial future depends on it. So, studying and achieving a good Cgpa is necessary for jobs.


The way I prioritize my day:

The best advice I can give is, you should make a time of the day to study. If your semester just started, do your reading, cramming only 30 mins, and as midz approaches bring that to 1 hr but keep the time same.


Like if 5 pm is your study time do 30 mins study, as midz comes close increase the time limit within that ‘5pm time span’, start with 5pm daily, and increase as much as you want even 2hrs. After you have completed the fixed study lapse do your gaming activity. 


All I am saying is study first and then games. Keep gaming after you have done studying even if it's for a small duration.

2) Study in a separate silent room :

Make a separate room for university tasks where there is no TV, computer, or any other device. Make notes and learn from books which you will be able to get from your Uni library. So, consider getting a Library card


But during these Covid times, online classes are underway and it's hard to focus without going through your device. In that case keep only one device at hand either laptop, computer, or android.


One best things you can do is go offline. Download all your study material on laptop either video lectures or pdf notes. This will prevent you to get distracted from constant notifications of your friend inviting to a multiplayer game.


When you're in a silent place and there are no distractions from family members coming and going, focusing on the current task becomes much easier. 

At start, it will be hard but you will eventually discipline yourself.

3) Make a study routine :

Form a routine, the time you give to study should be the same. If the assigned time is 5 pm, then every day make a promise to yourself to keep that 5 pm.

It will be easier for you to maintain this routine because our brain functions in a habit pattern. 

You will automatically feel motivated to learn at that assigned time limit and finish your routine task easier much quicker.


Pick an hour for gaming and a time to cram. As I have mentioned earlier prioritize study before gaming.


In this way, if you get overboard with the gaming schedule you will feel much relax as you have completed the daily university assignments prior and there won't be any worrying on your part.

4) Take small bites instead of a large one

Perform university tasks in small blocks. Don't procrastinate and try to complete the daily work at assigned time limit. If your university has given a lot of assignments and projects. Do tiny bits every day. 


I know universities give a deadline to finish each project so it's your duty to make a schedule ahead of that assigned limit. Complete tasks in fewer amounts every day instead of compiling and leaving them for last


When the submission date approach, you will not be worried about completion and will find ample time for gaming because of so much available free time. 


This is the best way to maintain a balance between university projects and gaming.

5) Go towards single-player games instead of multiplayer:

This one is a better choice to have. Single players are offline games and it will keep you less distracted as compared to multiplayer.


You will be able to make a schedule around this type of gaming style because there is no friend gatherings or team play, which require you to participate at a specific hour suitable to all your friends. 

You can keep your own timetable that is compatible with your Uni studies.


Go towards a good storyline game. Play a few hidden objects games as well and try new FPS-type gameplays. This will quench your thirst and your passion to get an exciting source of entertainment.


I have created a list of  best storyline hidden objects games 

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6) Don't wait for the Exam schedule:

Make a study routine from day 1 and sit for at least 10 mins in the starting. This way you can make a habit of going through the study material.


If you wait till the exam schedule appeared as most students do, it will become overwhelming, and balance between uni and gaming will be harder to maintain. 

You won't be able to cover subjects in a short time and most of the sessions will be wasted at gaming.


To keep your worry at bay make education a habit, and gaming will adjust itself.

7) Embrace gaming an important part:

Accepting it's ok that you give importance to gaming. Just embracing this fact alone can make you form a balance between the two. 


I know most teachers in University will discourage games and will give you lectures on how important it is for you to keep working hard at your studies. 

I am not saying they are wrong but sometimes you feel anger and in that revenge mindset you will completely neglect University because you feel like "what do they know about gaming". These people are out of this generation.


Don't do it just embrace that gaming is a growing industry and various people are considering it an actual sports event.



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8) Compromise

Lastly, compromise. In university life, there are moments where you have to spend time with friends in the shape of a study group. 

You can say " I don't socialize and don't have any friends in a social group " My reply to you:  This is a modern era and most students socialize online on WhatsApp and Facebook groups.


Even if you don't socialize, Near your midz and final exams you have to study in groups to complete preparations.


In that situation, I need you to make a compromise with games. In the beginning of semester, it's ok for you to give priority to amusement but when the exams are near and only one week remains, compromise that time with a "Study group" not on games.


Afterward, you will be allowed to play as much as you want but for that brief period study and make an exception.

9) Participate in gaming competitions:

If you love gaming which I am sure you do, the most satisfactory way to get your gaming desires fulfill join the interuniversity gaming competition and test your skills there.

Many universities conduct these competitions where you will find a specific time to practice for matches. In this way, it will be easier for you to study at a definite time and practice for competition at a fixed duration creating a balance.

Just like there are other sport's contests, these gaming battels will get you the support from family and friends and you can manage studies as well as gaming, 

instead of feeling pressured to maintain a balance.

By engaging in these activities you can win great prizes and some scholarships or grade-ups which will eventually help you in acing the finals.

Summarizing all points:

  1. Make prioritization
  2. Study in a separate silent room
  3. Make a study routine
  4. Take small bites instead of a large one
  5. Go towards single-player games instead of multiplayer
  6. Don't wait for the Exam schedule
  7. Embrace gaming an important part
  8. Compromise
  9. Participate in gaming competitions