How to Get Better at Angry Birds 2 ?

Image taken from Angry Birds 2 game by Me

Angry Birds is one of my favorite games. I remember when the “angry birds game” first launched it was a great hit. Everyone started playing and it became popular in a short time. 

The game itself is interesting as you have to figure out where to hit birds and find weak parts of the tower or structure at front. Angry Birds 2 game is a better version then first part. it has lots of great graphics and animations. 

Attacks are greatly designed and destructions of towers are neatly animated.

In this post, I will tell “ how to get better at angry birds 2?”


How to get better at angry birds 2?

Angry birds require you to think and make a strategy to win each level. These levels of difficulty will increase as you progress further  

9 ways to get better:

Some tips I use:

1 )  Analyze the tower carefully don't waste your birds on tower randomly.

2) Find the weak spots as every tower structure have.

3) There will be points in the tower if you hit those then all the structures will become unstable and collapse over the other.

4) Upgrade your bird's ability to increase its strengths.

5) Use you bird’s combination and ability smartly.

6) Remove distractions while playing.

7) Don't think that you can beat all levels the same way as previously. Each tower will be unique.

8) If you get tired don’t over play just rest take time off and then start again after few hours.

 9) Try to hit strike so you can win extra cards.

My pro tip to win levels in angry birds 2:

The way I play is to remain calm. Don’t be so quick to win levels and get rewards. Use birds to find the weak spots and try to use one bird to complete levels. 

The more birds you waste on one level the fewer birds card will be available next. 

So, try to hit a strike to collect golden pig rewards and extra card rewards.

Every pig structure has a chain reaction i.e if you destroy one block it will destroy all, make a map in your mind where to hit birds to start a chain reaction. 

In this game, there are plant-eating creatures and other extras that will eat and throw the remaining debris at PIG structure which will help you to break easily, take these to your advantage.

Use birds combination smartly I use the black explosive bird in the last and use RED to weaken the structure either this makes it unstable to start a chain reaction or finishes most of the pigs. 

Keep powerful birds for the last. If you're left with one or two cards these birds can give you an advantage.

How to win boss levels in angry birds2?

In order to win bosses in angry birds 2, you need to make choices carefully. As you can't select spells in boss level You should make use of birds smartly.

 I always use less effective birds like three twins bluebirds to weak structure first and save the strong birds to defeat the boss. 

When you reach boss level look for weaknesses in structure to start a chain reaction.

I always try to throw boss out of map by destroying foundations instead of direct attack. This way you should use birds to weak foundations of structure around boss PIG so he can be down in the pit. 

Easily win bosses by following this strategy. 

How to win angry birds 2 tower of fortune?

To get to "tower of fortune", you need level 8 or 9. There you will choose cards and each card contains a reward. If you choose card that has a pig then you will lose all your loot. 

The way I play "tower of fortune" is to choose first card on intuition then 2nd card will be first or 3rd I never select the card next to what I chose or choose same card on a 2nd turn, on the third turn again choose the card you selected on the first turn. 

The game is pretty random you can still get beaten but you should exit the tower of fortune as soon as you collected good loot for me is reaching the first Jackpot then exiting tower. 

Only greed can make you lose all your loot. So, my advice would be to go in collect, and then exit if you play long you will lose your loot.


How to exit angry birds 2 game?

If you want to exit Angry Birds 2 games first you need to pause the game then click on power shaped button to go  back but this will make you lose in your current level 

So, I suggest you should first play the current level and then pause. After hitting the back arrow-shaped button to go towards Main menu. 

At this point, if you are on your android click screen back arrow from your mobile to get exit game option. If you are on other devices get the “back screen arrow” by clicking on screen to get exit game option.

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What is the best bird in Angry Birds 2?

If you ask- me which birds are the best I will say all birds can be best if you use them appropriately. You can’t say that there is one powerful bird that will make you win all levels. But there are some birds that will destroy better than others


First, you need to make sure that you upgrade your birds through feathers So, their power levels increase and they can perform well. 


The best bird in angry Bird 2 game according to me would be "Black explosive bird" but I use it with the combination of other birds. First, I pave the way through Matilda and RED and then use Explosive birds to destroy the foundational PIG structure.


This bird can easily weaken the foundations and can make other birds destroy the PIG structure. Its ability is to hit hard explosives so I would suggest you upgrade it and use it smartly. If you find a weak spot in the structure and use it to weaken then you can win.

Using this one bird I have hit strikes. This bird alone can cause lot of damage to structures and you should save for last. It can penetrate through hard blocks and other obstacles.

If you think Terrance causes a lot of damage then that's good for you but it has a weakness of not getting through strong concrete blocks. Blackbird can destroy these hard foundations. 

Every bird has its ability but you need to use them smartly. You will not be able to win using only one bird.Use some birds to weak the tower and then others to destroy all of it or start a chain reaction.