How to Access Mighty Eagle Bootcamp and More - Angry Birds2

Image is taken from Flickr by giochi Android iPhone under license

Angry Birds 2 is an exciting game. It is far more interesting than the first part, every level has a new story and structures to break. You will not get bored rather find enjoyment breaking PIG'S towers. This is quite a time pass after a long tiring workday.


In this post I will tell “How to access Mighty Eagle Bootcamp - angry birds2” and more.…

How to access Mighty Eagle Bootcamp - angry birds2?

In order to access "Mighty Eagle Boot camp," you have to reach “Bamboo Forest”which is achieved after level 38. When you have finished unlocking go to main menu and start training.

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You need to play training sessions to get "Mighty Eagle Coins". The more levels you play, more coins you get this will help in upgrades.

Tips I use to play:

The way I play Mighty Eagle camp is through focus . Analyze the tower and try to hit strikes, more levels you achieve, more Mighty eagle coins you will get .

If any level is lost you need to wait a certain time limit usually 24 hrs to replay So, patience and carefully making hit points to structure is key in wining more coins.

How to beat boss level 47 angry birds 2?

Image is taken from game Angry Birds 2 (Level 47 Boss ) by Me

To defeat boss at level 47 is very easy. When your mini level starts use the bird to hit the very top of first structure using a red or yellow bird.

That structure will fall to next and next will collapse onto the third structure and you will hit a strike. On second mini level before boss level use the fast portal and throw your bird through that on the first structure it will blast to the 2nd one, either you will score strike or birde.

When the Boss level starts you have to throw Boss pig down to the small pig next to TNT box.

In order to do that first destroy the small structure right in front of you, holding a lot of weight destroy glass support to directly attack the boss pig. Forget about hanging weights.

After getting a clear shot destroy the supports structure right after the boss making a slop for him to roll onto the pit or if you got Terrance the (BIG RED BIRD) use him and throw him onto the boss pig .

He will push the pig with it to the pit and also destroy the above hanging weights making the boss float right off the map. Just wait and enjoy the boss to get destroyed.

The method I use to defeat boss level47:

“The way I defeat this level is just focus on right and left structure making a clear space to throw him on the TNT and then use one bird to push him down. Forget the above hanging weights and any other structure.”

How to use the pink bird in angry birds 2

To get to the pink bird named ‘Stella” You have to reach level 68 in Angry birds 2. 

There you will find a key to unlock it.

This is marked as an extra caged bird, So to unlock it you have to unlock all the other regular birds.

This pink bird is really cute and its ability is to make a large bubble that can lift objects placed within and throw it to the ground destroying in the process.

The best way to use “Stella” is to launch her at the middle or top of any structure, it will form a pink bubble upon which it is thrown So, wherever she lands she will make a pink sticky bubble making objects float with it.

Way I use Pink bird in the game: 

The way I use it is to wait for any structure to appear that has concert block covering because RED is hard to penetrate. Blackbird and Terrance I use them for Last so to save my other bird's ability I use “Stella” to make those strong structures weak.

Any object at which it is thrown she will lift nearby wooden blocks in her pink bubble destabilizing the structure making me win at hard levels.

Before you use any birds or their ability you have to make sure that these birds are upgraded i.e you have purchased hats for all of your birds, also your little hatching bird is fully feed so you can get additional power scores.

Launching catapult should also be upgraded in order to do that go to Hat store and purchase hats by selling Marbles it will automatically be upgraded as well

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