How to Get Boosters in Cooking Madness ? Also Explained Energy & customers

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Boosters, Energy, and More Customers in Cooking Madness:

Boosters in cooking madness can be unlocked at different levels:

  • Go to the shop to unlock boosters
  • Buy with diamonds
  • Limited Number of boosters available
  • Level Progression and Rewards
  • Daily Rewards and Bonuses
  • Achievements and Milestones
  • Events and Challenges
  • In-App Purchases
  • Watch Ads for Rewards
  • Completing Special Challenges
  • Completing Daily Tasks
  • Participating in Special Events
  • Completing Bonus Levels or Mini-Games
  • Utilizing Social Features
  • Unlocking Achievements in Special Categories
  • Setting Goals and Pursuing Special Achievements

You can get boosters by completing levels. First booster is obtained after completing levels 13-1 and then other boosters can be unlocked after completing required levels.

1) Level Progression and Rewards

In Cooking Madness, mastering the art of cooking is not only about culinary skills but also about effectively managing time. 

As you dive into the game, you'll find yourself in a vibrant world of kitchens, each presenting its unique challenges. 

To overcome these hurdles, you'll need boosters, which can make all the difference between a perfectly executed dish and a potential kitchen catastrophe.

Playing Regularly and Advancing Through Levels:

The journey towards acquiring boosters begins with regular gameplay and level progression. The more you play, the more levels you conquer, and consequently, the more opportunities you have to earn boosters. 

As you advance, you'll notice that the game gradually introduces new dishes, cooking techniques, and customer demands, all of which contribute to the excitement and complexity of Cooking Madness.

Paying Attention to Level Objectives:

Each level in Cooking Madness comes with a set of objectives that you must fulfill to progress. 

These objectives can range from serving a specific number of dishes within a time limit to achieving a target amount of coins. 

By paying close attention to these goals, you not only ensure your advancement in the game but also increase your chances of receiving boosters as rewards. 

Completing objectives efficiently is a skill that will serve you well throughout your culinary journey.

2) Daily Rewards and Bonuses

Consistency is the cornerstone of success in Cooking Madness. 

By logging in every day, you unlock a treasure trove of daily rewards and bonuses. 

These incentives are designed to motivate and reward your commitment to the game, often including boosters, coins, and other valuable items.

Embracing the Daily Ritual: A Feast of Rewards

From the very beginning of my culinary adventure, the allure of daily rewards was undeniable. 

Every day, as I logged into the game, I was greeted with a virtual feast of prizes - a symphony of coins, gems, and, most importantly, the coveted boosters. 

It was like a daily celebration of my dedication to the virtual kitchen, and I eagerly awaited the moment to claim my well-deserved rewards.

As I delved deeper into the game, I realized that daily rewards weren't just a pleasant bonus; they were a crucial resource in my culinary arsenal. 

The boosters, in particular, became my secret weapons, carefully stored away for moments when the kitchen chaos reached its peak.

Maximizing Booster Yield:

As the challenges in Cooking Madness grew more intricate, so did my approach to claiming daily rewards. 

I learned to discern tasks and objectives that offered boosters as part of the reward package. This meant prioritizing tasks related to achieving specific scores, serving particular dishes, or accumulating a set number of coins.

From a personal perspective, this strategic planning became a satisfying game within the game. 

It was about making calculated decisions to ensure that I was consistently accumulating boosters, which would undoubtedly play a pivotal role in my virtual culinary conquests.

Logging in Daily:

To make the most of daily rewards, it's crucial to establish a routine of logging into the game regularly. This simple act sets the stage for a steady influx of boosters and other resources that will prove invaluable in your culinary endeavors.

Checking for Daily Reward Notifications:

Cooking Madness often notifies players of available daily rewards. These notifications serve as gentle reminders to claim your well-deserved prizes. By keeping an eye out for these prompts, you ensure that no booster goes unclaimed.

3) Achievements and Milestones

Cooking Madness is not only about serving delicious dishes but also about achieving milestones that showcase your culinary prowess. Achievements are special challenges within the game that offer various rewards upon completion, including coveted boosters.

Exploring the Achievements Section:

To embark on your achievement-driven journey, navigate to the achievements section within the game menu. 

Here, you'll find a curated list of challenges, each accompanied by enticing rewards. 

These challenges range from mastering specific dishes to achieving impressive score milestones.

Focusing on Achievable Goals:

As a beginner, it's advisable to start with achievable goals that align with your current skill level. 

These initial achievements not only provide a confidence boost but also offer essential practice in mastering fundamental cooking techniques. 

As you gain confidence and experience, you can gradually tackle more challenging goals for even greater rewards.

4) Events and Challenges

Cooking Madness thrives on excitement and variety, which is why the game frequently hosts in-game events and challenges. These events provide players with unique opportunities to test their culinary mettle and, in turn, win boosters and other valuable prizes.

Keeping an Eye on Event Announcements:

Stay plugged into the game's announcements or community forums to stay informed about upcoming events and challenges. 

These announcements often provide details about event objectives, duration, and the enticing rewards that await successful participants.

Participating Actively:

Once an event is live, it's time to roll up your sleeves and dive in. 

Actively participating in event-specific tasks and objectives maximizes your chances of winning boosters. 

These events often introduce new and exciting elements to the gameplay, keeping the experience fresh and engaging.

5) In-app purchases

For players seeking an extra boost in their culinary adventures, in-app purchases offer a convenient solution. 

By using real money, you can access booster packs directly from the in-game store.

Accessing the In-Game Store:

Located within Cooking Madness, the in-game store is represented by an icon resembling a shopping cart. This virtual marketplace provides a selection of booster packs tailored to different player preferences and budgets.

Choosing the Booster Pack:

Once inside the store, browse through the available options and select the booster pack that aligns with your needs. 

These packs may vary in terms of the type and quantity of boosters they offer. Follow the prompts to complete the purchase, and watch as your arsenal of culinary aids expands.

6) Watching Ads for Rewards

In the world of mobile gaming, watching advertisements in exchange for rewards has become a popular feature. 

Cooking Madness embraces this trend, allowing players to earn boosters by engaging with sponsored content.

Watching Ads: A Strategic Move

One strategy I found particularly effective was taking advantage of the option to watch ads for rewards. 

It may seem like a small investment of time, but the boosters gained were invaluable. 

A brief moment spent watching an ad translated into a powerful asset in the kitchen, ready to be deployed when the need arose.

Looking for the Ad Reward Option:

Within the game, keep an eye out for the designated section where ad rewards are offered. This section serves as the gateway to a treasure trove of boosters and other in-game items.

Watching Ads to Earn Boosters:

When presented with the option, opt to watch an ad. 

These advertisements typically last for a short duration and can be a small investment of your time in exchange for valuable boosters. 

Once the ad concludes, you'll receive your booster as a reward, ready to deploy in your culinary conquests.

7) Completing Special Challenges

Cooking Madness occasionally presents players with special challenges that go beyond regular gameplay. These challenges often involve specific tasks or conditions, and successful completion can lead to rewarding boosters.

Meeting the Challenges Head-On

As the levels progressed, so did the challenges. 

Customers became more demanding, and the dishes more intricate. It was exhilarating, but also a test of my newfound culinary prowess. 

In these moments of intensity, boosters emerged as my steadfast allies. 

A well-timed booster could transform a potentially disastrous scenario into a triumphant success. It was a revelation – level progression not only prepared me for tougher trials but also furnished me with the boosters I needed to conquer them.

Exploring Special Challenge Notifications:

Keep an eye out for notifications or announcements regarding special challenges within the game. These events are usually time-limited and offer unique opportunities to showcase your culinary skills.

Mastering the Challenge Objectives:

Read through the objectives of the special challenge carefully. These objectives may require you to achieve certain scores, serve particular dishes, or meet other specified conditions. Focusing on these objectives will increase your chances of successfully completing the challenge and earning valuable boosters.

8) Completing Daily Tasks

Cooking Madness typically includes a set of daily tasks for players to accomplish. These tasks cover various aspects of the game and often come with booster rewards upon completion.

Embracing Daily Tasks: A Routine for Success

Early on in my culinary journey, I stumbled upon the goldmine that is the daily tasks list. It was like a personal challenge sheet tailored to my progress in the game. 

The tasks ranged from serving specific dishes to achieving certain score milestones. Embracing these tasks became a daily ritual, and little did I know, it would become a cornerstone of my booster acquisition strategy.

From a personal perspective, completing daily tasks felt like a mini-mission within the larger adventure.

It provided a sense of purpose and direction, encouraging me to step into the kitchen every day with a specific goal in mind. 

It was in the process of completing these tasks that I realized the true potential they held, not just in terms of game progression, but also as a booster-fueled endeavor.

Strategic Prioritization: The Key to Success

One of the crucial lessons I learned was the art of strategic prioritization. Among the daily tasks, some were specifically tailored to booster acquisition. 

These tasks often involved tasks like earning a set number of coins or serving a particular dish a certain number of times. 

Recognizing these tasks and making them a priority ensured that I was consistently inching closer to my booster goals.

There were days when I faced particularly challenging levels, and it was in these moments that the boosters acquired through daily tasks proved to be invaluable. They became my safety net, my secret weapon against the most formidable kitchen scenarios.

A Daily Ritual: Maximizing Booster Potential

As the days turned into weeks, completing daily tasks became a ritual.

It was a routine I looked forward to, knowing that each completed task brought me one step closer to acquiring those prized boosters. 

It became a personal challenge, a testament to my dedication to honing my virtual culinary skills.

In retrospect, this daily ritual not only propelled me through the game but also enriched my overall experience. 

It provided a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, knowing that I was consistently making progress towards acquiring boosters and mastering the art of the virtual kitchen.

Checking the Daily Task List:

Navigate to the daily task section within the game interface. Here, you'll find a list of tasks to be completed within a given day.

Prioritizing Booster-Related Tasks:

Among the daily tasks, there are likely to be specific ones related to boosters. Prioritize these tasks to ensure you're making steady progress towards acquiring more boosters.

9) Participating in Special Events

In addition to regular in-game events, Cooking Madness may host special events tied to holidays, anniversaries, or other occasions. These events often offer enhanced opportunities to earn boosters and other valuable rewards.

Special Events: A Boosters Bonanza

Participating in special events introduced a whole new dimension to my culinary adventure. 

These events, often tied to holidays or special occasions, offered enhanced opportunities to amass boosters. 

The sense of camaraderie among fellow players during these events was exhilarating, and the boosters earned became treasured tokens of our collective effort.

Staying Updated on Special Event Announcements:

Keep an eye out for announcements regarding special events within the game. These events are typically time-sensitive and provide a unique chance to amass boosters.

Engaging Actively in Event Activities:

Once a special event is underway, get involved in the event-specific activities and challenges. These tasks are tailored to the theme of the event and may require you to showcase your culinary skills in novel ways.

10) Completing Bonus Levels or Mini-Games

Cooking Madness might include bonus levels or mini-games that deviate from the standard gameplay. Successfully completing these additional challenges can yield booster rewards.

Locating and Accessing Bonus Levels:

Check for any available bonus levels or mini-games within the game's menu. These levels often present players with unique scenarios or tasks to complete.

Mastering Bonus Level Objectives:

Read through the objectives of the bonus level carefully. These objectives may differ from those in the main game and may require specific strategies or techniques to conquer.

11) Utilizing Social Features

Many mobile games, including Cooking Madness, incorporate social features that allow players to connect with friends or other players. These interactions can lead to opportunities for acquiring boosters.

Connecting with Friends or Fellow Players:

Explore the social features within the game, such as adding friends or joining communities. Engaging with others can lead to beneficial interactions and potential booster rewards.

Participating in Social Challenges or Competitions:

Some social features may involve challenges or competitions where players can showcase their skills. By participating actively, you may earn boosters as rewards for your achievements.

12) Unlocking Achievements in Special Categories

In addition to regular achievements, Cooking Madness may have special categories or themes that offer unique challenges and rewards. These can be an additional source of boosters for dedicated players.

Navigating to Special Achievement Categories:

Check if there are any special achievement categories within the game. These may focus on specific aspects of gameplay or particular cuisines.

Setting Goals and Pursuing Special Achievements:

Review the objectives within these special achievement categories and set goals to accomplish them. By focusing your efforts, you increase your chances of obtaining boosters and other exclusive rewards.

Boosters available in cooking madness:

  1. Frozen Clock Booster
  2. More customers booster
  3. Second chance booster
  4. Double profit booster
  5. Instant cook booster
  6. More time limit booster
  7. Super cooker booster
  8. Pudding booster
  9. Helping hand booster

Frozen Clock booster:

The Frozen Clock booster is a game-changing tool that temporarily slows down the ticking clock in Cooking Madness. This can make all the difference in levels where time is of the essence.

Uncovering the Frozen Clock Booster

The "Frozen Clock" booster is typically introduced in later levels of Cooking Madness when the gameplay becomes more challenging and time management becomes crucial. It is often presented as a reward for achieving specific milestones or completing special challenges.

Steps to Acquire this booster:

Advance through the Levels: Progress steadily through the game's levels. The "Frozen Clock" booster is more likely to be introduced in the later stages when the difficulty level is higher.

Participate in Special Events: Keep an eye out for special events within the game. These events often come with unique challenges and rewards, including exclusive boosters like the "Frozen Clock."

Complete Achievements and Challenges: Focus on completing achievements and challenges. Some of these tasks may specifically reward you with the "Frozen Clock" booster upon successful completion.

Check Daily Rewards: Log in regularly to claim your daily rewards. While the "Frozen Clock" may not be a daily reward, participating in the game consistently can lead to opportunities to acquire this booster.

Watch Ads for Rewards: Utilize the option to watch ads for rewards. While it may not guarantee the "Frozen Clock" booster, it's a method to potentially earn valuable in-game items, including boosters.

Pudding booster vs cupcake booster:

Both these boosters make customers happy. They keep the "happy bar" full whenever your customers are getting angry due to waiting. 

The difference between pudding boosters and cupcake boosters is Pudding will help to “make all customers happy” while “Cupcake will make only one customer happy at a time”. 

Furthermore, pudding is unlocked at level 21 and cupcakes are available early on.


Cupcakes booster in cooking madness:

You can get access to cupcakes through the cupcake bakery at the top left corner. These are available in limited numbers you can get more when the countdown timer is up or through purple diamonds. 

Use these cupcakes whenever your customers are losing interest and getting angry. Only use them when it is absolutely necessary otherwise save them for later.


Ways to collect purple diamonds in cooking madness:

These purple diamonds can be accumulated through buying with real money or available free by watching ads. 

One other way to get purple diamonds is by playing levels again and getting two or three stars to get purple diamonds. 

Purple diamonds are also present in chest boxes as you complete levels and gain keys you can open them and get purple diamond awards.


How do I use boosters in cooking madness?

When I am playing I try to use these boosters whenever I need to complete the required conditional levels. 

As you know there are certain conditions that have to be met in order to complete levels like "food should not be burnt" or "No customer has to leave the counter". 

You will need a booster to increase your chances of winning these conditional levels. 

My tip is not to waster boosters on other levels try to accumulate them and use them whenever you need to fulfill the required condition.


Pro-tip to win without boosters:

If you don’t have a booster to complete levels like you are not left with "Super cooker booster" and you are on a level that requires you not to waste food then when there is a food item that gets burnt don't through it just keep it and finish the level without touching or throwing it. 

Use other cookers to cook the remaining fishes or steak. You should have two or three cookers bought or upgraded first before using this technique.


Food Van missions in cooking madness:

One other way I use this booster is on the "Food Van." As you know food Van missions are challenging and need to be completed in a row. 

There are 5 missions present in "Food Van" and if you lose any 1 you will then restart levels. If you complete all 5 levels you will get a reward. 

These Food Van missions will be more challenging than regular levels. You can get access to the food van at the top right corner by clicking Van shaped icon. 

There is also a timer running on, so try to complete them early on. Use the Boosters to help you complete "Food Van" Missions.


How to get more energy on cooking madness?

Your energy levels will decrease as long as you quit your current missions. When you lose a level and quit your energy level points will be lower. 

The more you quit your current missions the more you will lose energy.

To get more energy you can wait for the “energy timer” to complete or you can watch an ad for more energy points. Further, you can refill the energy bar through purple diamonds.


How to invite more customers to cooking madness?

To get more customers you can use a booster like "More customer' and you will get 3 extra customers you can spend purple diamonds to get more customers if you run out of them. 

Further, you can use game cash on the top right corner to invite special customers is unlocked at levels 22-2.