How to Get Boosters in Cooking Madness ? Also Explained Energy & customers

Image is taken from game cooking madness by me

Boosters, Energy, and More Customers in Cooking Madness:

Boosters in cooking madness can be unlocked at different levels:

  • Go to the shop to unlock boosters
  • Buy with diamonds
  • Limited Number of boosters available

You can get boosters by completing levels. First booster is obtained after completing levels 13-1 and then other boosters can be unlocked after completing required levels.


Boosters available in cooking madness:

  1. More customers booster
  2. Second chance booster
  3. Double profit booster
  4. Instant cook booster
  5. More time limit booster
  6. Super cooker booster
  7. Pudding booster
  8. Helping hand booster


Pudding booster vs cupcake booster:

Both these boosters make customers happy. They keep the "happy bar" full whenever your customers are getting angry due to waiting. 

The difference between pudding boosters and cupcake boosters is Pudding will help to “make all customers happy” while “Cupcake will make only one customer happy at a time”. 

Furthermore, pudding is unlocked at level 21 and cupcakes are available early on.


Cupcakes booster in cooking madness:

You can get access to cupcakes through the cupcake bakery at the top left corner. These are available in limited numbers you can get more when the countdown timer is up or through purple diamonds. 

Use these cupcakes whenever your customers are losing interest and getting angry. Only use them when it is absolutely necessary otherwise save them for later.


Ways to collect purple diamonds in cooking madness:

These purple diamonds can be accumulated through buying with real money or available free by watching ads. 

One other way to get purple diamonds is by playing levels again and getting two or three stars to get purple diamonds. 

Purple diamonds are also present in chest boxes as you complete levels and gain keys you can open them and get purple diamond awards.


How do I use boosters in cooking madness?

When I am playing I try to use these boosters whenever I need to complete the required conditional levels. 

As you know there are certain conditions that have to be met in order to complete levels like "food should not be burnt" or "No customer has to leave the counter". 

You will need a booster to increase your chances of winning these conditional levels. 

My tip is not to waster boosters on other levels try to accumulate them and use them whenever you need to fulfill the required condition.


Pro-tip to win without boosters:

If you don’t have a booster to complete levels like you are not left with "Super cooker booster" and you are on a level that requires you not to waste food then when there is a food item that gets burnt don't through it just keep it and finish the level without touching or throwing it. 

Use other cookers to cook the remaining fishes or steak. You should have two or three cookers bought or upgraded first before using this technique.


Food Van missions in cooking madness:

One other way I use this booster is on the "Food Van." As you know food Van missions are challenging and need to be completed in a row. 

There are 5 missions present in "Food Van" and if you lose any 1 you will then restart levels. If you complete all 5 levels you will get a reward. 

These Food Van missions will be more challenging than regular levels. You can get access to the food van at the top right corner by clicking Van shaped icon. 

There is also a timer running on, so try to complete them early on. Use the Boosters to help you complete "Food Van" Missions.


How to get more energy on cooking madness?

Your energy levels will decrease as long as you quit your current missions. When you lose a level and quit your energy level points will be lower. 

The more you quit your current missions the more you will lose energy.

To get more energy you can wait for the “energy timer” to complete or you can watch an ad for more energy points. Further, you can refill the energy bar through purple diamonds.


How to invite more customers to cooking madness?

To get more customers you can use a booster like "More customer' and you will get 3 extra customers you can spend purple diamonds to get more customers if you run out of them. 

Further, you can use game cash on the top right corner to invite special customers is unlocked at levels 22-2.

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