How to Get Cash in Traffic Rider ?

Getting Game Cash in Traffic Rider:

Traffic rider is a great engaging fun game. Whenever I want to spend my free time I look towards this amusement. 

For all those that love rider games are eager to know: How to get cash in "Traffic Rider" game quicker and easier?

Image is taken from game Traffic Rider by me

As you know “game cash” is very important as it helps to upgrade your bike. Each campaign mission needs an upgraded bike to complete.


These are 4 basic methods to earn some cash for a bike up gradation

1) Complete campaign missions:

Most money can be earn by completing campaign missions. I know these  missions are hard and do require a new bike to complete. 

You must know that there are other cash options like if you move in opposite lane for long, or how many vehicles you overtake and how long have you maintained high speed?

The high-speed ticker starts whenever you reach your speed limit as long as you maintained that without hitting or crashing you will earn more money other than your campaign win bonus.

I have observed,if you maintained high speed you will earn the most extra cash as compared to over-taking vehicles and moving in the opposite lane.

Image is taken from game Traffic Rider by me

Pro-tip on how to maintain high speed in “traffic rider”:

If you want to maintain high speed for long I will share a tip. What you can do is get a bike that has the most speed in your garage. Then while you're driving, keep the horn in place and use it whenever the vehicles are showing turning indicators. 

You have noticed the “wheeling option” of your bike through which you can one wheel your ride.

If there is a traffic block, you can't overtake use brakes and as you move past the block use “one wheel function” to get into high speed again and keep up that speed as long the one-wheel option gets charged again.

Keep your bike at high speed and when there is traffic instead of using a brake keep your hands off the accelerator for short and then start accelerating again.


2) Play other than campaign missions (like  Time limit missions, endless missions, etc)

If you can't complete a campaign mission or it is too hard. Then what you can do is play other missions instead of a campaign like a “time limit or endless mission”

Through these, you can earn cash. while this will earn you less cash than the campaign bonus, it can make your game cash account grow. Campaigns need a newly upgraded bike to complete. 


In other missions, if you maintain high speed and overtake vehicles or maintain an opposite lane ride all these will earn you extra cash.


How I earn cash without completing campaign missions?


Pro tip :

What I do is use a bike that has the most speed than compete in “endless missions “and I make sure to maintain “high speed” for long. I don't think about overtaking vehicles or moving in the opposite lane. Those things occur naturally, my only goal is to maintain high speed. 


I will advise focusing on just one thing if you focus you will do better and can increase your earnings.


Another tip is to buy those bikes that have most speed and handling. Don't buy every other bike in the garage. Skip poor-performing, save Cash and use it on expensive and good performances bikes. 

This way you will be able to complete two or three campaign missions without requiring you to buy a new bike every time.

3) Buy cash with real money:

If you want a competitive advantage and want to move further then there is always an option to buy with real money, you can buy packages that require real money to purchase. In these packages, there is good amount of cash as well as gold coins. 


This is a fast method but if you don't want to do then don't it is up to you what's best for your need and how well you want to play.

4) Get daily bonus by clicking on “24” on bottom left:

If you play game every day you will get a daily bonus in the form of “game cash”. You have to play games every day like day 1 there is one bonus for Day 2 there is another bonus and so on. This will give you extra cash.

You will also win gold coins with a cash bonus.

Pro tip:

 I would suggest not to waste your gold coins on these extra missions. Just save them and use in campaign missions theses gold coins can be real games changers for you to win campaigns

In the end :

"Traffic Rider" is a fun interesting, and engaging game. A great game for people looking to pass time or want to improve their driving tactics. This game might improve your driving skills or just teach you something about traffic I don't know. 

Nevertheless, according to my opinion a must-play game.

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