Good Storylines Fun Hidden Objects Games

Great Story-Driven Hidden Object Games I Have Played so Far:


I know playing hidden object games are the best way to pass time. 

Hidden objects focus's your mind and let you use your intellectual skills to solve puzzles. So for all of those that are passionate about hidden objects and loves to solve puzzles,I will list some of my top recommendations for hidden objects games:


All the lists provided here are my recommendation and that I enjoy playing. Each game I chose depends upon its storylines.



My biggest goal is to find and play those games that are interesting as well as have an engaging storylines. So, without going any further let me share my list of free hidden object games for PC:





I will update this list as soon as I play new and more engaging fun hidden object games: UPDATED 19-JULY-2021



1) Namariel Legends Iron Lord:

The first one on my list is  Namariel Legends Iron Lord .This game is really interesting and has some great graphics and involving video storylines to begin with. 

The story is laid pretty engaging starting at Iron lord rath. 

The land of Namariel is a peaceful and happy place then one day a cruel machine army came to capture this beautiful landscape which is led by a machine king know as the iron lord. 

The story is easy as it does not need a lot of energy to think through.


No Boring Puzzles:

You will barely need to use the hint and can easily navigate through the game. The puzzles are not boring and will not cause you to lose interest. 

This game is a blend of beautiful landscapes and machines just how most people spend their daily lives in today's mechanical world. I would recommend playing this game and you will enjoy the story.



2) little kite:

Little kite is a great emotional story-driven hidden object game. This is a short hidden object but interesting to the core. 

I love this game because of its mysterious puzzles and how your mind has to think about solving them. 

You will not find any hint in this game, so you need to figure out yourself, which in my opinion is good because a little challenging game, driven by a compelling emotional storyline is worth my time. 

If you get stuck in any level you can always look at walkthroughs from internet but I keep that as last resort by solving yourself makes this game more exciting. 

3) Annabel:

Annabel is another interesting and must-play hidden object game. This game displays an ancient Egyptian-like storyline and a great 3d display of the world. 

You will enjoy this game and love its video displaying storylines. 

The best part about this game is its 3d game display, you will be able to interact with the gameplay in 3d which is quite rare for hidden objects games. 

It is full of adventure and excitement. A hint is also present and puzzle-solving is interesting.


4) Lost Lagoon: The Trail of Destiny:

This is a great hidden object game with beautiful island-based gameplay. 

Storylines are involving and video-based character playing. You will find interesting puzzles to solve on an island and you will love the beach-style graphics and gameplay. 

There is an interactive map that you can use to change locations. So, you will be able to move through the island. 

Hidden objects are easy to find and you will not find it too boring to look for hard puzzles to solve.


5) hope-lake:

Hope lake a great hidden object game to play. Interacting, interesting, and exciting hidden object game. Full of Mystery to solve, and suspense. 

You will find this hidden object as a detective solving mystery and clues that has a great storyline wrapped around it. For me, this is a must-play hidden object game.


6) Dark arcana the carnival:

This is a great hidden object game it’s a blend of mystery and little bizarre creatures. You will find yourself in a carnival where you have to find the missing women. 

As a detective, you find different puzzles to untie and progress further. Video gameplay makes the game more exciting. 

A hint is also available but use it when you most need it.

The game puzzles are great to solve, storyline is quite good and in my opinion must play hidden object game.


7) Mystic Diary - Lost Brother:

If you are looking for a hidden object to pass time this is also another good choice. 

Though the storyline is not so involving but yet another good hidden object game to give a try. If you haven't played this game then download and play it.

The hint will be available and the storyline will progress you to find joy in this game So, in my opinion, is worth the try.

8) Adam Wolfe

This game is a wonder of its own. If you haven't played this hidden object then what you are waiting for. Go and play this detective full of action-packed game. 

The storyline is great, puzzles are super awesome and all the video gameplays make this game into a new level in the hidden object series.

For me, a good exciting, and fun hidden objects you should play.

9) Dreamscape 1 & dreamscapes 2

Dreamscape 1 is probably the best and exciting hidden object game. You will find interesting video gameplays, hidden mysteries, and a bizarre world to go through. Everything will seem absurd and interesting. 

This game will not get you bored and a must-play hidden objects game.  

Further, I will say if you play then look for hidden eye monster objects, try to find them all as they will make your game experience more enjoyable.

You will find interest in finding more of these eye things which are included as an extra. Afterward, check the achievement section from the main menu.

Dreamscapes 2 is follow up of dreamscape 1, both of these parts are super awesome and the story will connect from part 1 to part 2 starting with the sandman You will enjoy both of the stories.

10) virtual-villagers-the-lost-children

virtual-villagers-the-lost-children is a good game. This is not so hidden object but more of a strategy game that will continue after it has closed.

It will continue to run in the background but you can change this in the settings just like fish tycoon but you will love the game and every time you start your computer you will find new interesting things to experiment with and mysterious to solve.

11) Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek

This is another great and exciting hidden object game. The game is full of detective work and a little bit of mystery horror aspect is present which will not be so horrible but make the game involved. 

The gameplay is awesome with the video thrilling scenes and mystery resolving intent.

12) Mystery Case Files Return to Ravenhearst

This is another interesting hidden object game. 

This game is in a series and each series gives you more story if you are looking to play a hidden object then you can give this a try. 

You will find horror and mystery aspects in this game. Solve the puzzles and mysteries.

13) Spear of Destiny: The Final Journey

This is a great hidden object game to play. Interesting gameplays, super graphics, and animations present. The game looks great and storyline is very thrilling. 

It starts with the scenes of 1942 World War 2 and you need to retrieve a spear to change the course of the war.

I am quite interested in war-type games as I have played FPS before but in a hidden object, game style has made my day. I would say a must-play hidden objects game. 

A hint is available and you can select whether to play casual or advanced level. No long boring puzzles. 

So, you can select this game choice knowing you will not waste time rather enjoy.