Wrestling revolution 3D characters in real life

Characters of wrestling Revolution Game Real Life

Brief intro:
Wrestling Revolution 3d contains most players and features that resemble wrestling promotion WWE in real life. In this game, you can choose a wide range of wrestlers and control the fighter or wrestler you want. 

There are different ring matches and events that you can control and choose from different locations. This game works in all types of devices.

Image by Miguel Discart  on Flickr under license

Tips on how to play: 

1.Master the controls
The controls on the game are almost the same as that of some of the games we are already familiar with such as a Hard time. "A" is for attacking, "G" is for grappling, "R" is for running and "P" is for picking up an object you can use. "T" is for pinning down your opponent.

If you master these controls it makes it easier for you to play and win a match.

2. Choose a powerful wrestler.
You need to look at the ratings of each wrestler. Choose a wrestler that is fairly balanced across the board. You do not want to choose a fighter who is going to cause too much damage because they are very strong or a little too strong. 

It is also important to give your fighters moves they will be able to pull off. Moves that will not take too long for them to complete or moves that will compromise them.

3. Improve your stats
If you want to improve the gamer’s stats you can start doing training. This is optional not something you must do but if you do it will help in boosting up your stats level. Another way you can increase your stats level is by tapping as soon as you can.

4. Follow the rules
While wrestlers can get away with cheating in an actual match, it is not something you want to do in this game. Referees here are never distracted, they are always vigilant. 

The moment you pick up a foreign object to do something that goes against the rules, you are automatically disqualified.

5. Hire a manager
In this game, managers are wrestlers that will protect you each time you get in too much trouble during a match. They show up, protect you, and fight for you, they will help you win some matches. 

These wrestlers often approach you with the offer, taking them up on that offer may not be such a bad thing.

Wrestling Revolution 3d characters:

1) John Cena
His real name is Jimi Sierra, John Cena is the World Champion of American wrestling. In this game, he is a version of the real-life wrestler.
Image by Krystal Bogner on Flickr under license

Starting Stats in Wrestling Revolution 3D
His starting stats are quite good. He is very happy, quite popular and has a great attitude. His stamina, agility, and toughness are good and his skill is above average.

2) The Miz
His real name is Les Miserable. He appears in a Hard time as an inmate and is also a character in School Days as a seventh-grader. He is a version of the real The Miz in wrestling Revolution 2D and 3D, he is also a United States of America Champion.

Image by Miguel Discart on Flickr under license

Starting Stats in Revolution 3D
He is very happy and fairly popular. His strength, agility, attitude, skill, and stamina are above average. His toughness on the other hand is average.

3) Nightshift
Nightshift is a character of The Undertaker on wrestling revolution 3D and 2D. His real name is Mark Callaway. He also appears in School Days, Hard time, and Super City.

Image by Vishal Somaiya on Flickr under license

Starting Stats in wrestling revolution 3D
He is extremely popular; he is fairly happy and fairly strong. He is tough and has an okay attitude. His strength and agility are above average while his stamina is amazing.

4) Big Show
Big Show appears in wrestling revolution 2D and 3D. He also appears in a Hard time, Extra Lives, and Weekend warriors. He is a WWE wrestler and his real name is Slow-Mo.
Image by Megan Elice Meadows on Flickr under license

Starting Stats in wrestling revolution 3D
He is a happy person; his toughness and attitude are okay. He is extremely strong and has above-average popularity. His stamina, agility, and skill are average.

5) Shawn Michaels.
He represents Shawn Michaels in the wrestling revolution 2D and 3D. He also appears in Weekend Warriors and Booking Revolution 2D.
Image by Will Beardmore on Flickr under license

Starting Stats in wrestling revolution 3D
He is very popular and has great stamina and skill. His attitude, toughness, and strength are above average. His agility and happiness scores are fairly good.

6) Triple H
Triple H is a WWE based wrestler whose real name is Ripper Ace. He appears in wrestlers revolution 2D and 3D, he also appears on Weekend Warriors.

Image by Web Summit on Flickr under license

Stats in wrestling revolution 3D
His happiness, popularity, and attitude scores are extremely high. He has good strength; stamina and he is tough. His skills and agility are above average.

7) Randy Orton
Randy Orton is a wrestler who is based in WWE, he is also on WWE smackdown and is famously known for his famous finish move, the RKO.His real name is Rory Awesome. 

He appears as a version of a real-life wrestler in wrestlers revolution 2D and 3D. He also appears in School days, Hard time, and Weekend Warriors.

Image by Will Beardmore on Flickr under license

Stats on Wrestling Revolution 3D
His popularity, stamina, and agility scores are good. His toughness, strength, and skill are above average. His attitude is just average.

8) Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrose is a former WWE superstar, his real name is Amber Lance which a change from the name Liam Amber. His parody appears in the wrestling revolution 3D.

Image by Krystal Bogner on Flickr under license

Stats on wrestling revolution 3D
He is by far the least happy wrestler with an above-average attitude and agility. He has good strength, skill, and stamina. His toughness score is extremely high.

In the end:
When you start the game the character represents the Scores that reflect the real-life abilities of wrestlers in wrestling. In the game when you play and you score and upgrade your wrestler their stats change to the level you are in the game. 

It can either go up or down depending on the way you play.