Play MTG Commander online

Play MTG (Magic The Gathering)Commander online

Magic the Gathering has been by far the most played fantasy card game worldwide. This, has always offered to enter a world full of magic and spells, heavenly warriors, dragons, battles between good and evil etc. 

There has been so much acclaim for the game by its fans that today it has a place in the digital world.

Magic the Gathering, hits the web, with all game modes. It is possible to relive the fantastic adventures online. The advantage is that users can connect to each other, wherever they are. 

It doesn't matter the place or the time. Online, players can assemble their deck conveniently, select their group, and start the battle.

Variety of decks:
Magic the Gathering has always been an easy game to master. The interesting thing is, in the great variety of cards that belong to incredible decks. In fact, in a game, a player can have a deck of 100 cards. 

Almost all different, and each with a special attack. The game modes that are proposed define the game. This is positive, as it gives an interesting direction to the game. One of the preferred modalities of online players is Commander version.


Others determine that Commander is a casual game mode. But this is not so. Commander is a game specialty, where the forces of the deck are guided by a commander. It should be noted that in this modality, it is played with a deck of 100 cards. This makes the game more interesting.

There can only be one commander in the deck. In fact, this is the first card that is used. The commander can be a legendary species or, the so-called planeswalker. This second, actually, is a letter, the specialty of which is to become a commander. 

In Commander mode, no game card can be repeated. Only basic lands can be integrated more than once.

Despite being a game modality, players can make any variation they want. Therefore, a Commander game may be subject to changes in its format.

However, the Commander game forms that apply are: Classic Commander, Duel Commander and Leviathan.

• Classic Commander

As the name implies, this is the classic format for Commander mode. It is carried out from 3 players. The ideal is not to exceed 4 players. But, this is the group's decision. In this multiplayer format, players enter the game with 40 lives.

There are 3 chances to win in this game. In the first, players lose by bringing their points to 0. In the second, they lose when the commander receives 21 attack points. The third is determined when the commander receives 10 poisonous counters.

• Duel Commander

The Duel Commander mode is dedicated to groups of small players. In fact, it is in this one when the battles are carried out 1 against 1. Unlike the classic version, here, each player begins the game with 20 life points.

Duel Commander, is the perfect version of the game, to improve the skills of the players. Attacks are direct and plays are made more quickly. In both game formats, they often restrict some magic and spell cards. 

However, there are those who ignore this kind of rule.

• Leviathan

This third modality arises in the Italian currents. It has undergone several restructurings in its game format. In the end, a game defined by 30 lives was established. 

The corresponding games can be multiplayer, like 1 against 1. It is a standard model, which does not become so long, nor so short.

How to play Magic the Gathering Online (MTGO)?

Playing Magic the Gathering Online is a good dynamic to meet real rivals. In this way, it is possible to increase experience levels. In addition, online games offer players any type of game. 

You can play MTG commander online on the recommended page.

“The page recommended is the official page of Magic the Gathering (MTGO).MTGO is free for windows users but for more features, you need to pay a small fee.”

In online versions, you can participate in the best Magic battles, including, Commander formats. In addition to this, players can increase the quality of their deck by purchasing cards.

The best possible recommendation is, if the player is a beginner or an expert, to enter the official Magic page and participate in virtual games. There is no better way to level up than through the digital platform.

Well, the possibilities of playing in the best battles and leveling up are almost endless.