World War flash Game

What are Flash Games?

Flash Games is a program that contains a large number of free games. It was created in 1995, and after being acquired by several businessmen in the field, it was finally acquired by a renowned company in the digital world in 2005. 

They are a set of games created by independent (more than 700) clean. Called clean because they do not contain viruses or malicious software. All these programs are designed to play online and are free. 

The platform allows you to create a list of your favorite flash games, and you can share it with your friends.

Due to its appropriate design, Flash was intended for the presentation of video games. And it was adapted for the online version, in such a way that users and developers no longer had to invest large amounts of money in updating their hardware and platforms, 

but it all resulted in a couple of connection plugs, and you can start to use all the benefits of development offered by the platform and for video game users.

Game consoles:
At that time, the video game industry began to grow. The big companies did not pay much attention to them, they were dreamers creating applications to entertain themselves. 

There were sites that started collecting, all those video games, and they started to get popular. On first half of the 2000s, it was when big companies began to pay attention to video games and began to bet on them. 

This is how video games consoles and all the development that we already know about this important industry are born.

Flash allowed independent game developers to post their creations. Simple versions, but with a lot of creativity and imagination. Games range from arrow shooting games to strategy games. 

A great variety, because the platform has very few restrictions, and the creativity of the programmers is developed freely. Unbelievable titles can be found, a product of creativity.

Simple games and flash importance:
With the great development of sophisticated video games, It seems that the tendency of this type of simple game is to disappear, but it is not. 

In referred platforms, you can find new video game trends, posted by resourceful programmers. This platform is always in the sights of big companies in the field, pending to attract new creations. 

It is known that these big companies use these Flash platforms to test some of their initiatives, as part of their market tests.

Good platform:
Flash has become a hotbed of the video game industry par excellence. It is very much enjoyed by developers and users who know the creative developments published on their portal. 

For some years now, platforms that offer services similar to Flash have appeared. But this is not inconvenient, because the number of programmers and users of these platforms is large.

World War flash Game:

There are a series of war games published on the Flash Game platform called Word War. They are a saga of interesting and creative games to play online. 

With each new issue, more territories, soldier skills, weapons, and new conditions are added, which make the strategies to overcome the enemy increasingly interesting. The battles and the images are getting more interesting.

You must create your army and place it at various points in the game territory. You can select from several available territories, or create your own territories. You can select from various types of warriors. 

Decide where to place your army in the territory. Your army must be strong enough to defeat the enemy. You can select which of all the powerful enemy armies World War has to offer you to face.

Start the battle:
To start the battle you must select which of your soldiers you are going to attack, and select which of the enemy soldiers you are going to face. 

After that battle occurs, it is the enemy's turn, and you must wait for the enemy to finish his attack to rearm your strategy and attack again.

Winning the game:
You must be very clear from the beginning of the location of your soldiers, so you can have more control when the battle begins. The game shows you on the screen the location and the number of soldiers you have at all times.

The one who can have control of the entire territory wins.