Township game golf course | walk-through

Building a Golf Course in township game:

The township game is about designing and building communities. It gives you the role of being a town planner and deciding what a township is going to look like, the settlement structure, and everything. It allows you to add as many features as you want in the township as long as you can acquire the material.
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Recreational Facilities:
Gamers usually include recreational facilities such as swimming pools, parks, etc. In this article, we will look at what it takes for a gamer to build a golf course, what they need to build it, and how they can build it. Level 64 allows you to start adding special features such as a golf course.

Where to start.

Gold coins

When you start to build the golf course you should make sure that you have plenty of money in your game bank. You should have enough cash that you are able to afford the material that is necessary to build the golf course.

How can you earn more coins?

The easiest way is to plant and harvest, as you level up you get to plant a variety of crops. Planting and harvesting things such as wheat also help you earn experience points, wheat will help you earn more money than other plants. Whenever you have money just plant different kinds of crops so you can harvest and sell and sell them out from your barn.

Daily bonus:

Logging in to the game, every day helps you get the township's daily bonus. You can only get this if you play the game for 4 consecutive days and then on the fifth one you get an amazing bonus. This will give you a significant boost.

Getting coins:

Some of the fastest ways of getting coins include filling in as many helicopter orders as you possibly can through making use of the customer booster. You should also have may market boxes and use the vibrant market booster with a helicopter booster. You can also earn twice as many coins by using the profitable flight booster when filling airplane crates.

Make sure you have enough citizens

It is important to check if you have enough citizens before you add any special feature to your community. The trick is to build more community buildings, factories, or farming buildings. These facilities will help you gather enough citizens so you can build your special feature, in this instance a golf course. Once you have gathered enough citizens you can then get started with the process.

What materials do you need to build?

To construct a building in your community you need materials such as glass, slabs, paint, bricks, and tools such as hammers and nails. Level 60 going forward will require some special tools in order for you to finish buildings. You will need tools such as jackhammers, drills, and electric saws.
To finish the construction of a golf course you will need 24 sheets of glass, 27 bricks, and 32 slabs.
How do you get material?
In this game if you want the material you should know that when you send off trains with the food they will return with building material also. In the market, it has very good deals for building material so you should plan to visit them often. In the mines there are treasure chests that also have building materials.
Treasure chests:
The game always zooms the location where treasure chests can be found at sea. Once you restore the Port at level 29, treasure chests will start appearing around the island once every day.
You can also use features such as the house of luck to get construction materials. If you play the House of Luck, prizes come in the form of construction material. You can also take part in the regattas every week, if you get strong finishes you can get construction materials as a reward.
Alternatively, if you have not had any luck with any of these methods, you can use township cash to buy all the construction material you may need to build the golf course.

How to build the golf course?

First, make sure you have a proper town design that allows you to add the golf course. If it can accommodate a golf course you then try and find the perfect spot for it. It has to be situated where your citizens can better access it and do so with convenience. You also need to avoid overcrowding your township. If it is already overcrowded make sure to remove some of the buildings so you can create room for the golf course.

Building Material:

After doing all this and getting all the building material you go to the store menu on the game. The store will give a list of different kinds of buildings. You will select the "community building" section. In this section, you will find a golf course. If everything in terms of construction materials and gold coins you will be able to successfully select the golf course. The game will then notify you if the golf course is ready. You will then set it up where you see fit as the owner of the community. After successfully doing so, you will get a reward.

Golf Course:

Your citizens will then start using the golf course and you will be earning some experience points or rewards for that feature. It is also important to note that upon completion of the golf course, your population maximum cap will increase by 350. This will mean it is now possible for you to add another building as you would have gathered more citizens.
In this the game there are opportunities for you to build buildings as you level up. When you level up there are many more ways for you to generate income because you will have more access to a lot of different crops and activities that will in turn earn you more.
When you are ready to reach level 64 and successfully reach this milestone you will be able to build the golf course provides you have all the resources.