How to call the repairman in cooking fever?

Repairman of cooking fever:

Brief introduction:
Cooking fever is a game that tests your time management skills and your ability to work under pressure. It is a visual game based on the restaurant business. 

In the game, you are the owner of the restaurant and you work alone. You are the one who does the cooking and the serving. 

Grow and expand:
In this game, you are supposed to make a lot of profits so that you can grow and expand your business. In order to get these gems and these coins, you are going to have to play strategically. 

One of the main things that can really help you work more efficiently is constantly repairing and upgrading your appliances. This means you will have to call the repairman every now and then.

How to play the game?

Learning how to play cooking fever is quite easy, however, mastering the game can be a bit difficult and would require you to be very strategic.

Like most play-free games, cooking fever has a lot of upgrades that will require you to use the money you have earned so far. You get to own restaurants in various locations and cook all different kinds of food. 

The game uses coins and gems as a form of currency, the gems are obviously a lot more valuable than the coins so the most expensive upgrades are priced using gems.

Paying customers:
The game requires you to make food for the customers as quickly as you can so they can pay you and also give you an extra tip. 

You need to make sure that the customers do not wait too long, if they do, they leave without the food and that means no money. It is also important not to burn the food because that wastes time.

The game will mostly give you instructions on how to play, especially if you are a beginner. You just need to follow them and then start developing strategies that help you win as you go

The repairman feature :
The repairman usually just appears in the restaurant when something goes wrong. For example, if the cola dispenser or anything in your kitchen gets broken or becomes faulty, the repairman will automatically be summoned. 

The player does not necessarily have to summon him, the game ensures that he is there when you need him. He can appear more than ten times to fix the same thing for as long as you do not upgrade it.

How to call the repairman? 

Some tricks you can use:
Some tricks are there for players to use to reach many levels in the game. If you call the repairman 10 times then achievement is unlocked which is known as landing help and it will improve your experience points in the game

The game has a repairman who is always on standby. The latest version has a new repairman, the previous one retired due to old age and now there is a younger one who is stronger and more efficient. 

His response rate is slightly quicker and his service is quite standard.

Automatically respond:
If the kitchen needs any help your repairman will appear to help and guide you. Whichever machinery or appliance requires assistance repairman will repair it automatically. It will appear again if after some time the repair is required and fixes the issue.

The repairman is on standby to fix it and make sure you are back in business in no time. The repair process also does not take all that long so you do not have to worry about making your customers wait too long.

IOS Players
In IOS players use an option for calling out the repairman. The option will appear when you click on the money icon that will show up when you need the repairman. 

You should have enough money to pay for the services otherwise it will not work. When you click the icon the repairman will repair the appliance and the money for that service will be cut from your game account

This usually helps in instances where the player is looking to complete the landing help achievement.

Best way to run kitchen:
The best way to keep your kitchen running is through an upgrade. Although the repairman may be efficient, his repairs are only temporary and sometimes it will not be minutes until you need him again. 

Repairing your appliances regularly will help you improve your service, there are times when your restaurant is just so busy you cannot afford any form of setback. If you have accumulated enough money it is better to just get a replacement of the appliance.

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The best way to do upgrades

When you play the game there are some restaurants that will require an upgrade and then you can go towards the next level and complete the current level. If you require the cost then it depends on the level you are currently on. 

When you are leveling up and reaches a higher level then cost will also increase but the good thing is you will earn more and with which you can cover the cost easily.

If you are still starting out, getting an upgrade can be a mission. However, you can save yourself tons of amounts of stress by selecting a restaurant that will not require too many gems for an upgrade. 

It is important even as you are expanding tour businesses to put such factors into consideration to avoid inconveniences and losses.

Real-life experiences:
When you play this game “Cooking fever” you feel like you are running a restaurant in the real world and you will get to know what a real person who owns a restaurant works like.

 In the game, your job is to make sure that your kitchen 
runs smoothly and without problems

Repairman Ready:
The repairman in this game is always present when you need help the repairman will be available to gamers from the very first level to the last no matter which level you are on. So, play and enjoy the game.