Which level to on cooking fever is there another way to win?

Winning on this game is not always easy, in fact it is close to impossible. Luckily there are ways of making the whole process easier and still just as enjoyable. These alternatives can be unlocked as your complete levels. 

For instance, there are achievements that afford you opportunities and things you would not otherwise have access to, had you not completed an achievement.
Steps to follow:
There are steps you can follow to complete a level without getting all three stars. There are also ways of getting the three stars without having to go through half the trouble.
Getting to experience level 7 should be a goal for a lot of people. Level 7 gives you access to the Casino and this means you start earning 15 gems every day.
With that many gems you can afford a lot of upgrades and this helps you grow and expand your business which also helps you unlock more levels.

Alternatives ways to win cooking fever

1) How to get more gems:

Return to the game every single day for your daily welcome reward which is 2 gems. If you miss a day you will have to play for 6 consecutive days before you start getting the reward again. You should also work on increasing your experience points. 
These will, in turn, increase the level of your welcome reward up to 7 gems. When you get to level 7 you can then access the casino which allows you to get 15 gems a day.
A double number of gems:
If you need double the numbers of gems in one day. In the game, you are done for the day claim your daily income and start placing $500 bet in the game at the casino until you get 15 gems. 
In the evening you need 55000 coins to get the 15 gems. In the morning 18000 coins are required to get 15 gems which are cheaper. Keep in mind that you need to have level 7 of your casino access.

2) How to get more coins

The most common trick is to mess around with your calendar a little. This trick allows you to get rewards, lots of rewards without having to play.
The trick is to put your phone in the flight mode and then go to the settings of the phone date to adjust the dates. You can select any date you want but make sure the date you choose is already passed.
 After you have adjusted the date you should turn off the flight mode and then go back to claim the rewards. You can do this as many time as you like. After all this comes back to the current date and business as usual.   

3) Level Up

If you want to level up you need Gems and coins. The best way if you want to level up is to increase the experience points you have. 
To increase the experience points you should serve the customers without burning their food or making them wait for too long. 
The more you play this way the more rewards you will get which will allow you to do necessary upgrades.

4) Work on your service

To sever the customer better you need to read the customer’s facial expressions better. This will tell you whether the customers are happy or not. When customers wait for too long they will get angry and start to show their expressions. 
This will tell you that you need to serve your customers quickly.

 You will also know if a customer is happy with your service. It also helps in instances where you have completely lost track of time and you have a lot of customers waiting. 
If the customer is already showing signs of giving up on the order, you might as well just start working on another order so you don't lose the next customer.

Advance :
The other trick you can use is to prepare the food in advance. If you already have some of the basic things like coffee ready to go it helps you serve the customer much quicker and this increases your chances of getting tips and experience points. 
This also means you have fewer customers waiting by the counter, which significantly reduces the pressure and chances of getting angry customers which might be bad for business. 
You can develop serving strategies as you play at different levels.
Also, do not be too quick to collect the money from the counter, serve your customers, and collect after you are done. This helps increase your points.

5) Upgrade the restaurant and the kitchen

Upgrading your restaurant makes customers happy and if they are happy, they tip. Upgrading your kitchen will help you save time and avoid any sudden breakdown of appliances that will inconvenience your customers.
In doing your upgrades, make sure to use coins only. This helps you save and accumulate your gems more and use to unlock other levels and other features.
There are a lot of ways you can use to increase your chances of winning the game. Gamers need to be wary of scams when using external sources.

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